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Posted Jan 11, 2013 - 7:35 PM

so hi guys,

i know your pvp quests are your solid daily income. But you need huge amounts for enchanting and id'ing bo pae ( from bloody shark harbour or tower for examp.).
And most of all time you didn't get much back from breaking the stuff, only if you are lucky.
Actually i waste about 80% of the money i get from pvp daily for other stuff (id'ing items, teleport, raise crafting lvl...)

What i'm looking for is another idea to farm gold when dailys are finished.

So far i know some world bosses can be farmed (undead lvl 42 for example, sell materials for about 60s, makes about 1,8G per run).
But it is very boring and the task to summon the boss is annyoing.

I tried also to do the same what the bots do, buy a bunch of keys and farm treasure boxes in dungeons that can be reached fast. First box got me exp food, but then for 2hours nothing usefull, doesn't seem to be very rentable either.

Also, crafting doesn't seem to bring much income.
The most stuff get selled even cheaper then the crafting materials cost, weird. They selling the charms for 1,5G each, even the crystals (30) for it needed are more expensive, not to mention the other stuff you need to craft it.
Still not reached max lvl but i think it is basicly the same for all stuff, unless you have any very rare reciept.
Actually the auction house has extraordinary fluctuations. Some day you sell stuff for a huge amount, 2 days later not even for a hand full silvers. Only a few items seem to have very stable prices (like crysals from pvp or crit bo pae etc....)
I farmed the lvl 38 world boss in the past (that fox demon thing) and broke the bo pae i got from wheel, selled enchanting stones for about 50s each, one week later you don't even get 1s from it anymore.

So, anyone got an idea?

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