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      [Read Before Posting] Blade & Soul General FAQ

      Hello Blade & Soul fans, Welcome to the official Blade & Soul Dojo FAQ! This thread contains commonly asked questions about Blade & Soul's Western versions. Have a question? Check to see if it's posted here or use our forums search feature before creating a new thread. This thread will be updated at all times by any of the Dojo staff members. For additional information on Blade & Soul visit our wiki, or check out the official Blade & Soul West website. Table of Contents <a href="#1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> <a href="#3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> <a href="#4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> <a href="#5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> <a href="#6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> <a href="#7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> <a href="#8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> <a href="#9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> <a href="#10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> <a href="#11">What are the playable races?</a> <a href="#12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> <a href="#13">What are the playable classes?</a> <a href="#14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> <a href="#15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> <a href="#16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> <a href="#17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> <a href="#18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> <a href="#20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> <a href="#21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> <a href="#22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> <a name="1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Korean game development studio, Team Bloodlust and is published by NCSOFT. <a name="2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> You can find the official Blade & Soul West site here. <a name="3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> The North American and European versions are currently set to be released on January 19th, 2016. Head Start for founder's pack owners will begin at 10:00am PST on January 15th, 2016, and name reservations for Disciple and Master pack owners will begin on January 11th, 2016. The game has already been officially released in the following regions: Korea: June 30, 2012
      China: November 28, 2013
      Japan: May 20, 2014
      Taiwan: November 20, 2014
      <a name="4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> Yes. CBT 1: Oct 29, 10am PDT - Nov 2, 10pm PDT [NA server only]* CBT 2: Nov 13, 10am PDT - Nov 16, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 3: Nov 24, 10am PDT - Nov 30, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 4: Dec 11, 10am PDT - Dec 14, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** CBT 5: Dec 18, 10am PDT - Dec 21, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** *NA servers will only support English. **EU servers will support English, French, and German; except on CBTs 1, 2, & 3. <a name="5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> Blade & Soul has been announced as a F2P (free-to-play) title for the West and will have no content limitations. They have also stated that the game will not be "pay-to-win". <a name="6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> No. <a name="7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> Blade & Soul's Western servers will be housed in the following location: North America: Dallas, Texas US
      Europe: Frankfurt, Germany.
      <a name="8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> There are currently no plans to support Oceanic/SEA servers. However, NCSOFT has stated that if the community shows enough interest they will reconsider. A petition has been created for NCSOFT to reconsider. <a name="9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> No. Transferring accounts is not possible, but transferring the physical appearance of your character from other versions is possible through the profile screenshot function in Character Creation. <a name="10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> There are currently no plans for region blocking. <a name="11">What are the playable races?</a> Jin, Gon, Yun, Lyn. Click here for more information. <a name="12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> In North America, the word "Kun" closely resembles a derogatory racial slur. <a name="13">What are the playable classes?</a> There are currently six confirmed playable classes for the Western versions. The "Warlock" class can be found in the KR, CN, JP and TW clients but have yet to be confirmed for the North American and European release.
      Blade Dancer
      Blade Master
      Force Master
      Kung-Fu Master
      <a name="14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> Yes. The playable races in Blade & Soul are indeed restricted to a select few classes. Below you'll find what you can play each race as. Jin: Assassin, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master
      Gon: Destroyer, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      Lyn: Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner
      Yun: Blade Master, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      <a name="15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> The initial level cap on release will be 45. <a name="16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> No. <a name="17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> Blade & Soul will be released for Windows PC. <a name="18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> Below are the PC specs taken from Blade & Soul's Korean client. [Minimum Spec] CPU : Intel Dual core/AMD Athlon 64X2 or better RAM : 2G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8600GT/AMD Radeon HD4600 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (32bit / 64bit) DirectX : 9.0c [Recommended] CPU : Intel Quad core/AMD Phenom II X4 or better RAM : 4G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8800GTX / AMD Radeon HD4850 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (64bit) DirectX : 9.0c <a name="19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> You can view all past broadcasts here. <a name="20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> Yes, you can view their packages here. <a name="21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> This has not yet been confirmed. <a name="22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> Yes. Updated: December 25th, 2015


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  1. In the states, there's a best buy near buy where I live.
  2. Ok I currently have a EVGA GTX 560TI with 1 gig ram and I am looking for an upgrade for generally under $200. My power unit supplies 500 watts. What would be a decent upgrade for under $200. Though FYI the the box I have has about 9 to 10 inches of space available to fit the card in (back to front)
  3. Last I saw it was said that there won't be any official support of alternate voice packs from other regions.
  4. I'm hoping that Bungie hasn't ruled out Destiny for the PC.
  5. I surprised no one has started an "Other Games" topic about Bungie's next game. Looks promising and has some artistic influences from Halo and star wars, looks interesting none the less I just hope you can play from 3rd or a 1st person perspective like how FireFall lets you switch between the two views. http://www.destinythegame.com/ Destiny the Game you tube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/destinygame/videos?view=0 Reveal trailer PlayStation 4 Destiny Trailer
  6. Ahh I think that's one of the sources as to why its called a glave, also on one battle ground with vehicles there is a vehicle called a Glave Thrower which shoots very large versions of that. Not to mention the Gunner vs blademaster cutsene from that town/bar in the desert area. The same JinF gunner also appears elsewhere but I can't for the life of me find the video where I saw it.
  7. A Glaive can some times be a name for a hand held blade that is essentially a large ninja throwing star. I have not idea how the name got associated with those specific types of throwing weapons. Oh and I'm still waiting on a announcement for a Gunslinger class *crosses fingers* other wise i'll be playing KFM.
  8. Warframe is currently in Closed beta. Its a Free to Play Sci-Fi third person shooter, I really like the aesthetics of the game atm and the game play is pretty good and liking it a lot. Offical site - https://warframe.com/ Warframe youtube channel - http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=watch
  9. A benchmark test like Lost planet 2 and PSO2 had or the imitation station like Saints row 3 had would be cool. before the game launched Sega released a character creator bench mark for Phantasy Star Online 2, it had all the default options for character creation and a benchmark test to see how well your PC would do at different settings depending on the settings you chose.
  10. Just say this youtube video of a guy who was invited to try the Elder Scrolls Online Alpha and I was liking the things I heard about the combat system. So I though I would share it here.
  11. Personally I'm really hoping for a Gunner class to be added. We have seen plenty of evidence to support a Gunner class, but so far no reveal yet. So far there is a story NPC that represents each class and a Gunner is the last to have an npc to represent it but no playable class. So far class balance we have... Melee - 5 BM KFM Destroyer Assasin LBM (they may use magic but they deal their damage at Melee range using a sword) Ranged - 2 FM Summoner If a Gunner class is added that will bring ranged classes to 3 and fill the gap of a physical ranged damage dealing class that BnS lacks.
  12. Pretty much this ^, He is on a team so they most likely have a couple of other artists working on the team as well to provide illustrations and the such for development.
  13. You do realize that with what is in the game already BnS has blown past the line and left it in the dust where matrix bullet dodging and pulling Neo matrix moves with stopping bullets mid air and deflecting and Cutting bullets in half with a blade would fit perfectly well in the BnS universe. At the same time a playable Gunner class pulling some Matrix, Equilibrium, and Wanted Gun-slinging moves would fit right in the BnS universe as well using some of the in game gun models that we have seen. To me the in game cut scene show's that gunners do fit in the BnS universe and even near the end of the tutorial you see lines of Rifle men on the beach during the pirate attack, of which their guns do not perform as their look dictate. They act in a Leaver action style firearm when they should perform more like a muzzle loaded or even a stretch a breach action or bolt action, but no npc's on the beach are cycling them like a action hero would cycle a leaver action fire arm. like Arnold Swartsinager in the 2nd terminator movie. Also if your referencing the Last Samurai of how it would feel then Force masters and summoners should feel really out of place because if you got hit by a force master fire ball you'ed get incinerated or at the very least burn to death on the spot not to mention the darth vader force choke. With Summoners essentially using the physical form of a cat spirit as a weapon, Drain the life out of you and summon plant roots at your feet to prevent you from moving. Assassins would ruin the immersion experience of the players because they can turn invisible in broad day light in the middle of an open field. Though you seem to be able to let your suspension of disbelief cover the actions and abilities of Force Masters, Summoners and Assassins, but not a Gunner class despite there already being a Story NPC featured as a Gunner type character performing Gun-slinging like actions from the movies that I previously listed. I assume you've seen both of these videos. The gunner npc vs a blade master npc The '09 ( <- i think, posible 2010 ) BnS class display vido of Destroyer vs a Gunner ( this is the source of the speculation because it looks like 2 player controlled characters in development testing )
  14. I highly disagree with this blanket statement, also let me find a post said in another Eng dub. thread... Here it is I will say this is the truly best case against having it dubbed in English. However, to finally point to the elephant in the room, as it were, we have to remind ourselves that this is a product. That means it must be made for the sake of making as much money as it can. As an MMO being brought to the West (for the rest of this point I shall be referencing America exclusively) it has to try to cater to as many Americans as possible. This may lead to some design choices that may make those who have been interested and following this game from the beginning roll their eyes or even become upset. It must be remembered that they want to make money and in order to get the most players they need to make sure people will not be turned off by issues such as the language choice. I won't speak for anybody else, but from my own experience, most people I know hate playing a game or watching anything with a foreign language where they have to read subtitles. Most of my friends can't stand the Japanese voices they hear when I watch subbed anime, and I'm quite sure the same would be felt if I watched House of Flying Daggers in Mandarin or Brotherhood of the Wolf in French. It is just how people are. It is easier to pay attention to the important things when you don't have to spend time reading just to know what is being said. Also this gives jobs to Americans. If they do an in-house language track, this would mean they would have to hire directors, writers, translators, engineers and of course the actors themselves as well as any miscellaneous jobs that I am sadly ignorant of and was not able to list. Long story short, having jobs for Americans is a good thing. Bolded the last few lines to raise a point that translating and dubbing gives employment to the people of the respective countries that the game is being translated into, and this one Why? Because having the voices from another region in the game costs a lot of money due to licensing. That's one big reason why each country has their own language tranlated for different things. Of course english dub isn't always far worse than an original. Just look at Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. They all sound better than the original. All in all, it is INDEED a difficult task, to duplicate even 90%+ of the feel of an original. Those two quotes essentially say what I could have said in a different way. Though in the end it is entirely up to personal preference and opinion on what could be considered a good and bad Dub.
  15. i'll probably be getting the digital edition.