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to B&S kr players

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Posted Dec 29, 2012 - 3:03 AM

Well I saw on a post in the blademaster section a video:
it was a story linked video. There was a ship whit a bunch of drunk guys and a midget whit a vase in its hand(ik is a drink vessel but sounds funny) there was also a 9 ft tall guy standing near to a slender girl then... wild bad sexy girls (the antagonists) and they'r chubby friend appear and kidnap that slender little girl the next sequence u appear peeping same "drunk guys" on the ship , at least the ones who survived then a boat whit a cool samurai-ish guy appears and start fight whit them at the shore . Is he good or bead i mean he throws a sword at you(same manner as flying swords) and u have to help him beat the drunk ppl ? And one more thing, I like his armor is that an ingame dobok? (I'm asking about samurai's)
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Posted Dec 29, 2012 - 4:41 AM

I'm guessing you are talking about 정하도..
He is one of the good guys. He threw a sword at you because he thought you were one of them pirates (drunk guys).
He thanks you later and apologizes after.

His clothes can be obtained at the Tower of Mushin 7th floor where he stands as the boss.
He is still a good guy but he wants to climb to the top floor for his own reasons.

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