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  1. As of now there are no plans for a NA release. And I believe that this did release on PC in Japan. I think the systems are: PC, PS3, PS4. I have not posted here in a while but I am still watching and waiting to see if there is ever a NA announcement. So far they have not even hinted that it is a possibility.
  2. Loved this game back when I played it on the PS3. A great game held back by old tech. I always wanted this on the PC and several years after the fact, here it comes! So excited for this.
  3. Woot. I got into the ToS beta. Pretty excited to try it out.

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    2. Calintz


      Can't wait. I have it installed and ready to go!

    3. Ryochan


      Nice =D I will be Ryochan on it

    4. Mion


      Didn't get an invite too... Imma see if I can steal me a media account :333

  4. Anyone has Destiny on the Ps4 and can help me kill Xyor, well that would be just swell!

    1. Ryochan


      I have it, and both DLC's cause I bought the pass at launch. But I haven't played it in a long time.

  5. Yussssss videos. And here I thought work would be boring today.
  6. Why have I still need resubbed to this game yet?! Also, BrandX that is a great Miqo'te. I never found FATE grinding to be too much a bore, but that was mostly because I found the FATE grind in Coerthas to be enjoyable. I also miss the old music of Coerthas from 1.0. Random thought.
  7. I am so excited for this game, it's stupid. RO was and probably still is my favorite MMO. Granted it was one of my first MMOs I ever played. This looks like everything I've ever wanted in a new Ragnarok game.
  8. I may just make a new guy for the new race on cactuar as I still have some friends on Sargantas, they just never play. And FC or LS size doesn't matter too much as long as the opportunity to play with anyone is a possibility, I'd be down for it. And yeah I thought by now there would be more with FC and LS but oh well.
  9. I am on Sargantas as that is where my old guild was in 1.0. But after some interesting things happened, I am no longer in the guild. Such as it goes. I am in NA. I tried going guildless for a little while, and just doing dungeons with PUGs but it didn't go so well. But then again I have not played since March so things could have changed drastically in terms of end game I just don't know about. Basically I am just begging for an excuse to play again because I enjoy the game so much!
  10. I really want to get back into this game so badly after being away for a few months. Not having a guild though kind of makes it impossible to do much in end game stuff. Still this expansion looks incredibly interesting. Do we know anything about the new race being added, or is that still a guessing game at this point?
  11. So, I downloaded the 7 day trial and when I logged on I noticed that all of the servers are low population. Is this game just...dead? Dead is maybe too harsh of a word. But I got to level 11 in the trial so far and I haven't seen many people. I was actually contemplating getting the game but...maybe not now. Anyone playing can tell me otherwise? Does the game seem dead? I have to say, I didn't really like the game when I played in beta but now I am enjoying the heck out of it.
  12. Completely forgot I have this game as its been a little while since I last played a beta for this. Should really update the client a play a little. Try out different races and stuff. Anyone else playing the beta?
  13. The amount of jelly in me right now knows no bounds. Is the NDA going to prevent you from taking videos or screen shots? Aside for that one of the launcher...
  14. A pretty incredible fly through, especially if it is just one region which it does seem like it is. Can't say I know of too many games that could do a fly through like that and impress me or make me stare in awe. That video made me excited and incredibly sad at the same time.
  15. Pretty kick ass mage then. My money would have been on the class being called, Magic-ninja-assassin-fist-master. But I guess mage works too. Would probably be the first mage type class I'd be interested in making in a MMO. Usually don't find those too appealing.