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  1. Thanks
  2. I noticed in some gameplay videos that you cant really dodge..well sorta. I saw that you could move around and jump but that's all that I saw people using to dodge.
  3. I was watching a video just now and I saw that there are only like 7 active skills and like 52 utility skills ( precisely). What exactly do the utility skills do? Wont the game get repetitive with only 7 active skills!?
  4. Lmaooooo
  5. Can my PC run it on the highest settings. AMD Quad core 5700, 8GB Ram, AMD Radeon HD 7660. Those are my specs, can I run it? You don't have to reply to this, I don't know why It posted twice, sorry.
  6. Lol yea I realized
  7. Are the beta system requirements gonna be the same as the finished products requirements. My specs are AMD Quad core A10 5700 processor, 8GB ram, 2TB hard drive, AMD Radeon HD 7660
  8. Just wanted to know if I have windows 8 if I can play BnS
  9. Damage output wise?
  10. When I say that I mean if you feel like you are making progress in the game. Like lets say you are level 20 and then you level to 50, would you feel like you made progress, would you feel like you got stronger. In guild wars 2 that happened, people didn't feel like they advanced. What do you guys think?
  11. Sorry, I don't really know much about blade and soul yet. But on the website they said they would change the gameplay to better suit western gamers. Something like that...
  12. Will NCsoft change the gameplay?