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  1. Dat maintenance preventing you from playing
  2. For those that actually play and know what they're talking about: I agree that LBM is OP and needs a nerf. Example to make randoms stfu: There are level 15 LBMs running around with >1500 elo. /thread
  3. Unfortunately you can't :/ I found it annoying since I mispriced a couple of rare boxes and lost out on like 30g when I was in the low levels still. I was told this was intentional to protect the economy, the explanation made sense but I forget what Jerry said exactly xD
  4. That's what I thought.
  5. The Dojo guild is on 천양무궁, and yes it is active with people playing daily.
  6. pay for convenience.
  7. So replacing ATB with KH's battle system, nice 1 let's hope they get back to working on KH3 soon.
  8. Since everyone seems to care about elo, how is everyone's rating doing since it's been reset and most of the bots are gone?
  9. This is a spam bot for sure.
  10. Typical BS from NcSoft-West, hiring a band and encouraging rowdiness at a gaming convention, derp. I'm sure we'll hear something in 3-4 months from their localization team, since it takes them that long to make announcements on their website and such. Case in point: Their website has been dead since last December.
  11. Sadly it seems with each patch there is a bot purge, plus the pvp system was reset lately too. What's worse than a destroyer bot? Actual Koreans.
  12. last week has been busy for most people, myself especially. I won't have much time to do anything till this coming weekend. The rest are european for the most part, so midday EST/PST are the best times to find people on.
  13. Because one of the allures to the game was how gear didn't make you stupidly OP unless you had a legendary weapon(maybe 1 in 1,000 players). Unless you're heavily undergeared PvP is generally okay as long as you know how to play your class well, with the intro. of gear upgrading everyone's stats will rise even higher. The only benefit will be that certain lengthy dungeons will be faster to do/farm, so less of a time sink to make progress.
  14. Summoner is nice because of the chi mist and the dandelion iframe, this is the game's only aoe o-shit skill for the party. I also do like the DoT stack summoner brings as well because when everyone else has to back off/iframe, they keep going so the bosses hp doesn't really regen, sustained dps.
  15. I used to play with Selene back in the day, I'll grab him when he's on. Also, wtb more NA players please, right now there's 95% europeans in the Dojo guild, i can't get ahold of people unless i forego sleep v_v