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Dead Space 3

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Posted Jan 20, 2013 - 4:55 PM

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Cover art depicting series protagonist Isaac Clarke

Developer(s) Visceral Games

Publisher(s) Electronic Arts

Composer(s) Jason Graves, James Hannigan

Series Dead Space

Engine Visceral Engine

Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Release date(s) NA February 5, 2013

AU February 7, 2013

EU February 8, 2013[1]

Genre(s) Survival horror, third-person shooter

Mode(s) Single-player, co-op

Media/distribution Optical disc, download


Dead Space 3 pits player character Isaac Clarke against the Necromorphs, human corpses reanimated by the signal of a Marker. To fight back, players must "strategic[ally] dismember" the Necromorphs' to kill them, using a variety of weapons to do so.[4] The Resource Integration Gear (RIG) suit also returns, using holographic displays projected from the players' suit and weapons to display health and ammo count, respectively. In vacuum areas (e.g. outer space), a timer will appear on the player's right shoulder, indicating how much oxygen that character has left before they suffocate.

In Dead Space 3, Isaac and newcomer Sergeant John Carver can roll and take cover to avoid attacks. This new ability was described by a Visceral Games developer as essential, as it "felt dumb/terrible not to have it" and that they have been "making Isaac more responsive," as they "want the horror to come from the terrible things that happen in the game; not from the horror that something is moving slowly towards you and you can't shoot it because the game controls like a piece of crap."[citation needed] The cover system is also described as "organic" in nature; for example, the player does not need to "walk up to certain tagged things and press the cover button; Isaac or Carver just does the action that is appropriate for the given situation."[5]

Co-operative gameplay

Dead Space 3 has a drop-in/drop-out co-op mode for its campaign, which was announced at EA's E3 2012 press conference, stating that it will unlock "additional story details and gameplay mechanics only found when playing as the co-op character, EarthGov Sergeant John Carver."[6] Each player will have alternate experiences as a result of their characters' dementia. For example, the player controlling Carver will find toy soldiers in a biology facility, while the player controlling Isaac will not see them. Co-op also puts the players in separate situations: for example, when Carver tries to open a door, he suddenly becomes trapped in his own mind (echoing a similar situation in Dead Space 2,[7]) forcing Isaac to protect him from a sudden surge of Necromorphs until Carver can free himself.[8]

A Visceral Games employee has confirmed it was "always intended to have co-op in Dead Space", citing co-op supporting game System Shock 2 as a source of inspiration for the Dead Space series.[citation needed] He also pointed out that if the player chooses to play alone, Carver "may appear at some points (as do other NPCs) but for the most part he is not there."[5][9][10]

Weapons Bench

The Bench weapon upgrade system from Dead Space and Dead Space 2 has been redesigned as a new upgrading system called the 'Weapons Bench'. Here, players are able to construct new weapons from parts gathered throughout the game. The Bench provides two main frames to start with—a light one-hand frame and a heavy two-hand frame—and players can build new weapons and even put two weapons together (for example, a Plasma Cutter and a Flamethrower). Examples of weapon functions include an electric rivet gun and an incendiary buzzsaw launcher.[11] If a player does not want to build a weapon from scratch, they can choose from ready-made blueprints, including classic Dead Space and Dead Space 2 weapons. Built weapons can also be shared in co-op mode.[12]


Two months after escaping the Sprawl,[citation needed] Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford encounter Sgt. John Carver, a survivor of a Necromorph incident on the planet Uxor;[citation needed][13] and discover Tau Volantis,[14] a frozen planet where the ruins of another planetcracker ship are found.[4] Realizing that these miners had found the "source" of the Markers, the group tries to land on the frigid planet; however, the ship breaks apart upon entry, and Ellie is separated from the others.[9][15] As a result, Isaac resolves to save her along with his original goal of stopping the Markers. Many of the obstacles the two must face include a new human enemy, Unitologist soldiers; environmental hazards like falling machinery and a giant mining drill; and new variants of Necromorph, like the giant insect-esque Nexus and the more deceptive Wasters.[2][16]


In September 2011, a video was posted via IGN suggesting that Dead Space 3 was in production, showing art in development for the game.[17] Visceral Games had also leaked some information about the game including the setting and story.[18] On May 7, 2012, it was announced that a new Dead Space title was being developed for release by March 2013.[19] Game Informer unveiled a new image from Dead Space 3 showing Isaac wearing a fur-covered snow suit somewhere on Tau Volantis. The game was shown at E3 2012 and is set to be released in February 2013.[20]


The Limited Edition will come with two bonus suits (Witness and First Contact) and weapons (Evangelizer and Negotiator) for protagonist Isaac. Gamestop pre-orders will include the EG-900 SMG, a compact Earthgov submachine gun sporting an internal hyper-accelerator.[21] The PC edition of the game will only be available through EA's Origin service - It can still be purchased at retail, but must be linked to an Origin account. There are currently no plans to release the game on Steam.[citation needed]

A playable demo is due to be released on January 22, 2013 on on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Xbox 360 owners who signed up on the official Dead Space website (Origin account required) were able to access the demo one week early.[22]

E3 reception

EA President Frank Gibeau responded by saying they "definitely do not want to piss off [their] fans" by toning down the horror content in Dead Space 3. "We tried to open up the accessibility of the IP a little bit by adding a little bit more action, but not undermining the horror."[23]
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Posted Jan 20, 2013 - 9:20 PM

I....think people know what DeadSpace is dud, anyway I can't wait for it.
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Posted Jan 21, 2013 - 6:13 AM

buying on the 1st day
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geez its just a game have fun man...

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