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  1. GW2 has spoiled me with little to no downtime...

    1. Tashigi


      Mega servers are pretty awesome on that regard. "What is maintenance? Lol"

    2. Ambesa


      gw2 spoiled me with a fun leveling up system

  2. Is wall running still locked behind PvP like it was in ancient old KR times?

    1. Veremisia


      Well, if you consider putting on your Faction Dobok to get to your respective Faction camp to buy the item in question off of the Faction merchant for 50s, then yes, lol.

    2. DayBreeze


      50 silver? ouch that will hurt the free players

    3. SongBoss


      its pretty simple now. You dont need rank 8 to buy it anymore either.

  3. I'm not sure how difficult or feasible this would be to implement... But aligning the text so that dialogue is not all center-aligned would make it much easier to read things in the game. If you're unsure what I'm talking about, this is an article about alignment: It's not a game breaking thing, but it would definitely be an improvement and make the game appear more polished. I noticed quite often in the game that there would be a line of middle text that was short, while the top and bottom were long.
  4. I've mostly done the party route of trying to party everyone in the nearby vicinity. Sometimes people flat out refuse and it becomes a game of trying to tag everything in the area in a passive aggressive show off. And sometimes people are already in a party. You don't have to have an awkward leave, though most will just leave as they're done. In the Korean version, and during this past alpha, I thanked everyone for the party, and usually got a thanks back (in the Korean server - West so far seems to be rather stoic and mute). Sometimes I ask how many people have left and I'll go ahead and help them. If they leave, they leave. If I need to leave, I say thanks and leave. Unfortunately this is something most MMOs do. I think GW2 was probably the most popular example a game changing it up and promoting individualized loot and getting rid of mob tagging. I highly doubt this would change, as it's been a part of the game for years now.
  5. This one isn't a typo, but oh well.
  6. B2P and "premium service" seems a bit weird... I found the game to be quite fun while I was playing the Korean version (I believe the OBT). The combat was really fluid. Especially with how everything appeared to be lagless. It was great to play a Korean game that didn't visually feel like you were stuttering. Of course, there was obviously some, just not noticeable with how they implemented the combat. They definitely did housing better than ArcheAge, way better. I don't know how their open world housing would have been, but after the drama with land in ArcheAge, I think it was a good move to change it. I spent most of my later time playing just going on my boat to fish in the ocean, and breeding horses though. So I can't speak to much end game (I stopped around level 40).
  7. I have no clue if that's real or not, having not been following any alpha footage or news... But I don't know if I want to laugh or shake my head in shame.
  8. Told myself I wouldn't buy a founder's pack. But I need something to do while waiting for GW2 expansion. :(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Seraphy


      It's out on the 23rd, so next week. :]

    3. Been


      Yip, I have long waited for Bns, but I'll probably not play it anymore. Not feeling it, I am afraid. Can't wait for HoT, will be playing gw2 which does have a free wardrobe "heh-"

    4. Tashigi


      You can't wait two weeks? GOSH SERA.

  9. SCOTUS did something good!

  10. Gon KFM. My character willl revive in her... 4th or 5th life?
  11. I haven't been following B&S for over a year now. But I've been working with loki on the Black Desert English patch, so my best guess is that he's stopped/halted work on B&S.
  12. The screenshot camera is pretty nifty. As is leaning on stuff.
  13. Played the original at MAGFest. It was so bad it was glorious.
  14. BFFs with Frostbite.
  15. I always enjoy listening to WP. He's just got that voice.