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  1. Glad I won't be home for another 4.5 hours. I'll just let the stampede run through first. xD

    1. Muzet


      Exactly what I'm thinking :p

  2. Name reservations are for launch.
  3. I 100% agree with you. :smooth:
  4. I still think there's a lot going on (design wise) ... but my little Lyn looked cute. I'll post a photo later (if I remember to).
  5. I enjoyed myself immensely. I'm actually done playing for the weekend. I didn't have any crashes or anything that seemed like instability. There were some typos and things I saw in the quest text, but that seemed about all that I found as far as testing. I don't plan to play the Bladedancer at launch (at least not initially) so I made one for the alpha. I had a lot of fun with her. I look forward to playing again soon. :matrix: She rarely looked amused ... Except when Windwalking.
  6. I only made one character. She's a cutie. I'm having lots of fun with her. My little "test bladedancer". :embarrassed:
  7. Keeeeeeeeeeeey HYPE!

  8. Some people from Australia posted in this thread:
  9. I would totally use that feature. :embarrassed:
  10. Interesting ... If they keep it to just the one server, I'm sure this will feel more like an alpha than it did last weekend. Still, I'm cautiously excited. :smooth:
  11. Dat SILVER DRAGON one will probably be the first one I purchase. :dreaming:
  12. You should not assume that everyone will try to reach max level. That's for each individual to decide. Everyone tests different things and tests things differently.
  13. I don't plan to reach max level.
  14. Preparing what? I have a computer. I'm prepared. But truthfully, I haven't really thought about it. There's still more than a month until the first CBT. When it's October 29th, ask me again.