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ChinChin  aside from dying a lot, what really affects weapon durability? sorry for newbie question. >_<

Today, 10:17 PM

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Tashigi  Today, 10:19 PM
If it's like any other MMO, the amount of times it makes contact with enemies. Some MMO use the amount of mobs you kill with it as the counter and some other use the time you spend engaged in combat. It could be one or some of the above. If someone has a more accurate factor, I am sure they'll post it.
Mushi's Photo

Mushi Hes on for a while.

Today, 09:32 PM

Juel's Photo

Juel  Only 3 days left for my beta event! Please take a look for a chance to win a free premium chibi

Today, 08:12 PM

Deicidium's Photo

Deicidium  To Nico fans: Eloise for Assassin Week confirmed. :D

Today, 07:49 PM

AquariusHaken's Photo

AquariusHaken  The true master of character creator friends..

Today, 05:39 PM

Izhe's Photo
Izhe  Today, 06:20 PM
Almost looks like The Brain. All you need now is a friend to be Pinky.
Izhe's Photo
Izhe  Today, 06:21 PM
Then you can take over the world!
Deicidium's Photo
Deicidium  Today, 08:12 PM
I've seen some things, but this is on another level, lol.
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Azazel  Wait for it...

Today, 05:23 PM

Zyrelia's Photo
Zyrelia  Today, 05:36 PM
No waiting, only action
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Atty Wister  I wonder when is the last day you can buy the Founders Pack... O_O

Today, 03:10 PM

Kamisama's Photo
Kamisama  Today, 03:29 PM
Allegedly before Jan 11, 2016. Which is name registration day.
Aari's Photo

Aari  Seems like they anti-optimized the client since last CBT. By FPS is so much worse. Halfed at many parts.

Today, 03:09 PM

thebnsunofficial's Photo
thebnsunofficial  Today, 05:55 PM
game runs terrible as days go by, I noticed it in other clients, no clue what causes it.
iiee's Photo
iiee  Today, 06:20 PM
got like 1fp2s sometimes in misty xD (1 frame per 2 seconds)
Mushi's Photo
Mushi  Today, 07:11 PM
Game still crashes when it feels like it.
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ZDestiny  Sad story, waited 7 years min. for BnS West. And the chance is pretty high that i won't have time for it. :( RL priority means everything to me, so ye I guess I have to drop it.

Today, 02:51 PM

ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Today, 04:52 PM
I did that play time to time thingy, but I don't know if it's worth it. Atm I run a 2 small businesses. 1 alone other with a friend. I kinda wanna add 2 new studies for future plans. not 2 at once but kinda rush through the study/pass it and follow up on the next study, but after that i will have to do a full commitment to get the whole project started. Might need to travel etc. Chance I even end up in a country that doesn't have BnS Eng BnS x)
Tashigi's Photo
Tashigi  Today, 05:03 PM
Yeah, that sounds like it'll be more than just full time work, then. I went through something similar several years ago, having to move, relocate, find new work/place to live, etc. It's not exactly easy. Best of luck to you, though.
Handle's Photo
Handle  Today, 06:35 PM
Do what you have to do, play later in life =). GL HF
Tashigi's Photo

Tashigi  When I tell people not to walk in the fire but I'm the first one to walk in the fire

Today, 02:24 PM

Kamisama's Photo

Kamisama  I feel low FPS actually impacts the effectiveness of high ani cancel dependent classes like KFM and Des.

Today, 11:14 AM

Kamisama's Photo
Kamisama  Today, 03:07 PM
Not sure if it's worth it to OC my six year old hardware. I imagine it'll reduce its lifespan significantly.
Rapture's Photo
Rapture  Today, 05:19 PM
It depends on how low you consider low. I'd go so far to say any dips below 30fps become laggy. Below 20fps is just unplayable.

Overall though during CBT, the most common cause for ani-cancel delays is the server derping and taking too long to process commands in congested zones.
Urbancowgurl777's Photo
Urbancowgurl777  Today, 06:09 PM
I get 20 fps at poison dragon. ):
Meredi's Photo

Meredi  I miss the tips and tricks in the loading screens D":

Today, 10:18 AM

Grwyn's Photo
Grwyn  Today, 04:10 PM
what do u mean i can see all those screens
Mushi's Photo
Mushi  Today, 07:13 PM
They changed all the loading screens to random photos of scenery and stuff.
Ryochan's Photo

Ryochan  When you see the food that you hid in the fridge, is still there!! XDDDD

Today, 08:06 AM

Tashigi's Photo
Tashigi  Today, 02:23 PM
I have a horrible habit of not leaving leftovers :( Not because I am afraid other people will eat it, but because I hate the taste of reheated stuff.
Sus's Photo

Sus  tfw your kfm feels like your falco when you play ssbm.

Today, 06:57 AM

Handle's Photo
Handle  Today, 09:46 AM
I loved captain flacor on ssbm N64. Not a fan of the new one's
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Bread  Today, 06:17 PM
Ooooh look at that upsmash




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SquishyWasabi  Blade and Soul is like ----- (Finish the sentence).

Today, 04:06 AM

Esuna's Photo
Esuna  Today, 08:03 AM
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Grwyn  Today, 09:51 AM
WutFace censor this
Zyrelia's Photo
Zyrelia  Today, 10:06 AM