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Jaegerjaquez  im looking for this any ideas on how to get it

Today, 10:06 PM

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Jaegerjaquez  anybody knows how to get this

Today, 10:01 PM

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Tashigi  Today, 09:39 PM
I liked season 2 of the living world. (Everything in that video, basically).

Personal story and season 1? Not a whole lot.
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Rhy  Friend having problems, no one knows how to fix, headaches everywhere...

Today, 08:33 PM

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LadyStarFire  I wonder how many english players are on my server...

Today, 08:17 PM

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iceyo  anyone using gtx 970 have problem that FPS is not stable?

Yesterday, 10:46 PM

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Jenyne  All servers Grey for you too im guesing?

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

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Ayame  Today, 10:03 AM
When the servers are grey, it means the are down for maintenance.
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Staz  server is down or it's only me?

Yesterday, 05:45 PM

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Rilakkuma  Yesterday, 06:32 PM
No, it's maintenance. 6 hours left
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Yesterday, 05:44 PM

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Ghastly  Yes! Senran Kagura Dead or Alive! Tecmo you better release this in the West.

Yesterday, 10:27 AM

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Ryochan  Yesterday, 11:17 PM
^ They're already out over here.
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Tashigi  Today, 12:20 AM
Really? That's cool then. I always wanted an english version of Namco x Capcom in the old days but... that never happened. Same for just about every Super Robot Wars.
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Ryochan  Today, 03:30 PM
OMG HAKUFU! =O!!! YOOOOO I'm definitely getting this on Vita now. She's awesome! Also cool Ayane.
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LoliStelleia  Okie so.. im officially on (TW) servers now <3 But this que thing is starting to get annoying lol...

Yesterday, 09:20 AM

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Mushi  Yesterday, 10:01 AM
cause of warlock update so get use to it for now.
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LoliStelleia  Today, 08:50 AM
Well im pretty sure the que had to do with so many botters they have been having the past couple of days ive been playing... the GMs actualyl where banning accounts yesterday.
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Squinty  Oh and I'm making my way to gold baby!!!

Yesterday, 12:18 AM

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Mar 24, 2015 - 10:23 PM

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Shinaji  Yesterday, 04:22 AM
It's magic.
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Ghastly  Yesterday, 09:58 AM
Is that GW2? It looks amazing, very colorful game. It's only too bad that the gear/art direction of designs are not to my liking.
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YoyoJordan  Grinding to max on JP

Mar 24, 2015 - 6:59 PM