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Khaora  Widows wig dropped 2 times in 2 days. Managed to get one for 6 copper since i was doing it with clan :D

Today, 05:39 AM

Lovecraft's Photo
Lovecraft  Today, 06:05 AM
congrats.. wish i had your luck. I have yet to see see anything drop besides Poh´s eyepatch months ago.
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  47 stingers from Asura 6-man. I got them all, and now I'm broke.

Today, 04:32 AM

GundamIt's Photo

GundamIt  tfw you need a static for sogun because everyone that joins your lobby is a filth liar and doesn't know shit about the mechanics.

Today, 03:46 AM

Elys's Photo

Elys  So more free stingers from the new dailies and they now drop at a decent rate in 6-man runs. Can the price stop climbing now? Please.

Today, 03:27 AM

Elys's Photo
Elys  Today, 03:28 AM
And daily challenge boxes.
Deicidium's Photo
Deicidium  Today, 05:16 AM
Honestly means nothing since moonstones are still bottlenecking everything, and no way in hell I'm buying them for 3g+ each.
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  How to properly pull Bulmu-chan:

Today, 12:37 AM

SapientNode's Photo

SapientNode  wth is the deal with the absurdly long verification process after update?

Yesterday, 10:02 PM

Meese's Photo
Meese  Yesterday, 11:31 PM
Yeah, Im getting it too :c
GundamIt's Photo

GundamIt  rip garbage servers

Yesterday, 09:50 PM

AquariusHaken's Photo

AquariusHaken  I got the Sword Edge from Necro 4 man for 16g (worth 70+g) on NA. Im tempted to buy the remaining two and get a free 5 ap upgrade (still on moonwater soul). Very gold efficient ap right there

Yesterday, 06:50 PM

AquariusHaken's Photo
AquariusHaken  Yesterday, 08:37 PM
Thanks for suggesting tho. Might be useful for a future alt.
Deicidium's Photo
Deicidium  Today, 02:41 AM
I just upgraded my mw soul yesterday. Dropped all the mats myself over time. :)
Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Today, 02:51 AM
I just up from Moonwater soul, cuz I have spare tablets after the event :P
FinalxxSin's Photo

FinalxxSin  Is there anybody else getting short game screen freezes?

Yesterday, 06:26 PM

Elys's Photo
Elys  Today, 02:08 AM
Only when I have to load literally every effect for the first time after launch.
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Today, 03:07 AM
Ok thank you Elys.
Big Chief's Photo

Big Chief  I'm cooking pork chops! >: D +1 Cooking!

Yesterday, 04:59 PM

Big Chief's Photo
Big Chief  Yesterday, 05:30 PM
How much exp do I lose for burning the grease? ;;>_>
Elys's Photo
Elys  Yesterday, 08:12 PM
Big Chef.
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  My client just got updated. About 44MB.

Yesterday, 03:43 PM

Elys's Photo
Elys  Yesterday, 03:50 PM
ZDestiny's Photo

ZDestiny  I heard from several players that they cannot get back on anymore and get constant dc at pin/loginscreen. Anyone else got the same problem?

Yesterday, 03:40 PM

hidden41's Photo
hidden41  Yesterday, 04:05 PM
ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 04:11 PM
ye saw it after Elys posted link above this msg! Well that sucks cuz my clanmates all got kciked out ... PUG time! (so gonna regret this xD)
Esuna's Photo

Esuna  So I can't play B&S anymore, because apparently a "debugger has been found", and I need to "unload it from memory" before trying to play again. I don't get it, game worked perfectly fine a few hours ago and now it's not :l ... Tried running malwarbytes, cc cleaner, killing suspicious process etc, nothing seems to work.

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 04:00 PM
Shoot me a PM if you want, if it's not solved after NCsoft fix their server (EU).
Esuna's Photo
Esuna  Yesterday, 05:34 PM
So, after all this, I can reach the game part, but I get kicked before pin every time.

Might be due to their login issues (probably is ?), I can't tell, it's the first time this kind of stuff happens to me.

Guess we'll see tomorrow.
Elys's Photo
Elys  Yesterday, 08:16 PM
Yes, the login issues are what the "EU server issues" or whatever I posted earlier was about. Many people on EU are getting kicked off at PIN screen, so you're not alone. All you can do is wait it out.
Elys's Photo
Aari's Photo

Aari  I'll just leave this here: xD

Yesterday, 10:13 AM

Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Yesterday, 11:42 AM
And I cleared it for 4s, before I could even skip the cinematic, with party of 350
Lovecraft's Photo
Lovecraft  Yesterday, 12:32 PM
They should have also put ++ EXP ONLY
ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 05:11 PM
haha don't forget show + achievement dg clears!