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iiee  did i just crash in asura 4man and it dropped the amber?! i hope they were trolling me in chat linking it...

Today, 02:37 PM

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iiee  Today, 02:40 PM
i think i will never recover from this...
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Today, 02:46 PM
I take it you would have gotten it as well?
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royc  Hello boys :^]

Today, 11:01 AM

iiee's Photo
iiee  Today, 12:20 PM
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Today, 12:43 PM
@royc You better guard your food, because I am about to take it!
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ZDestiny  Finally managed to log on site account to get prem. MultiBlaze unlocked. people already telling me it's eye bleeding :D

Today, 03:39 AM

Lady Selene's Photo
Lady Selene  Today, 05:20 AM
dam I want it too QQ.. waiting till prices get cheaper .-.
ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Today, 10:02 AM
I bought offal of silence 425g, and the darkness one for 90 bravery. and 100g 10 x orbs at twisted 24dg
Zyrelia's Photo
Zyrelia  Today, 11:07 AM
iiee's Photo

iiee  saw hm10 Soul Fighter one week ago or something like that. how do they do it xD i barely got to hm8 on my sf and did alot of dailies every day. im doing something wrong for sure lol

Today, 03:32 AM

SwL's Photo
SwL  Today, 04:31 AM
last RNG box event gave 2-3 Exp Charm fragment + chance of Exp Charm on each box , must be how ...
iiee's Photo
iiee  Today, 04:33 AM
do you have any idea how much that would cost xD
Zyrelia's Photo
Zyrelia  Today, 11:02 AM
I have a couple friends on sf that got to hm 10 already. it really was just 40/40 dailies and cs spam
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  By emptying her wallet, Momo finally achieves "greaterness" -

Today, 02:15 AM

Shiune's Photo
Shiune  Today, 09:40 AM
Your char looks high af though
Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Today, 10:11 AM
? D:
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Today, 12:36 PM
Momo got a perm and looks like she been drinking or smoking something.
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  My nephew just soloed Blackram Narrow as a BD. For someone who is extremely new to MMORPG and doesn't know about iframe, he did well :x

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

Aimovera's Photo

Aimovera  That moment when you want to try out Revelation but get an error when trying to register. I don't understand Chinese q_q...

Yesterday, 03:02 PM

iiee's Photo
iiee  Yesterday, 10:23 PM
dont forget ping booster, mudfish works for me very well
BulletSin's Photo
BulletSin  Today, 03:09 AM
The ping booster provided by the game itself does a hell of a good job as well. I'm using it and it's pretty rad.
Aimovera's Photo
Aimovera  Today, 12:56 PM
Wait, the game provides a ping booster too? wtf
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Deicidium's Photo

Deicidium  The shadows of the innocents e-mail said that they gave members of the mailing list a gift. Can't see any codes under my account tho. Did this work for anyone?

Yesterday, 11:39 AM

Mysticz's Photo
Mysticz  Yesterday, 01:46 PM
wouldve never known lol but yes i checked and had it
TaJeab's Photo
TaJeab  Yesterday, 07:06 PM
Got 5 standard corallites from the code.
BulletSin's Photo
BulletSin  Today, 07:48 AM
I applied my code, yet to log in since I'm on overwatch competitive right now.
MrBubbles's Photo

MrBubbles  Masts 4-man. How do you get both sides to spawn flowers at the same time? Our switches are really awkward when the other side spawns flowers way earlier than the other.

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Yesterday, 11:09 AM
When flowers spawn, the side with flowers stop DPS and focus on picking the flowers.
ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 11:12 AM
I checked guide on freedomplays, and it says normal mode 20% and hard mode 10%
Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Today, 12:39 AM
We don't have hard mode :D
Momo Kozuki's Photo

Momo Kozuki  For some reasons, Lyn children is mentioned and seen a lot in story quests. Have people in BnS world start to recognize the existance of racial difference? :P

Yesterday, 07:34 AM

FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 07:40 AM
*Scratches head*
Momo Kozuki's Photo
Momo Kozuki  Yesterday, 07:44 AM
Ebon guys stuff Lyn children into the jars D:

Meanwhile, some wannabe student of Hongmoon school emptied his wallet for Lyn children :P
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 07:45 AM
Sounds like Momo hasn't gotten a lot of sleep lately and is thinking of all kinds of cray cray things.
ZDestiny's Photo

ZDestiny  I did something unheard of in the West. I made my chars boobs size smaller. Sue me! :D

Yesterday, 06:53 AM

ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 01:57 PM
uhuh, when buying outfits I check if it actually makes my char look weird or not and some of them did. Mostly the ones that reveal the skin. it was 13+ before now -10. xD

Even though 13+ on yun isn't that HUGE, it was ok on all costumes except those swimsuits type.
ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 02:00 PM

It's already like -20% size.
making it smaller than -10 would be ugly from what i tested.
FinalxxSin's Photo
FinalxxSin  Yesterday, 05:57 PM
ZDestiny, your character got that look on her face like she just smelled a fart or something.
Tony12885's Photo

Tony12885  Since, tomorrow is Saturday let me be more clear about this event. It'll will be 4 weeks long event happens every Saturday. you can request total 4 presets maximum, from all of my albums, in these 4 weeks, 1 per week. 1 requirement I would only asked is that your account must be made before July 19. PM me only plz

Yesterday, 01:11 AM

Lady Selene's Photo

Lady Selene  Quick answer please QQ should i buy offals now or wait ? :c the blue offal is 600g.. other still high .-.

Jul 22, 2016 - 4:01 PM

Featherine's Photo
Featherine  Jul 22, 2016 - 10:54 PM
I'm going to get 1 through pvp, buy the easy one with 100g and the last one too. Judging from the zen bean amount you need I'd say the correct price to buy them will be something like 250g, give or take.
ZDestiny's Photo
ZDestiny  Yesterday, 03:13 AM
Bravery cost
Depending on moonstones price 90 bravery = 800g
Possibility to proc more MS as well.

Cheaper to get the twister 24dg compared to using 35 bravery. that's for sure. The other two is just a wait game, those who wanna rush will pay the maximum price. Not that they care to put 2-3k from what I saw. :D
Rhy's Photo
Rhy  Yesterday, 05:34 AM
Yep, sold Offal of Darkness for quite a good amount earlier.
Ghastly's Photo

Ghastly  Does the B&S team only interact on twitter/twitch still? It's too one sided

Jul 22, 2016 - 3:59 PM

Mushi's Photo
Mushi  Jul 22, 2016 - 5:28 PM
They hardly get on twitter.
Cuilan's Photo
Cuilan  Jul 22, 2016 - 6:42 PM
Jonathan replies a lot and Julianne sometimes if you catch her online. Problems is how hostile a lot of people are on there for no or stupid reasons.