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2012 Gaming Controversies. 2012 was a pretty rocky year.

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Posted Jan 07, 2013 - 8:10 PM


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Posted Jan 09, 2013 - 12:22 PM

Watching the angry joe review and i am just going to list my thoughts next to his.

10, Tomb Raider and Hitman; The Tomb Raider "rape scene" was IMO vastly blown out of purportion. I mean sure she could have been but she didn't. She blew the guys head off. They even said that this is a prequel, before she was crazy badass. It's the same thing with Samus. They made a prequel before she was became this extreamly awesome bounty hunter and it got the same exact reaction. The dude who was interviewed proly had no idea this was coming and couldn't find the right words to say so he just avoided the topic.

I have never been a fan of hitman. I saw the same trailer and that whoh crazy stuff is happening. All everyone sees is "OMG LATEX SEXULIZATION WTF DEVS". What happened? Where is this random backlash coming from. It makes no gosh darn sense.

9: Diablo 3: Always online DRM is a BAD IDEA. PERIOD. Steam can get away with it because your steam data is saved to your computer and you can play in offline mode. Same things with Assassins Creed games on PC.

8:WarZ: He forgot to mention that the devs were blaming Valve for releasing the game to early and causing this to happen. Weather or not Valve made a mistake they mad a public statement that they F ed up and sorry to all there customers and they will in the future watch out for this and make sure it doesn't happen again.

7:Bayonetta WiiU. Nintendo is in the right to do what they want. All I have to say

6: Capcom DLC: He pretty much summed it up quite well what I was thinking. Moving on

5: Studio 38. It's very sad to hear what is going on at 38 but I never actually heard of this happening so I won't comment further.

4: Sega Censer:.......What the F? Really Sega? I understand that alot of people think of piracy as a bad thing but there are actually 1 good is the same thing that totalbisket said was that the game is off the market period. If the game is tottaly off the market and even the 2nd market....why should you care if people pirate it? Also if the game is so old and off the market they most likely didn't keep renewing the copyright so it's abandonware. Sega is just digging themselves a deeper grave.

3 Gaming Journalism: I have to admit that the first big caught be off guard and I laughed a good deal. Joe again sums up alot of whats whats wrong with gaming journalism. It's sad to see people going from actually reviews and giving there professional opinion to bending over to everyone who gives them good PR and money.

2: Mass Effect 3 Ending: This is a game that was so highly praised that then just took a giant crap on everything it stood for. The hate that was spewed is understandable.The big part that I want to note and the Joe notes as well is that THE COMMUNITY FELL SO HARD THAT BIOWARE BENT TO THERE WHIMS AND MADE A 2ND ENDING. I have never heard of this happening and frankly was a very suprising move on Biowares part. i would have never seen this coming and would thing like every other game that gets bad press they would just patch it in a few places and call it a day. It's nice to see there is still a shared of life still in some of the people making games.

1: Arma 3 imprisonment: WHAT! Are you I mean it. I am not angry I am just surprised that 2 random people with a video camera and possible a regular camera are tagged as spies BEFORE THEY EVEN LAND IN THE COUNTRY. This is just unforgivable and everyone who had a hand in it should be fired and throw into the streets. It's like if I were to tag a random person who shops at my store and call him a shoplifter....even though he hasn't left the store he has item's in his basket and has the ability to run out the door....he is a shoplifter....Unbalieveable
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Posted Jan 09, 2013 - 2:23 PM

It was a shame about project Copernicus, in the world tour video it looked stunning. :joss_stick:

And I hope those poor Bohemia Interactive guys get home soon, I feel so sorry for them.

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