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  1. Was it good? I'm attributing this lull in activity to the Steam Summer Sales going on lol. Guess That Anime!
  2. I have no clue but that anime looks like its all over the place. I can't decide if it's a goofy one, slice of life or action.
  3. Oh shit! Oh shit!!! Haha that was awesome. It does have that serious feeling to it. I like the intensity. I saw it's from the makers of Full Metal Alchemist so it ought to be good. Do you know when the release date is? Why don't you make it if you want it? I'm perfectly content with my thread.
  4. I didn't really think too much on her voice. I just was hoping for a more serious Anime that had lots of Magic-type fighting since Fairy Tail has become a let down. But this anime has already let me down in the 2nd episode with a filler about finding a cat's owner which is so freakin cliche. I'd definitely never hold your opinion against you. Partly why I created the thread for this game was for us to discuss the anime people posted.
  5. Alright I'll take the free turn and then I'm going to bed. On a side note... Just watched Ep 2 of Arcana Famiglia. Huge disappointment. In my eyes it was a filler episode, already, 2nd episode... so dumb. Anyways, GUESS THAT ANIME!
  6. Post more images when you can Smitty. No one's getting it yet.
  7. I'm very excited for it. A living MMORPG that I'm hoping is more like gaming/survival and less like "poor me and me life" --- .hack//sign
  8. I was innocently browsing google images when i just so happened to type in Large Anime Hammer.... lol
  9. Hahahaha... All of them
  10. Flashed the ladies
  11. Hmm. Why does Ungenf seem to be having such a hard time questing? Doesn't it show the locations of the highlighted quests on your map or display a directional arrow? I seem to remember a feature like that.
  12. Welcome to the most happening corner of the dojo right now! One of you two should take a guess then since you clearly know what it is. I haven't seen it. EDIT!! GeeHee.. Nevermind I just stumbled across it on Google. It is the Kyousougiga OVA! GUESS THAT ANIME!
  13. LOTUS BANNER FTW! Nice suggestion Exodus
  14. It was then
  15. I think a Lyn would be awesome as a KFM but I only want to make 1 race per class and I'll probably have to go with a Lyn FM unless they open up the option to play more races with this class.