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    1. Ghastly


      It was the reasonable solution because NCsoft loves that Cash Shop.

  1. Hi guys. i will introduce the news of NCJAPAN :) NCJAPAN opened the countdown page of the mystery to the public to integrated portal site "NCSOFT" on February 18 today. 【2015.3.1正式発表】NCSOFTは、あっ!と驚くサービス提供に向けてチャレンジしています http://event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/nc/challenge Media Source: http://www.4gamer.net/games/001/G000189/20150218095/ In the countdown page, the egg of the mystery appears. It is said, "Peep at the futurity", and something new service seems to appear. the countdown timer is set to become March 1, 2015, and notifies "Something" to be announced formally literally. It is expected that the project related from publishing the title of "Linage", "Linage 2", "The Tower of AION", "Blade&Soul" that NCSOFT manages to the this company service is open to the public. Latest, Blade&Soul Japan large-scale update title "天舞(Tenbu)" is scheduled to be mounted on March 1, 2015. it's same day! Moreover, the promo word of "WTF! Why did it turn out like this?" used in the banner image. It might be an announcement concerning "Free to play" and "Business model" or Other Service? Details are announced on March 1. maybe something might arise. Let's wait paying attention!!! thanks.
  2. Blade & Soul Japan(NCJ) discloses result of the user questionnaire. They are doing while carefully examining the price revision. NCJ seriously catches the questionnaire survey result. It seems to be examining the review of the price about "Price" that Japan user feels that it is a load most now. There seems to be an announcement later about concrete content. Let's wait paying attention. http://www.ncsoft.jp/bns/news/notice/view?bbsNo=5401&articleNo=220

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    2. Ayame


      It's been ¥3,000 JPY ($25.5 USD), since launch.

    3. Ghastly


      That's way too much...

    4. PomfPomf


      I would pay 60$ for the game and pay 10-15$ monthly if it were in NA.

  3. Blade & Soul KR New Class Warlock Character Selection HD 60fps Let's enjoy warlock! :v

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    2. Ryochan


      Have they ever improved the story/quests for factions?

    3. Mushi


      Why do you always end up missing tell something happens? STAY WITH US FOREVER

    4. Shinaji


      Warlock movements are very Kpop-ish. They seem like they are about to sing and dance half the time. Lol Wonder if the animators drew inspiration from that.

  4. Blade & Soul New Job Class "Warlock" animation set HD

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    2. Ghastly


      Cool class just wish it had another weapon. Thanks for sharing Daman!

    3. Malicast


      can't wait for the class to come out

    4. Ryochan


      That looks similar to the advancement class of the Blade Master I was going to put for a suggestion years ago. A path where the BM chooses to focus more on chi with their weapons.

  5. Blade & Soul CN New Bathing suit 2014 years version HD

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    2. Ayame


      Why couldn't they make the sarong separate, for female Gons -_-. It looks like a shower curtain.

    3. Yanero


      Hmmm think the female gon's suit looks the best doe, really fits gon. Kinda has the diva vibe to it. The females are creepingly thin doe x=

    4. Yuria


      China digs the anorexic look on women. xD

  6. yeah Of course, My activity place is not only here.

  7. Nothin just hi is all, you haven't been on here in months.

  8. Hi Mushi. What happened? You left me the comment several days ago.

  9. NNnnnn where did YOU go huh.

  10. B&S Japan p2p price 30$ per month lol. in game shop ss http://i.imgur.com/WXC2pDy.jpg

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    2. solidhope


      its more than 30 dollars if paying in USD..

    3. Shinaji


      Ah so this is the first P2P +Cash shop game over there?

    4. Tashigi
  11. Black Desert Playing! Black Desert Online CBT2 Underground ancient ruins explore

    1. Ghastly


      Not that impressed...

    2. Lawlcano


      I look at those statue things and all I can think is, mash-up of Mass Effect and TES, semi-alien dwarven automatons in BDO? :o And that dungeon doesn't really feel "alive" I think I'm spoiled, but, there really needs to be more going on here, it seems like kind of just a path from one spot to the next..

  12. NCJAPAN Blade & Soul Japan CBT 20,000 tester announcement!!! http://event2.ncsoft.jp/bnscbt/index http://www.ncsoft.jp/bns/

    1. Ayame


      Thanks for the heads up Daman, I've registered for the CBT.

      1 in 20,000 chance...

    2. Ghastly


      Thanks Daman, let's hope we're all selected.

    3. Daman


      nope! enjoy cbt!

  13. Risky Lee new guide movie. My name is used as a support lol

    1. Ayame


      I've come across this guy on the BnS and TIG forums.

      I see this guy has a BBW fetish, lol.

  14. his japanese very well. Korean user Japanese guide by Risky Lee https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOw3u0xRXJV-YcTlQFDJSVw/feed

    1. Dun1007


      I know him IRL. He works at game webzine that I worked for during summer haha

    2. Daman


      yea He had worked as a thisisgame.com writer before.