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  1. Which button on the site is the login one? And why am I directed to a Nclauncher download , I have that on my comp i think
  2. Hello everyone ! My name is Victor and this is my first post. I watched B&S videos and really liked the game and wanted to play with everyone so I decided to download the game and join an english guild. The instalation went fine , atleast from what i understood of all that Korean text , however upon attempting to launch client.exe from program files the gameguard updater displayed a system error that ends in (3002) and I haven't managed to find a way to update my game . I still haven't got an account but i wanted to update the game for it to be ready , could it be that I cannot run it from my hard drive? Very much in need of advice , thanks! Oh , and don't mind the username , I was very tired when i made it :(.