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  1. if you american culture doesn't accept it, screw them! lunch boxes are cool, damn it.
  2. what am i going to do when they finally release the official release date for Blade & Soul? order the super awesome amazing badass'ed collector edition of Blade & Soul that has all the ingame goodies, art book, music cds, etc etc..and wait for it to come to my door and play until i can't keep my eyes open any longer then sleep and play some more..end of story.
  3. duely noted and you are well informal or you did quite a bit of research. i agree with you on all your points but gunners are a pretty common ranged class in most MMOs, so it wouldn't be very unique as you put it but then again, swords, magic and axes are exactly breaking ground either. about Billy from Xenogears, he used whips as weapons himself and on his gear, that was quite unique in 1998. not many video game characters used whips besides vampire hunters and S&M mistresses. about the gunners and guns in Blade & Soul, guns are already in the game as everyone can see from the npcs so i don't think its too much trouble to make a class out of it but i would imagine it would take quite a bit of work to make a gunner class, balance it to the other classes, and add an entire weapon class for them, again not out of the question. i suppose that comment the Team Bloodlust said about the new class not being a gunner and it turning out to be a Lyn Blademaster was enough to discourage people from requestion the gunner class; as for me, i don't care either way if Team Bloodlust make it a reality or not. i have no love for a gunner class because i think its would just be a character using various guns to do damage without much technique not because it doesn't fix into the world. when i say without much technique i mean even if they used *gun-fu*, its still just shooting a gun with poses...no real techniques like the blademaster or kung fu master; so aside from shooting various guns in flashy poses, i see nothing special about a gunner class. besides, if you take into account how 90% of all gunner classes are done, they are basically archer/ranger with guns with the same charge shot, multi-shot, spread shot, and aerial rain skill, then if you want to use the Gun Fu as an example, Gun Fu is close quarter style so that defeats the purpose of ranged class..then if you want to use it as a ranged class..its just someone shooting different guns in flashy poses like i said before. *shrugs* so anyway i see it, its not worth the effort to bring an bland class like that to Blade & Soul if they can't make it unique and different from anything else done before. all the current classes have a uniqueness to them, i don't a gunner class having the same style as the others. just my opinion and i'm spreading it around with my reasons backing my idea.
  4. hehehe, sorry to sound mean but your comment is too cliche, yes Spiral cats are a professional cosplayer team and they have a professional digital team but they work very hard and they do make their own costumes. there official site and the connected media is very neat. please don't assume that just because the costumes are well made that they were brought, most cosplayers do make their own costumes, believe it or not. while, it is true the cosplayers do buy their costumes from time to time, most *hardcore* cosplayers love to make their own costumes as much as they do wearing them. its a hobbiy and they are very proud of it..much like anyone else. I give these remarkable girls incredible amount of credits and respect for making their love and hobby a professional paying business. oh yeah, please do remember, these girls didn't start out with a professional team, they worked their butts off to look their best and get media attention. google SPIRAL CATS and have a look at their older pictures. &
  5. im more along the lines of touch and bleed because alcohol is like acid to me =*( i wouldn't do, say, or think that because i view drinking as a really dumb thing to do with my money but that's just my personal opinion..i have better things to do with my time and money. like play blade and soul or buy a life size lyn ^_^
  6. actually, i don't drink nor could i since i'm actually allergic to any and all forms of alcohol..from hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol to beer and liquor. i just used that example since i'm also a college student who is short on fund 80% of the school year but i see all my *friends and classmates* drink and club often while i'm studying and playing video games in my house. $8-$10 is the usual price of a soda most dine in name brand restaurant like TGIF, applebee's, chili's, etc.
  7. although, this isn't WoW and no where as loot happy as diablo 3, you will have to invest a bit of time into almost any MMO to progress. most likely, you'll have to farm some enemy to get some item you want, you will have to group up with people to complete anything worthwhile and if you want to play anything around the end game, you'll probably have raid. with all that being said, blade & soul is an amazing game that is more based on skill and timing rather stats and gear, gear does help like in games but you can one on one solo some field bosses, there are solo instance dungeons in the game, and quests are fair short so you don't have to invest too much time to progress like you do in other mmos. obviously, blade & soul is an MMO so you will need to play a certain amount to get max level and repeatedly go to some instanced dungeon to farm a boss to get some kind of item you like so if you aren't willing to at least able to play in short bursts, level slowly, or risk being *addicted* then i would suggest you not get involved in MMOs because there are certain things that are bound to happen while playing an MMO and you seem to have named a few of them. leveling isn't a grind but getting items will probably demand some farming, there aren't there many solo instances that are worthwhile so you'll have to group up for the one with good items, and the combat system is so fun, you may get addicted to just fighting everything you see like me =X personally, i play as much as i can afford to play without interfering with other things in my life but i'm addicted to blade & soul too, i just control myself. side note: while i did try to answer your post to the best of my ability, you should do some research on your own if you are interested in blade & soul and see for yourself, what you feel is *a lot of time investment* will vastly defer from what i see as a lot of time investment.
  8. pay to play with a reasonable cash shop full of $5 and below items that don't give anyone with more money or wiling to pay real money at advantages ingame. side note: i find it funny as hell that some people view $15 a month to play a great game as too much when people can go out to a bar and pay $8-$12 per drink. two $8 drinks is $16, thats not even a buzz yet and that's for maybe 30 minutes if you drink slowly..compared to 30 days of unlimited blade & soul. maybe i'm just thinking too much but its still funny that people are willing to part with $16 for two drinks than $15 for a month of Blade & soul or any other pay to play mmo they enjoy.
  9. keep in mind that with all the new character customization options avaliable now, you can pretty much create or re-create any race look you like. make a jin that looks like an kun or a gon, vice versa so i judged the race by the force-master/chi-master weapon, what it is..a charm, a ribbon, etc. i knew that jin could not be force-master/chi-master or at least that is to the best of my knowledge.
  10. i could be wrong but judging from her weapon, i would say that is a force master/chi master kun.
  11. waiting very patiently for Mass Effect 3 but can hardy hold her excitement....

  12. my my, why thank you. im happy someone noticed that.

  13. Happy new year! and Happy birthday!

  14. Headless rider? how'd you know that, peeking again? ^_^ hi there

  15. Hello head less rider .