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  1. What dungeons are you trying to solo? Because many dungeons in this game are not meant to be solo'd. Most classes have any easier time of it because of the nature of their class (perma-stealth, blocks, familiar tanking for you), but for BD, it's more difficult because we are melee and have very low defense. For many of us, we have been playing BD on other regions so we know boss patterns and are already used to our play style so we can solo dungeons easier as BD. But for those starting off, try not to get too frustrated because if you're new to BD, you're going to make mistakes, and those mistakes are much less forgiving with BD.
  2. Oooh. I never use that tree so I never noticed, haha. Nice!
  3. I am looking on BnSTree, that is where I got the info o.o You're talking about our Z skill, right? Check it out there. I remember back when I first played Blade Dancer on JP server, we had that party resist for Z. I don't even think it was a HM skill, just normal. But if you look on BnSTree now, it's not there.
  4. Sorry to burst your bubble but that was removed for Blade Dancers some time ago. Blade Master has skill that protects from projectiles and another that can resist damage for party (alertnative tree for their block), but Blade Dancer doesn't have it. The party thing for Blade Dancers now removes snares / charge disable and increases movement speed and gives resist snare for 6 sec
  5. Dual strike first tier first stage doesn't have any of the properties you listed though... It doesn't resist damage until Tier 2, it's not an auto attack, and it doesn't glow blue either...
  6. When he says combos, he's probably talking about CCing bosses. You guys need to chill out a bit. Blade Dancer may not be highest DPS but they can still be pretty beast. Good players will be able to see their value in party play and good Blade Dancer will know what their role should be in various situations. Blade Dancer is not a pure DPS class. Yes, there are times for your burst DPS, and, despite what people think, we can pull aggro from other classes of equal gear and skill, but in those situations, we shouldn't have aggro long because you should always be looking for opportunities to CC or phantom grip so maximize your party's DPS. People get so caught up in "which class has the highest DPS", they forget that this is an MMORPG. You are playing with other players. Focus on what you can do to make your group run as smooth as possible and have fun playing a class that you love.
  7. Just wanted to point out, Blade Dancer's phantom grip actually does have focus gain for those attacking. What is different from Destroyer is that Destroyer has crit buff while Blade Dancer has defense reduce of the gripped enemy.
  8. Only thing I can think of is the far right tree for LMB that increase DEF by 100% (might have a glow effect for that, but i'm not sure since I don't use that tree), but that doesn't block attacks. That might be the player's natural block stat kicking in.
  9. I've heard people say that in KR, given players of equal skill and gear, BD has the lowest DPS. While this may be true, that doesn't mean BD is weak. Even if it has the lowest DPS, it's not a HUGE margin, certainly not something to leave a party over just getting one in your group. In groups, BD are very nice, even when you have destroyer for extra holds. If there's a destroyer and they actually know what they are doing (have chi regen and crit buff, and don't launch enemies at the end of their hold like idiots), I usually let the destroyer grab enemies and grab only when they can't. As others have mentioned, LMB+F anicancel spam in draw stance is extremely powerful and will easily steal aggro if your tank is no specced for threat. For solo play, you have a bit more of a challenge since BD defense is low so you really need to focus on the AI's attack patterns to avoid getting hit. In my opinion, BD is extremely fun to play and has a lot of diverse things to do in party play and solo play.
  10. Thanks.
  11. Isn't that Electric Surge that lets you generate spirits? I'm asking about this Shocking Slash...
  12. Electric Focus has two extra features when using "Shocking Slash". I looked through the tree and didn't see any skill by that name so I assume it's a name bug. So what skill is this ACTUALLY referring to? I'll submit a bug report once I know what it's supposed to be.
  13. Yes, it counts as knockdown.
  14. I've been trying to figure that out too. I thought it's supposed to drop from this guy but for some reason he's only dropping the white version. I wonder if its bugged?
  15. I haven't been able to check mine yet since I'm not at home to play, but when I set my AA with Nvidia, there was some options to override game settings. Not sure if that would help you, but it's worth looking checking that option to see if it works.