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  1. What are HM skills and level? I've never played Blade and Soul until the beta came to the west.
  2. For PVP I noticed the only classes that are good are Assassin, Blade Dancer, Summoner, Destroyer. I don't even feel like playing this game anymore because I like blade master but it sucks for pvp.
  3. YES. Infinity Battlescape is now fully funded on kickstarter.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tashigi


      I am interested.

      Wish it had a PVE aspect, though. Other than just the "Offline" mode I mean. But I am sure with mod support being part of the package, it'll come.

    3. Tashigi


      Though... holy shit, sept 2017 launch? Lol. That's some wait.

    4. Hyu


      People who pledged 250 will get to take part in the development providing feedback (play the game) this January.

  4. How many years ago was blade and soul beta released in korea?

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    2. Chiroyo


      Depends which, CBT3 way in may 2012.

    3. Lithia


      Aye, 2012 sounds about right.

      December 2012, I believe, was the time that the official site got updated...and then sunk into limbo.

      - Lith. ...Past.

    4. Tashigi


      They had some internal testing around Nov/Dec of 2011 and then in early 2012; ultimately released in Summer of 2012.

  5. Glad 2014 is over, worst year yet.

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    2. PomfPomf


      Worst year yet for me as well.

    3. Tashigi


      Was great for me. I played tons and tons of games; all of different genres, got a new and better paying job and we adopted a new kitten.

    4. Calintz


      The list of things that happened to me in 2014 would take a novel. It was pretty crappy. Here is to hoping for a better 2015.

  6. Are mmorpgs dead in the west?

    1. DayBreeze


      maybe not. but if they keep repeating and cloning the same things, it will be.

    2. Shinaji


      MMOs died a long time ago. BEcause every MMO since the first has been a clone, it's been a clone because the first one died and all we've been doing is living a lie.

  7. The Blade and Soul anime is better than I expected

    1. Bunneez


      The story line so far seems kind of forced or rushed other than that, it looks cool.

    2. Ruze


      ^Agreed. I'm no critic, nor have I seen many anime from start to finish. My overall opinion for the series thus far is a strong "Eh."

  8. Medieval fencing training is hard

    1. Althran
    2. Lawlcano


      Training a fence to be medieval is even harder. :|

    3. Hyu


      I'm not teaching I'm the one getting trained

  9. Does anyone have a DS3 origin key they don't need?

    1. soknife


      you can get one for $1 in the origin "humble" "publicity raising" bundle

    2. Hyu


      nvm got a key

  10. Revast you sold us out to Curseā„¢.

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    2. Ryochan


      Dojo has been apart of Curse for years. Watchu talkin' bout?

    3. Violino


      "Hater's gonna hate" nothing more for this comment...

    4. Lady Estellise

      Lady Estellise

      At least Katarina is on the front page now

  11. 2001: A Pretentious Odyssey. I want my hours back.

  12. Meet Gen "The Butcher" Urobuchi http://i.imgur.com/tBAlZat.jpg

    1. Tashigi


      I feel I should know the reference... but I don't.

      What's it about?

    2. Shinaji


      Ok looked it up here it is. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Creator/GenUrobuchi?from=Main.GenUrobuchi

      Seen like three of those love em all so far plan to watch all of those.

    3. Hyu