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      Hello Blade & Soul fans, Welcome to the official Blade & Soul Dojo FAQ! This thread contains commonly asked questions about Blade & Soul's Western versions. Have a question? Check to see if it's posted here or use our forums search feature before creating a new thread. This thread will be updated at all times by any of the Dojo staff members. For additional information on Blade & Soul visit our wiki, or check out the official Blade & Soul West website. Table of Contents <a href="#1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> <a href="#3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> <a href="#4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> <a href="#5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> <a href="#6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> <a href="#7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> <a href="#8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> <a href="#9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> <a href="#10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> <a href="#11">What are the playable races?</a> <a href="#12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> <a href="#13">What are the playable classes?</a> <a href="#14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> <a href="#15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> <a href="#16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> <a href="#17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> <a href="#18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> <a href="#20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> <a href="#21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> <a href="#22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> <a name="1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Korean game development studio, Team Bloodlust and is published by NCSOFT. <a name="2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> You can find the official Blade & Soul West site here. <a name="3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> The North American and European versions are currently set to be released on January 19th, 2016. Head Start for founder's pack owners will begin at 10:00am PST on January 15th, 2016, and name reservations for Disciple and Master pack owners will begin on January 11th, 2016. The game has already been officially released in the following regions: Korea: June 30, 2012
      China: November 28, 2013
      Japan: May 20, 2014
      Taiwan: November 20, 2014
      <a name="4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> Yes. CBT 1: Oct 29, 10am PDT - Nov 2, 10pm PDT [NA server only]* CBT 2: Nov 13, 10am PDT - Nov 16, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 3: Nov 24, 10am PDT - Nov 30, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 4: Dec 11, 10am PDT - Dec 14, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** CBT 5: Dec 18, 10am PDT - Dec 21, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** *NA servers will only support English. **EU servers will support English, French, and German; except on CBTs 1, 2, & 3. <a name="5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> Blade & Soul has been announced as a F2P (free-to-play) title for the West and will have no content limitations. They have also stated that the game will not be "pay-to-win". <a name="6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> No. <a name="7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> Blade & Soul's Western servers will be housed in the following location: North America: Dallas, Texas US
      Europe: Frankfurt, Germany.
      <a name="8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> There are currently no plans to support Oceanic/SEA servers. However, NCSOFT has stated that if the community shows enough interest they will reconsider. A petition has been created for NCSOFT to reconsider. <a name="9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> No. Transferring accounts is not possible, but transferring the physical appearance of your character from other versions is possible through the profile screenshot function in Character Creation. <a name="10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> There are currently no plans for region blocking. <a name="11">What are the playable races?</a> Jin, Gon, Yun, Lyn. Click here for more information. <a name="12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> In North America, the word "Kun" closely resembles a derogatory racial slur. <a name="13">What are the playable classes?</a> There are currently six confirmed playable classes for the Western versions. The "Warlock" class can be found in the KR, CN, JP and TW clients but have yet to be confirmed for the North American and European release.
      Blade Dancer
      Blade Master
      Force Master
      Kung-Fu Master
      <a name="14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> Yes. The playable races in Blade & Soul are indeed restricted to a select few classes. Below you'll find what you can play each race as. Jin: Assassin, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master
      Gon: Destroyer, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      Lyn: Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner
      Yun: Blade Master, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      <a name="15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> The initial level cap on release will be 45. <a name="16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> No. <a name="17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> Blade & Soul will be released for Windows PC. <a name="18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> Below are the PC specs taken from Blade & Soul's Korean client. [Minimum Spec] CPU : Intel Dual core/AMD Athlon 64X2 or better RAM : 2G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8600GT/AMD Radeon HD4600 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (32bit / 64bit) DirectX : 9.0c [Recommended] CPU : Intel Quad core/AMD Phenom II X4 or better RAM : 4G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8800GTX / AMD Radeon HD4850 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (64bit) DirectX : 9.0c <a name="19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> You can view all past broadcasts here. <a name="20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> Yes, you can view their packages here. <a name="21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> This has not yet been confirmed. <a name="22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> Yes. Updated: December 25th, 2015


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  1. are you polish?

  2. I'd say that photoshop for most EVERYTHING which doesn't have to be with 3D of course. Photomanipulations, colouring, drawing, retouching,etc. But, for lineart and painting I really prefer SAI Easy paint Tool, it's free and a very useful tool, it works quickly and has no problems. And the most important thing, I've found that the drawing tool to reduce the movement and the blending tool are so good and even better than photoshop on painting anime, manga, etc. But it's a pretty simple program though. So, what I do is, use SAI for normal drawings and edit and add final touches with PS. I use PS for everything else. I've tried Manga Studio and Gimp and well, Gimp was simply a mess for me, I hated it till the moment I opened that messy thingie xD I guess that I'm too used to photoshop but I have to say that it's a pretty useful tool and the most important thing, works in Linux! And about Manga Studio... well, it works amazingly well with big sizes and resolutions but unless you're look for HUGE linearts and when I say HUGE I really mean big as hell xDit isn't worthy I've found, sooner or later you'll need photoshop for something and then it'll explode with that holly canvas xD And if you don't need that big resolution, then you can find the same tools and effects and even more in PS. Oh and graphics tablet *-*
  3. Haihai guyssssss!!! I know it loooked like I was dead... k I WAS O.o no I wasn't I was just with a lot of work :) Aaaaaaaand because I don't upload here all the signatures, because I'd get crazy if I have to upload them to my blog, to deviantart, to the other forum.......... I just post the big works here :D I like this one a lot because everything was done by me :D Photograph by me Photomanipulation by me Tools: Photoshop CS5 Fujifilm camera 10.2 10.2 Megapíxels 3x f=5·7-17.1mm 1:2.9-5.2 (Super cool camera right? xDDD) Presentation: Wallpaper (it needs a little bit of time ^^) FOR USING!!! Download the Attachment .zip, it contains a Readme (of course), two different standard sizes -> 2560x1440 & 1400x900 and both at 90% and 100% quality ^^ And if you need a special size, because when using it, it gets very deformed, note me, or send me a pm and I'll try to fix it ^^ I hope you like it and you want to use it!!!!! Pink Blossom Wallpaper.zip
  4. Aww thank youu ^^ Ahahahahaha I'm afraid those proportions weren't meant to be SMEXY T.T they were just product of doing half of the drawing during class, and the other part at home yeah school ruins everything ¬¬ xDDD Can you believe when I showed it some people said after a few minutes... hmm yeah it's pretty cool but... I need some.. you know... some some some... boobs? xD why?? u boys, can't u look at her eyes/hair/everythingthat'snotsexual ? xDD
  5. Oh thank you :P I was on holidays but I'm already BAAACKKK! :P I have two new photomanipulations to show :P I hope you like them, the first one is a fake movie :P ___________________________ Weellll I had this a bit lost hahaha New signatures: New wallpapers: Autumn Wallpaper: Halloween Wallpaper: Blade & Soul Wallpaper :P :
  6. here it is! I did it in english but I remind you I'm spanish ahaha so it's sure there are mistakes :P If someone is spanish or from south america, I'm going to make spanish subtitles but you'll have to wait :P 18/07 I add a new one, this one is dedicated to my sister, I miss her a lot!! ♥ I hope you liked it aaaaaaaaand a new one xD This was for a guy in my forum, he said me the size and I did this signature ^^ I hope you like it :P It took a lot of work in illumination... And a new one... A request of a friend:
  7. Thank you ^^ I did a video recording the lighting work in the last photomanipulation. I'm going to upload it in a few hours to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Luunnariiss?feature=mhee it's a tutorial, it'll show you how to make the light rays effect and to create the basic tones and illumintaion to start a photomanipulation ^^ I think it''d be pretty helpful for people who think their photomanipulations doesn't look real or people starting doing photomanipulations. There's nothing difficult. The only things I use are basical and light brushes, and gaussian/ movement blur.
  8. Well, my first steps in the digital world weren't drawings or pictures or pixel art nahh, my first creations were signatures! :P If I remember well... I started with photoshop around... two years ago, first I started doing signatures, my brother taught me a little and then let me learn alone hahaha. But I left it and one year later I discovered deviantart, I saw avatar, I did a drawing, a joined deviantart and the party started!!! Just kidding :P but then I understood I ned a graphics tablet and a digital painting programme. My first one was SAI Easy Paint Tool, as the name says, it's easy, but the layer model remind me photoshop and half year later... I finally understood photoshop was better :DD and I started painting there. as you know, I don't paint too much xD So I started again in signatures, doing my first wallpapers and photomanipulations. And ta daaaaaaaaaaaa 10 months later I've seen all photoshop signature/painting/ photomanipulation/ basics/smudge....etc.etc. tutorials in youtube xD Here there are my recent works in photoshop, I have a looooooooooot of signatures but I?m posting the best ones that are the new ones: SIGNATURES: WALLPAPERS: (if u want to use it -> http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/099/d/f/fantasy_wallpaper_by_neywa-d3dlevp.jpg and download the full image, you also can fav it if you have a deviantart account) Autumn Wallpaper: Halloween Wallpaper: Blade & Soul Wallpaper :P : (if u want to use it -> http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/116/b/9/galen_hooks_wallpaper_by_neywa-d3eykji.jpg and download the full image, you also can fav it if you have a deviantart account) PHOTOMANIPULATIONS: Using stocks my first one (yes it's a little bad xD ) Inspired in a cartoon city: The second one, Again using stocks over a photography. (it's the second but it's limitless better, I had experience making artificial illumination and shading.... hahaha it's simply much better by far xD I LOVE this one) My work( bassed in a little poem I did in english! haha yeah my first my language is spanish :P : "Tick tack, another tear, tick,tack, death is not a fear. Tick,tack, the clock has broken; silence, my time is over..." Original photography: I worked on this around 6 hours...I worked on details at more than 500 zoom, overall in shading :P The illumination took around the half of the time of work :P I hope you liked it ^^
  9. Must learn to draw lyns xD

    1. twichty


      :D good then u wont have to worry about genders , they all look the same - korean blade and soul fourm

    2. Hikari


      hahha yess!!! But the only thing similar to them are chibis, and I've also never drawn chibis xDD

  10. It goes slowly ahahahaha, you can't see it because it's a screenshoot but the hair takes me forever, I use more than 7 different tones for the shadows and the shines :P And I don't do lineart, I paint and define the lines I think must have a hard edge. It's almost the first time I paint this way so I'm still working slow hahaha, also I've not painted around 4 months ago haha and as always I'm sloooooooow painting ahaha :P But I hope I'll finish it, it's very usual that I never finish the works but I think I also can't wait to see this colored :P I?ll post the progress but I'll continue making drawings :P
  11. Thank you ^^ Hmm I working on it right now! :P Yes :( I had to make a more detailed outfit but I was concentrated to do a correct pose :P hahaha and for the clothes... I just remember the marvel comics all superheroines wear bathing suit ahahahahaha :P Yessssss!! I'll draw Lyns, but first I must take a look to the proportions and overall to the face :P I've never drown them :P It's the Ying Yank symbol, I forgot the number code to write it, but is the same as writing all the others ♥ ♪ ♫• ↨→↓↑← ... Well this is the next one, it's the original pencil work that I'm painting now ^^ :P This was really inspired in Blade and Soul, I imagined a history based in one of these amazing landscape pictures of concept art :P The image was an oriental village in flames and I imagined this girl killing all the villagers and destroying the place in a crazy moment, and then she's very repentant. I hope you like it and make you feel as I feel when I drew it and when I look at it :P I don't like the legs but I'm not very used to erase hahaha I love perfection but, I'm far to be proffessional so I admite mistakes ahahaha. No Ne "の値" means: COURAGE The word in the side "執念深い": VINDICTIVE
  12. Hm I've read the FAQ but I have a question. There will be a pay model but I guess it will be when the game isn't in beta. I'm new in this issues of open betas and all those things -.-' but I think all betas are free aren't they? And you'll have to pay to play after the beta, am I right?
  13. hahaha, i'm still not too sure if I'm going to be Lyn, I love kuuuun T.T Can't choose between them, the kun is the kind of girl I always draw! and is very cute but Lyns... omg lyns are like me xD imposible to choose, i'll have both them hahaha xD
  14. I went on holidays couldn't answer O.O" Yes always looking for shiny things :P Yes lyns will dominate the world, you won't be able to skip on the ground, everything full of lyns lyns and lyns! Yes now I can't sleep beucase after sawing the forum artist gallery, the game gallery I just can't stop drawing drawing and draaaawiiiiiinnnngg!! Yes! I also love Hikari, is the translation of my real name ^^ And yes everything ahaha thank you all for the answers, I still feel new here, after the foru days maintenance, and then my 15 days holidays... I only stayed in this forum for one day ! :P Visit my drawing gallery, I'm posting new drawings right now ^^
  15. Hahhaa wow thank you!! :P Hm I'm not sure, I don't know Japanese, I use the google translate hahaha if you're sure I'll change it thank you! :) Well I'm back from my holidays and I've got three new drawings! :P Hmm well I was on holidays so I didn't work too much :P but every drawing takes me around 2 days if I'm inspired ahahaha, a full detailed work takes work... the first day thinking and sketching the pose, the face, hair, style, proportions, and the half of the first and the entire second to finish it with full details, shadows in pencil and shadows with lines :P Thanks for comment :P Hahaha, i wish I could say to you if I look as good as I draw :S Maybe, it depends of the day I think ahahaha :P Well here's the first drawing I did on holidays :P errrm does anyone know how to resize the images?? Because they're too big fotr the page :S Chinmi means "daintness" And the words in the right side mean "elegance" I hope you like it ^^