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  1. Thanks! We're still working on it as the we progress closer to the release of Blade & Soul. It's a good feeling to see members slowly moving over and signing up at least. Though I'm expecting the majority of members to join till at least the Close Beta start up. So as always. Sign up to the guild site and get ready! :embarrassed:
  2. Feeling a bit older today... *Half hearted birthday cheer*

    1. PandaLuvin


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You old fart! Hurra for deg som feirer ditt år.. I dont remember anymore of the norwegian birthday song :(

    2. Ghastly


      Happy birthday Manes! Never look down on a birthday you lyn! All the *thief cheer*

    3. Ruze


      Happy Birthday! Enjoy your new number to the fullest!

  3. This day...This day turned out to be a good day.

  4. I can't believe I'm saying this...But Splatoon has me interested in buying a Wii U...Somethings wrong, the planets are aligning for destruction as I type this...Save yourselves! Splat.

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    2. Riochuu


      You're a kid now. You're a squid now.

    3. Lulure


      Same here. I want a Wii U and Splatoon... but no monies... OTL

    4. Gintoki


      obviously its a COD ripoff. Kappa

  5. Wow...and Ouch.

    1. Ein.


      What happened, who hurt my little lyns? ◔̯◔

  6. So which team will you join? Team Old Red Dojo or Team New Blue Dojo!?

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    2. RacingRotary


      I like the new layout but was not expecting the stark white. #TeamTooEarlyForBrightBackgrounds

    3. SwL


      Don't wana be with Wulin Dojo ...

    4. Ghastly
  7. What's your favorite form of fighting? Hand to hand, magic, weapons, or something else?

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    2. Tashigi


      Oh and Chaos magic (Mesmer from GW2)

    3. Valo


      I'm always into hand to hand but I rarely play those type of characters because it's usually not an appealing moveset. I always find myself being the dagger/bow wielding ranger type.

    4. Hyan


      I love both hand to hand fighting and swordplay.

  8. Do you think that every class should be available to every race eventually in Blade and Soul?

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    2. Miru
    3. Been
    4. Ecaflip


      what, and become like every generic mmo out there? as long as they're not gender locked I don't care what race they're behind

  9. Welcome Fray, I'll add you to the list for our guild. Now wear that guild guild tag with pride you scoundrel :joss_stick: Welcome to Thieves Den.
  10. To be honest Bumble..Currently that's the least of my worries.
  11. Damn...Really not sure how I feel about this...Sad to say the least. :shakehead: Almost feels like three support beams being ripped from a decayed structure that lived a humble life amongst a humble scenery of a forgotten tropical island...Only to be found again by those that abandoned and salvaged for tinder. I grieve for all three...More so for Ghastly as he was a friend and helped much for the community here..Even during the darkened times. Things such as this have me questioning if even my excitement for this game should last beyond what little that's left of a once starry eyed website..That since 2009, wished for a game to be released and enjoyed by all... My ponders from now and from days of yore are yet to be answered of such thoughtful tidings. Farewell to you three...Though I suspect Ghastly will return...Perhaps this is what was meant to happen since the silence of years past...A crumbling of a website that had ambitions not fitting a game worth waiting for. :shakehead:
  12. Welcome to dad Dojo! :embarrassed: Please enjoy your stay and we're are always glad to see new recruits interested in the game. :joss_stick:
  13. My hardcore denial is truly, truly outrageous. :silly:
  14. Quite the incentive to get people to pvp for sure if that's the case.
  15. Guess I'll wear those titles with pride then. :embarrassed: Desperate to play Lyn Blademaster? Sure! It was a class I really enjoyed before and would like to play on NA/EU release. If anything the lack of it expanded my tastes to other classes so it's not all truly bad, Summoner comes to mind and I'm actually enjoying what time I put into it. In Denial about Lyn Blademaster? I was! But I'm sure I'll get over it. :embarrassed: