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  1. Long time no see, Demon <3

    How have you been? <3

  2. The series that got me into MMOs (well, along with PSO for Gamecube, but I never went online in that one):

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    2. Tashigi


      Kinda sad that you two didn't play RO back in... uh 1999? 2000? I don't know.

      It would have been the perfect game for someone going from console only to MMO.

      Great, now I wanna play it again.

    3. Shinaji


      Dangit Tashy now I'm listening to the entire RO sound Track... I got like 150+ songs.

    4. A_Aie


      same here! whenever i see .hack// now though it just pulls at my heart, y'know. XD So many memories. So many hopes. It'll be a series that'll always be near and dear to me.

  3. La la, lala, la la, la-lalala~ Charm will make your dreams come true~:

  4. Totally playing this game's music when I play B&S (after the game's regular music gets tiring for me):

    1. Demonare


      And for those who want a more intense song:

    2. Sakimitama


      This really reminds me of BnS's music.
    3. Demonare


      Yeah it does, but it's also the type of music that'd lull me to sleep (not cause it's bad, but it's relaxing).

  5. Bleh. Just read that Kun can't be Summoners. They can't be any class I'm interested in. Guess I'll have to figure out what race I want to play as all over again.

    1. Aari


      smn -> Lyn, gogo! :P

    2. Tashigi


      Kun should be summoners, but instead of cats, they should get cool/chibi looking dragons.

  6. Wasn't expecting a remix of any TWEWY songs in Kingdom Hearts really, considering how different the styles are. I'd listen to it, but I prefer to wait until I have the game first and avoid spoiling the music before then. Also, the original Twister is actually 4 mins long (it plays during the final battle). You linked the title version for TWEWY's opening sequence.
  7. SSFIV AE Mod: Sonic vs Mega Man

    (Also, official Elena/Dudley/Blanka/Sakura trailer for SFxT on PSVita:
    1. Demonare


      And the Tekken side version of the above trailer, featuring Christie and Lei:

    2. Tashigi


      Lol @ The mod.

      Lol @ Capcom for thinking I'll fall for their real trap. (No, not Poison. I'd love me some Poison trap actually!).

  8. Won't be getting anything from my storage in WY (game consoles, desktop, CLOTHES) until May 14th. Stress levels are still increasing.

    1. Tashigi


      Oh man. I'd probably die on day two.

    2. Demonare


      I still have my laptop, the right external hard drive (with my music, which I REALLY need), my handhelds and their games (3DS and PSP Go), and my girlfriend's Wii, so it's not that bad. But I only have 3 or 4 articles of clothing. More importantly, I still need to find a job... and the Veteran Affairs office.

  9. They've only said that they're planning to release the game after this beta is over. They never mentioned a total.
  10. I'm officially out of the military as of today.

    1. Demonare


      However, due to... circumstances (or idiocy), I won't have my desktop with me until near the end of the month.


    2. Tashigi


      Cast a spell of "Summon Desktop-ga".

    3. PaniC


      Accio Desktop

  11. Somehow missed that post. Interesting stuff. I didn't think they'd mess with the voices really, so that's kind of cool.
  12. Heh, good video.
  13. New voice additions?
  14. We are. In fact this past beta there were less people in the game giving Elin players shit like they had in the first couple of betas. Not to mention that apparently the people who were most upset have been modding their clients to removed the changes (someone bragged about it when I played... Probably wasn't a good idea). Notice that the person that brought this back up (without context or provacation) is new. I'm guessing he/she is probably just unaware that we've discussed this at length already.