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  1. still waiting anciously about the gunslinger girl artwork :D

  2. Thank you and yes miracles happened :embarrassed:
  3. Thank you!! :adore:
  4. Any criticism is great and thank you now that you mention it maybe your right XD Haha I think I know what I can do!!! I'll be able to do it either tonight or tomorrow.
  5. I'll just post my work on this topic... Anyhow I decided to work on renders sooo here's what I did so far.. I don't know what is this for... Signature or Avatar..?! It took me approx: 4-5 hours to make. And this is the original: I also had time to make another one and this one took me approx. the same time. And this is the original: Hope you enjoy!
  6. I never usually just take the background out myself but... Lemme try some renders :shame:
  7. Yeah I never really enjoyed Forums before but I really like this one :embarrassed: I will try to work on another one today or tomorrow.. I dont know that first signature barely took me an hour I want to see what I can come up with if I do it longer.
  8. I am glad you liked my introduction and I decided to show a sig I randomly made yesterday at the media center. Your totally right though an artist can only improve by showing his/her work and through criticism, thank you for reminding me that :3. Thank you though I really think I have put too much XD
  9. So Aery wanted to see what I do but I just recently got a new laptop and my work is not on this baby yet soooo I made my first Signature ever and... I don't really like it but enjoy :shame: By the way, this was just a random image that I found on Google.. Which was this one if someone was interested on knowing.. I will make another one as well so stay tuned..
  10. I saw that poll and voted :P

  11. becus of a bug I make double replies on some ones profile, you can delete the doubles. and meaningless stuff.

  12. got a bad habbit of staring polls, so take a look on a other one of mine:

  13. I Found out last year september, 3~4 months ago. And I'm still jumping up and down like a caffeine junky of anticipation. From every B&So youtube I see.

    Take a peek at my other topic: Are you ready for Blade and Soul Online?

  14. Your art looks amazing, keep up the great work! :dribble:
  15. Maybe one day :shame: