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Vampire Knight this topic is dor 12+(age) vampire knight fans

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Posted Dec 30, 2012 - 3:55 PM

This anime is brilliant ... im a guy and u may say I'm"soft" but I rly like it.
i saw all season 1 and id like to know your toughts about some really wierd stuff like...
-in the intro was a wierd scene featuring yuuki and shizuka(guess idk if its her) this happens at 1.42 at each episode in season 1
-the next thing its about kaname... i mean he is like 10 times older than yuuki . theyr relationship is wierd... + he "stalks"(i didnt fid a better word and i know it sounds a bit awkward) her since she's 5... that makes him ... well... listen /Nerf herder's song - pervert and wou will understand kaname's true personality
-i spot this thing just befor posting the topic... samte thing happens whit ichiru and shizuka...
regarding the writer's mind , well... , we have to admint is a bit "playful" if u know what i mean...

you can contradict me i will not get upseti rlly love to argue on topics i really like
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Posted Dec 30, 2012 - 5:17 PM

There is a reason for the age difference it's really not that weird and gets explained later but don't want to spoil it <.<

Kaname rocks btw! Ichiru is zero's brother but it is still a little awkward.

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