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  1. Lol, got Beta invite for this weekend's test... And I'm moving to a new flat, so I prolly won't have any time to test it... Oh, the irony.
  2. Been waiting almost 5 years... Hype is gone for me. Not even slightly excited about the release. Not even sure if I'll play it anymore. We'll see.
  3. Watched it live @ Twitch and I have to say I was very impressed. Not a fan of free to play games, too many idiots, kids with multiple accounts, no to mention power selling cash shops. Still, something to look forward to, considering the fact that we most likely won't see B&S in EU/US until late 2014, maybe even beginning of 2015.
  4. Damn it. I'm about to delete my account here and stop visiting this site... Reason being, the more I know about B&S the less likely I'm going to play it. It seems like this is another game that doesn't have any end game whatsoever, there's no meaning to having a clan, no point in making pvp. There are easy dungeons and there's just not a lot to do in general once you hit max lvl. Which means that you'll get bored in 2-3 months and start looking for another MMO. Same story as with S.W.T.O.R, TERA Online or GW2, just to name few of them. I really miss a game like Lineage 2 - a grinder, with hard to achieve max level (and sub levels once you hit those), with open pvp, with no god damn factions (nothing pisses me off more than a guy that's annoying, but I can't kill him, cause he is on my side) or instances, but with battles for raid bosses. Stuff that makes me want to log in game and just play. It seems like all games now are doing exactly the same thing: 1. Follow amazing story quests up to max lvl (less than a week) 2. Run end game instances (month) 3. Do some battlegrounds (2 weeks) 4. hmm... Yeah, there's nothing left to do. 5. /quit Rinse and repeat. Sad. =/
  5. Thanks.
  6. I was quite hyped up for TERA Online... and we all know how big of a flop that one was... So, not really expecting a lot from B&S. Unless they'll introduce improved and meaningful PvP I won't be playing it. Unless there's something to fight for, like castles or raid boss spawns or guild vs guild wars, I won't get excited. Battlegrounds, arenas and other shenanigans are not something what I'm looking for in an MMO.
  7. Can you write something about end game pvp? Do you pvp for raid bosses? For fun? For honour? Are there clan versus clan fights (i.e. open world). Is there a point for pvp at all? That's what interests me the most - is there anything to fight for.
  8. Diablo III, servers are up in half an hour... Huh, I'll be unavailable to anyone for about a week... Yey!

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    2. Gintoki


      u gonna be streaming it? if so give link id watch you :D

    3. Tashigi


      No console version for D3 at the moment, but Blizzard has received a lot of demand for one so who knows.

    4. ArcAngelArtemis


      A week where the dojo is happier than normal due to your absence. Yey.

  9. This is 4th person, that is leaving this kind of stuff on my profile. First they add me to friends and then write those annoying letters, like I'm going to send them money. Maybe restrict sending PMs untill 10 post count or so?