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New English EU Guild Former Akatsuki fromTera EU

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Posted Nov 19, 2012 - 6:19 AM

Hello all!

I am Nattsu, used to lead a guild in Tera and loved it .
We had a lot of devoted and passionate members but got tired of the games management.
We decided when we heared that B&S were coming to EUandNA, that we disbanded our guild and quit the game.

We are now looking forward to release or atleast beta tests for EU/NA and are also looking for likeminded to join us, or group up with us as allies to get this game rocking and rolling!

First things first, let me tell you about our guild's policy/guidelines.

-We are a guild for the main reason to enjoy the game as a group, where we can easily ask for advice and help from ppl who are on the same page and not dealing with the trolls that might be in open area or general chats in games :big_smile:

-Our focus is to find the right players for our guild, meaning the ppl that give as much help as they might require and the same for ex. items (armor,weapons) so we have give and take feeling in the guild.

-We dont have any restrictions for joining but have a activity contributions requirement, this means anyone can join but you have to contribute and be active to stay.
This might be considered as Zerg but i strongly disagree. we wont keep everyone but in 5 randoms we find 1 golden member who fits in and are just what we needed.
We just want to give everyone who wants a chance in our guild instead of strict rules before even joining.

We have focus on enjoying all aspects of the game PvP as well as PvE, meaning we are casual and will do a bit of both.
so all playtypes are welcome.

i hope we as a guild can help the game be the success it deserves.

-Nattsu Out.

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Posted Jan 02, 2013 - 3:11 PM

i would join i mean it looks like you got it all thought out. just a website and 20-40members and you are good =D
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Posted Jan 02, 2013 - 9:29 PM

Best of luck with your guild ! Make sure to find decent people ! :D
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Please do PM me or post in my support thread here if you got any kinds of problem about China Blade and Soul / Translation

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