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Lia Via  i have a felling the community might kill this game.

Yesterday, 10:51 PM

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FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 11:10 PM
In the West yes, but in the East no.
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Tashigi  Today, 01:47 AM
Community? No. The game will kill itself. It's just not really designed properly for our region. I don't think NCSOFT understands this region at all. They haven't for as long as I can remember. Whatever you think it's wrong with the community, I can almost guarantee you is actually a problem with the game enabling whatever behavior you think the community is showing.
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Meese  Im pretty sure that Moonwater Refining Stones are from the devil. Why.

Yesterday, 09:55 PM

FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 11:10 PM
Meese's Photo
Meese  Yesterday, 11:26 PM
Currently upgrading all my alt's weapons to True Pirate and the amount of element powders and refining stones that I need to get is disturbingly annoying
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Momo Kozuki  Gonna be my Warlock's profile :D

Yesterday, 06:51 PM

Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Yesterday, 07:32 PM
No, they disable the thing again D:
Snowhti's Photo
Snowhti  Yesterday, 08:06 PM
yep yay disabled again. zzz
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-Yume-  2 more hours overhype :3

Yesterday, 04:12 PM

Mysticz's Photo
Mysticz  Yesterday, 05:42 PM
I know finally have something to play again.
-Yume-'s Photo
-Yume-  Yesterday, 05:53 PM
6 Min remaining until flooded login server spawns!
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Mysticz  Yesterday, 06:17 PM
lol still cant get in yet
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Khaora  I feel like i've come really far even after i took a few weeks break time. Got all accessories to true siren, soul stage 1 and decent 52% crit and 191% crit dmg. Not too bad ^^ Also getting my weapon to true breeze in about 3 days

Yesterday, 09:39 AM

FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 02:32 PM
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Zyrelia  Yesterday, 05:00 PM
Congrats, keep it up.
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 05:12 PM
Don't encourage Khaora please Zyrelia. They'll just become OP as fuck -,-'.
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Keikai  Stinger prices.. qq

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

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Methy  Yesterday, 10:31 AM
I dont think its bad at all, but then again, i believe each server is different on prices :x
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AquariusHaken  Yesterday, 02:48 PM
Marketplace is global for a region, not a server only thing.
Methy's Photo
Methy  Yesterday, 04:55 PM
ahhh oki well for NA i dont think it is bad imo, not sure of EU prices.
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Momo Kozuki  Need one more Gon with Black Ice outfit:

Yesterday, 05:33 AM

Rhy's Photo

Rhy so, weird graphic bug guys :D

Yesterday, 02:22 AM

Miochi's Photo
Miochi  Yesterday, 07:03 AM
Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Yesterday, 07:26 AM
There is nothing there D:
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 03:53 PM
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Meese  Its always nice meeting people from dojo ingame :)

Yesterday, 01:38 AM

Meese's Photo
Meese  Yesterday, 11:51 AM
Snowhti in cross server as well. We've come across each other a couple of times.
Snowhti's Photo
Snowhti  Yesterday, 01:00 PM
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 02:33 PM
Meese using those Dojo Hack Finder Jutsu skills hardcore.
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Kurisu_  Now to see if I can buy asura's ember for under 400g or get one in a future run

May 22, 2016 - 10:35 PM

Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  May 22, 2016 - 11:37 PM
Aside from LMB and RMB, other HM skills of Summoner are too so-so that I don't even want to bother D:

Maybe I will get that HM 4 from 300 pages. I have like 150 now XD
Meese's Photo
Meese  Yesterday, 01:40 AM
I want the double knockdown V so that I can lazy CC. That plus, I like the bomb double damage. Also, dont forget HM 1 when it comes out, will be pretty great.
Kurisu_'s Photo
Kurisu_  Yesterday, 11:05 AM
At this point I just need my lmb and rmb, maybe getting my 2 soon after will be a nice touch for the 2 sec resist after counter.
Lia Via's Photo

Lia Via  only 2 gold away from my 4th pirate weapon

May 22, 2016 - 10:07 PM

Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  May 22, 2016 - 10:08 PM
Only two thousand gold away from my 1st True Scorpio :D
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  My grumpy Warlock finally has a new outfit :P

May 22, 2016 - 6:59 PM

Lady Selene's Photo

Lady Selene  Sigh.. why im having lags everynight.. wtf is this shit :/

May 22, 2016 - 11:26 AM

Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  May 22, 2016 - 8:25 PM
Reset your modem?
Esuna's Photo
Esuna  May 22, 2016 - 9:44 PM
Doesn't change anything, obviously.
Lady Selene's Photo
Lady Selene  Yesterday, 02:45 AM
Again, we are not the only one with this.. a lot ppl complain.. I tried everything and nothing works, I tried wtfast but it fix only the lags in my server, if I go to cross I'm still lagging.. like wtf? always same time..
BulletSin's Photo

BulletSin Well played, Blizard. Well played.

May 22, 2016 - 6:29 AM

Tavikun's Photo
Tavikun  May 22, 2016 - 8:15 AM
i miss the 300€ boxes from tera :(
Lovecraft's Photo
Lovecraft  May 22, 2016 - 5:45 PM
lol. 24h 15m from this post and we are LIIIVE :D
Methy's Photo

Methy  I see Wings and a cute baby panda *-* Hope this comes our way :D

May 22, 2016 - 6:26 AM