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Warface Crytek's new F2P shooter

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Posted Jan 27, 2013 - 3:58 AM

Sign-ups for Closed Beta began (about time). I have to say I'm a bit more interested with this game; a F2P mmo built with CryEngine 3, gameplay looks solid. I supposed it'll play like Crysis, it even looks like Crysis 1. PVE looks immersive; Co-op missions are there to make things seem like you and four other guys are like special ops. PVP is hectic, like most other shooters it'll come with a variety of games modes, I saw TDM and Search and Destroy. Characters and Weapons are fully customization, you can change anything, like Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Apparently they already had betas in Russia China and South Korea, where was I? I could've been playing that!

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