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  1. I am recruiting for the ROOT CLAN/GUILD on Blade & Soul! We are looking for any type of player, casual, hardcore. Those who are interested in doing the best at both PVP and PVE content! Preferably 40+ in level. We have a crafting ring in the set up. So contribution is nice too. This is start up for a multigaming guild. We currently have several waiting for Tree of savior. We have a Discord ready. Quite a few people on at a time, hopefully we can make it grow and become more active. Have everyone in the guild be a close nit of people regardless of size. If youre interested in joining Root or more information, apply on ----> It would be most appreciated so we can keep track of who are members are! You may also post here and chat. Discuss joining and such. PM me too. ------ Summary; Person joining is recommended to be... Level 40+ (If you talk to me, we can make an exception for lower levels) 16+ Years old or older Be in joining our Discord. Interested in doing a variety of content! People who are nice, kind, obviously. Any timezone is welcome. ----- Why are we called ROOT? Well its a word with a variety of meaning. And the guild was conceptualized a while ago, about 2-3 years ago? And it took root during the Tree of Savior international Betas. ROOT having a natural meaning, but it can also have a tech feel. Though its a strong part of a plant that holds it up and nourishes it. Its the beginning of something and a cause. I thought it sounded interesting for a group of gamers. People who want to be good, and have fun.
  2. Anyone know where to get it? The tool tip says the quest "Chapter 28: The Dying of the light" not sure what that means, or where that is?
  3. Hey guys, anyone know what that assassin skill is called? Where the assassin's body goes horizontal and they slide around the enemies neck?

    1. Zyrelia


      I believe it's called Cutthroat, and it's under the Shadow Kill skill tree

    2. Esuna


      Isn't that close shave ? Or something funny like that.

    3. Arec


      Yea its close shave

  4. Apparently BNS new update trailer from Gstar is showing another new class? Some kind of staff user?

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    2. D G P

      D G P

      It's not a new class it's just a Lyn Blade dancer with weapon skin

    3. Arec
    4. Been


      The kungfu/force master is the new class.

  5. Anyone know which CBT2 servers are NA?

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    2. Arec
    3. Neoyoshi


      To be more specific, the regions are now separated with their own boxes now, so there is no having to worry about finding out what the name of what regional server is, just use the Toggle option in the Launcher, and you'll be all set.

    4. Zazaaji


      The NA servers are Mushin, Iksanun, and Jiwan. Mushin is by far the most populated.

  6. Sill fantasizing Lyn Warlock //gargle

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    2. Manes


      But the serious/darkside was always with us Lyns...Always *makes grabby hands* Kuwabara~ Kuwabara~

    3. Arec



    4. Manes


      Thieves Den is still happening Arec. I hope you will still join us after waiting for the game to release.

  7. lyn warlock *fantasizes*

    1. Ghastly


      Yes! It's exactly what I wanted for Lyn. Now I can make a Lyn without feeling unsure if I want to.

    2. Chiroyo


      Is it live in kr already or when will that update hit kr server?

    3. Sintei


      it is on korean test server atm ^^

  8. Supposedly KR made it so lyns can be warlocks!!!

  9. Really enjoy art and digital art.. i do mostly figurative since i wanna go into game conceptual art. if you wanna follow me on instagram.. my IG is Oddbutadorkable I plan on drawing fanart/game characters people play in mmos for cash.
  10. Hear NA BnS is having a costum design contest. Im already on it~

    1. LoliStelleia


      Ya.. but you don't even know the rules yet lol

    2. Arec


      @LoliStelleia I come prepared for anthing, i can draw now and edit later.

  11. So, time to plan out what Im gunna main seeing how Lyn Blade Master and Warlock wont be availble. Probably make a Jin Assassin =P

  12. It looks like we are getting the censored clothing designs.

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    2. Aari


      We are not. Please check the FAQ in the general discussion that ghastly opened

    3. Manes


      No Lyn Blade Master or Warlock are planned for launch it seems. We will get them eventually.

    4. Arec
  13. People on other fansites can be so fuckin unfriendly.

    1. Manes


      Sometimes they can be a little too friendly.

    2. Ghastly


      The staff behind it matters a lot. If they let people treat each other badly those kinds of people dominate the community.

  14. pretty stoked for Tree of Savior...

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    2. Ryochan


      International CBT is supposed to come after KR CBT2 which starts soon.

    3. Lambadelta


      CBT2 for Korea starts this Month 21st-26th. I'm guessing International Beta around June

    4. Ghastly


      "It will happen sometime"

      Yeah I've heard that a lot before.

  15. Supposedly I have a friend whos friends are working on the NA Blade & Soul for NCsoft NA. Im so down yaknow?

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    2. Shinaji


      Wait what's this forum about again? Random games and chit chatter? I forget.

    3. Ryochan
    4. Arec