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Guild Options? how does it work? Can anyone who have played the game explain a litte :) Rate Topic: -----

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Posted Jan 06, 2013 - 8:44 AM

Hello there!

I was wondering if someone who have tried or are already playing B&S in korean could provide with some info on guild managing options?

I have been a Guild master in some games now, but one thing that bothers me is the options and features guilds in some games are missing.
So i would love to know what options we will most likely get in B&S.

For me these options are essential when managing a guild:

-Ranks (even to be able to re-name them)
and on a side notes here are the features i want to be able to assign Ranks (you may think this is standard but it is not.
-invite to guild
-Kick from guild
-acces to bank tab 1 to X
-have access to Xamount of guild perks
-have acces to X amount of whatever new things might come that you would like to divide access too

Essentially all the options a gm has should be given the option to pass on to the lower ranks.

-Guild bank (equally iportant is to be able to choose what rank have access to what "tab" and amount they can withraw ect.)

-Guild points (kind of like in wow, where it gives you a reason to care/play in the guild ex. the higher "guildscore" you have the better chance of promotion and access to perks you have)

-Guild progress (both in PvE and PvP that unlocks perks when you accomplish something)

-Guild chat tab with an officer tab for selected ranks to see only (i mean wow have had this a long time nothing new just handy)

These are for me a thing that could make or break a game, because in my opinion playing a mmo is about playing with others and i like to do so in a guild.

I want to make an example on why i think its essential with these options.

In Tera you can make aguild and have a guild bank....BUT you can either let your guildies have access to ALL of bank or none, this meant that when ppl that played a while got anfry at Tera (which many did) they stole every thing from banks and sold or gave it away. and only gm could demote/remove access from bank so when gm was off it was fair game.

this is an example of things that should not be an issue these days, i mean Wow have had these options for quite some time now and concidering that everybody have tried wow or seen how it works all new games should atleast have all these guild/rank/bank options as standard.

And now for some things i wish/hope will be featured in guild options :)

-Guild housing (like in many games, a place where you could set up crafting stations, teleport to main cities even hold guild meetings)

-Option to have more than 1 leader in guild (back to tera again..some options in that game was for leader only and you dont give away your guild to strangers when going on vacation)

-Guild banners and guild clothing (banners are straight forward but i would like if like GM could "design" (using char creation or something) a outfit "skin" for your armor that was a guild Tabard of sorts.

and last but not least a farfetched dream: if we go on ex. a guild run of sorts there should be a guild perk that you can unlock so we can all ride on a "Falkor" (from never ending story) to the enterance of what we are doing :D

I hope you can tell me what options are in guild at the moment and come with suggestions on what you would like to see in blade and soul aswell.

-Nattsu out.

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Posted Jan 06, 2013 - 9:56 AM

Standart things for guilds as you mentioned in place.

Guild Rank like in Tera, can be increased with dailies.

No Guild perks (Those are planned to be implemented tho)
No guild bank
No guild housing
No Guild Banners/Clothing

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Posted Jan 16, 2013 - 1:09 PM

Is there any indication that they might add guild housing and guild bank?
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Posted Dec 14, 2013 - 7:56 PM

Any news on the guild bank? :oops:

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