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  1. Really love the music in this supposed ice dungeon ~

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    2. Ryochan


      Kind of sucks people usually have their music off, or other tracks over the game. If a game has good music, I put the music above all other sounds lol.

    3. Fishcake


      Oh it is? I would love to listen to it in it's entirety. D: And yeah most streams I find of BnS have music put over everything :/

    4. Ryochan


      That full theme will be in Episode 6 of my mini series =).

  2. I...I am amazed. XD Also lol @ your siggy...o_o
  3. I really like the look of the male & female versions. :D Outfit closeups But I will be getting that hair for my female char, it looks especially adorable on Lyns. c:
  4. Adulthood vs Childhood

  5. A whole new donte~ Beautiful.

  6. I'd probably get these weps purely for looks. I love stage 2 & 3 the most :embarrassed:
  7. What's with all these harlem shake videos aahhhh

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    2. Napsys


      until someone drops that ultimate ONE!

    3. Pucky-Chan :3

      Pucky-Chan :3 it's an online serial in romania , they just did a harlem shake video with all the characters till now
    4. Button


      Best one so far is Ksi or Slenderman.

  8. This game and Ao Oni are 2 "seemingly" low quality games that I will never ever touch again :amazed:
  9. I found one sort of like these a while back: Why do the majority seem to be lyns? :amazed:
  10. Thanks, to the both of you :joss_stick:
  11. Any chance you know of any videos showing these new emotes? o:
  12. Evil because their outfits ingame generally look better to me.
  13. I've been searching around, and I couldn't find any exact info so I'm here to ask incase there may be other MH fans here. What I'd like to know is wether there are multiplayer-only monsters in the upcoming US release of MH3 Ultimate for the 3ds. (WiiU online multiplayer isn't an option for me) And which if any, they are. I remember in Tri, there were certain monsters you could only encounter while online, and I'm worried since not many of my friends even own a 3ds, nor show any interest in Monster Hunter. >_<
  14. I don't think I even have the budget for future consoles :[ I'm having trouble as is getting a new computer..
  15. What a waste of money. Im facepalming hard :I There's just too many unstable people here in the US, and its just too easy for those people among others to obtain some really heavy & unnecessary artillery. Games have nothing to do with it..