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  1. Also would gladly buy some NCoins at Cardinal Gates server.
  2. Cowboy outfit is not implemented yet?
  3. There is a gift option. A lot of people would gladly exchange their in-game gold for bags or outfits. Start new thread and set the exchange ratio. Like 100 NCoins for 2 gold or something like that.
  4. 24/7 :surrender:
  5. Does someone from the guild got Merry Potter Moonwater recipe?
  6. 45 KFM veteran. Send you aplication.
  7. I got it. =)
  8. Is it only for win 8.0? Who successfully started the launcher at win 8.1 x64?
  9. That bloody stupid secret question will be needed a lot SO BE SURE TO SAVE IT!!!!! Launcher (nclauncher4ncj_0_20140407) don't start anything.
  10. Same error. Got 15 points today and it won't let me take my prize. :hell_boy:
  11. My only problem with players who always rushing the dungeon. Like 2 sins go invis and rush all the mobs and you have to kill them solo or attack the boss and kill in flame part of their party. But thats not the main problem. But after you reach 45 lv two times you actually learn how to be the first one. And one more thing that right now it's not so critical but back then people just keep coming to 36 lv Daesung dungeon on their 28-36 lv. And you have to leave party over and over again. And nobody doesn't even try to explain that their need higher level.
  12. I'm just wondering why there is no new translation of the client? Are you satisfied with current status?
  13. We all struggle from high ping issue and you cant do nothing about it. KFM can build a really long combo but have to use skills at high speed and you can't do that with 200ms ping. So even if you have perfect reaction, your connection won't allow you to use them at right time. As for skills I think you need to start with Martial Dance and forget about TAB Domination, Block and V stun because they way too long to cast and other classes have plenty of time to counter them. If you want to counter-attack enemy combo learn to use TAB Area Attack.
  14. It's saying that it can be bout from NPC (水月平原丰登谷工会NPC,用水月英雄之证兑换。) I search the at all the traders and still cant find it. :joss_stick: Yeah... this event You actually can buy it from NPC for 100 daily stones but it's not done yet.