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Kycir  Pc implodes when running BnS JP in Windows 10, can confirm.

Today, 06:35 AM

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iiee  Today, 06:42 AM
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Ayame  Today, 06:44 AM
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Lithia  Today, 07:21 AM
Aye. W10 support is coming AFAIK, but for now W10 will play nope.avi when B&S is ran.

Small consolation: B&S west will support W10 from day one :]

- Lith. ...Windowed.
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Vatiox  Vatiox Reminder I'm doing signatures here's one i did

Today, 04:48 AM

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Quiet  Today, 05:45 AM
404 :[
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Eorza  Missed this stream, anything about founder's pack?

Today, 01:53 AM

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iiee  Today, 04:36 AM
more noes
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Vatiox  Today, 04:46 AM

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Tsurariku  Today, 05:54 AM
No matter what they give, I'll get the most expensive one :D
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Koldren  Blade & Soul Promotional Youtube Video Contest Revised!

Today, 01:37 AM

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PomfPomf  Windows 10 here i come, wish me luck!

Today, 01:32 AM

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Valadhiel  Today, 04:35 AM
Some people say not to bother right away - lots of incompatibility issues not just with peripheral hardware, but with software, too.
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Biming  Today, 06:14 AM
Well, I just installed it, at first I couldn't even change resolution, but after restarting everything works fine. It may be a little bit laggy in the beginning, but after a while it gets faster. I love the design tho. And IE (Microsoft Edge) is looking pretty cool, too bad it doesn't support extensions yet. As for compatibility, I don't know yet, but there's a list of games it supports now.
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Aari  Today, 06:28 AM
I still don't get the option to update :(
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Vatiox  Weewoo

Yesterday, 11:55 PM

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PomfPomf  Today, 12:51 AM
WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeWooooooooooo................ weeeewooooo....... weewoo weewoo weewoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Vatiox  Today, 01:43 AM
that the spirit!!!

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Zazaaji  Is anyone going to make that big white picture with black text that sums up EVERY aspect of the Twitch stream? Like the last two got. Supposedly something was even said about gamepad support.

Yesterday, 11:47 PM

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Tashigi  Today, 12:25 AM
Costume stuff, still waiting for game, someone left the team, replacement soon, the end.
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Zazaaji  Today, 12:33 AM
No, not end. I meant every little thing like how the other two did. You also even didn't mention the Skill 3.0 even.
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hidden41  Today, 07:45 AM
And he didn't mentione about 16 character(letter) limition in char names as well.
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Bruce Lee  - "Be happy, but never satisfied."

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

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Koldren  Yesterday, 09:57 PM
Agree, basically never get married.
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Tsurariku  Today, 01:02 AM
^ or let your girlfriend move in.
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Vatiox  watching this live stream

Yesterday, 07:45 PM

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iiee  How can you not wanna play FM throwing the giant bomb all over the place *-* i want this skill on my KFM so badly T.T

Yesterday, 07:24 PM

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Tsurariku  Today, 01:03 AM
I'm fine with gliding around on my Destroyer and jumping on people from above. :3
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Biming  Today, 06:16 AM
Well this skill is legit in every version, not sure about CN and KR tho.
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iiee  Today, 06:40 AM
now its red..
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Esuna  Yesterday, 07:24 PM
OMG I love this game so much. The story is awesome.
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Tashigi  Yesterday, 08:32 PM
Great game, though I liked Grandia 1 more.
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Esuna  Yesterday, 08:37 PM
I don't really like the characters in G1. I find Justin very annoying, but I did love Mullen and Leen. Amazing baddies.
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Mushi  Uploaded the stream to youtube for the time being.

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

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gjallahorn  i heard we are getting the last updated client is that right ? does that mean we are getting latest skill update ? what about the pvp-pve content the one thats like dredge in aion are we getting this one at launch ?

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

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gjallahorn  Yesterday, 08:29 PM
they should really give us that pvp-pve content its fun :d and will kill time untill we wait for more content :D
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Kamisama  Yesterday, 09:14 PM
Hmm, I'm not the biggest fan of PvPvE. Anyways, we're getting fed piecemeal.
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Kamisama  Yesterday, 10:52 PM
But yeah, Dredgion ... I played Chanter, but I only remember the absurd Gladfest and everyone focusing the SM.
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BirdOfHermes's Photo
BirdOfHermes  Yesterday, 06:04 PM
Now I can sleep well again. a_a
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LexxR  Yesterday, 06:06 PM
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bladeprincess  Yesterday, 08:34 PM
Bet it was intentional
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Kami_Kai  Congratulations Esyllincott and EdoSky! if you're in here, good job! :)

Yesterday, 05:28 PM