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  1. so yeah... does anyone know of a good mmo preferrably f2p with great community? im kind of tired of most mmo's xD

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    2. Tashigi


      Some people are actually really into that, Ghastly. They play mostly for the economy, loot gathering/selling, etc. This, to them, counts as interaction.

      I personally play MMOG in a different direction and while the economy is part of the experience, to me it's never really the main focus. So I kind of agree to an extend.

      Mmm and yes, the AION suggestion is as good as it'll get.

      I don't think there is any other F2P MMOG out there that can rival it.

    3. kombinerka


      thanks everyone for the suggestion and well im not really into f2p but seeing as i get bored with mmorpgs quite easily lately i said "preferred f2p" I used to play Aion had a 55 glad temp and chanter but meh in the end got bored when most of my guild left the game also played wow for a while but darn I had the reffer bonus and that must have really ruined it for me when i got to 85 in a week or so and raids werenta big issue either also about guild wars 2 I might check it out indeed- ...

    4. kombinerka


      wasnt really a fan of GW1 but GW2 seems interesting to say the least. again thanks for all your answers guys/gals

  2. anyone interested in this weekends Tera's CBT? got the key but dont have the time

    1. CGBG


      I definitely wouldn't mind me having one, I do have the time for it with exams being over and all.. :3

    2. kombinerka


      k ill pm ya the code in a sec

    3. CGBG


      thanks :3

      I'll be sure to enjoy it

    1. Dracozombie


      Awwww yeah. Just nostalgia'd

    2. Sekuiya


      God, how long have those guys been playing? O.o

    3. kombinerka


      today's the 7th and last day and theyre going 24/7 :3

  3. Happy new year everyone :D and now off to work yaay >.<

  4. gah I wish square enix just finished ff XIII versus and start their work on kingdom hearts 3 D: I mean ff XIII failed really hard what will prolly happen with XIII-2 aswell.. atleast versus gives some promise :3

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    2. Lithia


      I'm gonna side with 'Kombi' (as I have before him/her)

      I'm still very much looking forward to Versus XIII

      - Custom main theme

      - Cool, male char

      - Supposedly cities

      - NPC's

      - (Relatively) Grim setting.

      Already enough to spark my interest.

      I've never played KH (Unfortunately?) so I'll hand that one to you, but yeah...VersusXIII is the last ray of hope I have left for 'Enix'.

      - Lith. ...SquareSoft.

    3. kombinerka


      him and yeah id say unfortunately indeed :) I can recommend this game to anyone as childish it may look with the disney toons in the game its really fun and plot-wise its hmm want to say great but its good at the verry least 'tleast in my opinion :)

    4. Demonare


      Oh I'm excited for Versus as well (moreso than the main Final Fantasy XIII). Between that and Final Fantasy Type-Zero, it feels like it's been a long while since I've been looking forward to a Square Enix game (aside from the Kingdom Hearts series).

      I'm basically just playing XIII to see if Versus references it at all.