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  1. Finaly, time to be active here again then :big_smile:
  2. Glad to see ppl signing up for this :)
  3. I would be happy to team up with you :confident:
  4. Dragon's Prophet is a F2P game coming out this year, and its soon in Beta. The game, by the name you can probably guess, is about dragons. You train and fight alongside over 300 dragons. I have a referral link , you can go there and sign up, and read more about the game :) Note:this is the EU site for the US site click here.
  5. I just hope we get some new info soon, been to long since the last time we got some juicy news :P
  6. Welcome to the Dojo, hope you enjoy your stay here as you wait for BnS to be released in the EU :big_smile:
  7. I think Wildstar is gonna be a sweet game :) And that housing system just looks awesome :)
  8. Well, for now the game is only in Korea, in not to long it will lunch in China and after that, we will get it over here in the west ( I hope ). But after seeing livestreams of CBT3 i think this game will be awesome cus' of the combat system and all you can do in the game. I for one will be hooked :P If you want to play on the Korean servers you would need a KSSN ( Korean Social security Number) and that can be hard to get unless you have a Korean friend that is not planing on playing B&S. Hope this helped a little :)
  9. Welcome back :) the site is still as active as ever :)
  10. mount the monitors on the wall ??
  11. Greetings and Welcome to the Dojo :joss_stick:
  12. Welcome ^^
  13. hope they go for P2P, that way they can pay the team to make more content :)
  14. If nexon has something to do with BnS, we will never see it..
  15. I was Active on the livestream, but no dayli pm's. /forever alone O.o