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  1. Whats up everyone? the sky? ur dreams? It has been a while since my last status update

    1. Pokki


      Blue, yellow and white.

    2. Big Chief

      Big Chief

      Where ya been home-skillet?

  2. you have some nice content on youtube.I'll subscribe XD

  3. - Good luck with it my friend, I used to make videos about the MMO I'm playing currently.

    - Check out my channel onenary.

  4. Its great to hear from you :)

    I've been off blade n' soul to get some vids on youtube MarshDudeReviews. So far i have two vids up and would really like some feedback since i'm new to recording lets plays

  5. - Sup Man, I was MIA for a while and sorry for that, I hope you're doing well.

  6. I left for a while to work on my website and i find out that blade and soul is still going strong.This pleases me,and i'm glad to be back

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    2. Ghastly


      Hey that's pretty cool, we all need time off for other things. Welcome back and you're right on, B&S is still doing great in Korea.

      The only problem B&S faces is NCsoft West and their attempt to "Westernize it."

    3. Master Roshi

      Master Roshi

      it has been quite the journey but my website has been completed is up and running

    4. Master Roshi

      Master Roshi

      it has been quite the journey but my website has been completed is up and running

  7. ghost nappa! Ghost Nappa - Ray Parker Jr. (feat. Takahata101).mp3
  8. love the MythBusters :big_smile: pretty sure we can hire them to test these myths out
  9. sorry for the delay :joss_stick: i've been rather busy with my website ocrazweb. its currently under construction, and i would greatly appreciate if you could check it out and tell me what you think.(I'm looking for constructive criticism). i recommend viewing it in firefox or chrome since i'm troubleshooting how it looks in IE9 well enough about me lets get on to the final myth shall we? 5: Google Doesn't Make Any Money Google offers a ridiculous number of online services. There's the flagship Google search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google News, Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Calendar, just to scratch the surface. Then there are popular Google-owned Web sites like YouTube, Picasa and Blogger. All of these services are absolutely free. So, how does Google make money? Does it make money at all? Since Google's debut, a persistent rumor asserts that the company has no business model and therefore makes no profit. That's one seriously misguided myth. In 2008, Google made nearly $22 billion [source: Google]. Ninety-seven percent of the company's revenue came from advertising. How did they pull this off? Google has developed two highly profitable advertising models: Google AdWords and Google AdSense. AdWords are the advertisements that appear during Google searches above and beside the main search results. They're labeled as "Sponsored Links." Advertisers can use AdWords to write short text ads and tag them with keywords. Google then uses complicated algorithms to find the most relevant ads for certain Google searches. The advertiser doesn't pay Google each time his or her ad is shown. He or she only pays when someone clicks on his or her ad. Click-through costs can be as low as 10 cents, so it's not a steep investment for advertisers. But for Google, all of those dimes add up quickly. AdSense works in a similar way, but the text ads surface on non-Google Web sites. If you run a Web site and want to earn a little advertising revenue, you can sign up with AdSense. Google uses its algorithms to show pertinent ads to site visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays Google 10 cents or $20, depending on the popularity of a particular keyword. Google then gives you, the Web site owner, a small slice of that fee. Keep in mind that all of that revenue isn't pure profit: After a year of investment losses and general economic havoc, Google turned a profit of $4 billion in 2008. In the final quarter of 2008, however, it experienced its first-ever drop in quarterly profit [source: Liedtke].
  10. i would have to say draw.. my reasoning is that i had watched naruto from the very beggining as well as avatar.I have also been keeping current with naruto shippuden. I am well aware of the level of power of sage mode and avatar state. both are high in terms of strength. lets not forget that naruto isn't the kind of ninja to give up and aang is the same(somewhat...).I can't see either side giving each other an inch to decide the victor and the battle might rage for hours til both are at there breaking point. My prediction is a draw(but if naruto mastered the nine tails chakra,if you have been keeping up with the manga to know that he is nearly there,than naruto might pull the win at the end.He currently is able to use the nine tails chakra as an extension of himself(look at volume 55/56 manga)).
  11. I'll be at roshi temple's northern branch. i'd like to see zombies try and get to me now. serious: click here I'll be at the Himalayas so i'll be fine as long as i have my rifle, and all the essentials.
  12. well now that you mentioned it...i knew i forgot something... enough joking around, lets get back to welcoming Amdis lol
  13. welcome to blade and soul :big_smile: now that is interesting... are we blades? or are we souls? that is the question...
  14. to me a cell phone is like another console for gaming purposes. my LG 4g android for example: I play zenonia 2 and 3, inotia: children of carnia,etc. but like all cell phones, i use it chat whether i'm texting,emailing,or just talking.
  15. yep got the same result as you did