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  1. Dose anyone know if loli are still playing since they seem to be the only English guild listed for that server
  2. All games have bugs, All games have lags and all mmo's have bot's nothing will ever stop that, However seeing as how the game is out and doing ok in KR they should be able to use there data to eliminate any bugs.
  3. One Piece Fairy tail Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukuna 3x3 Eyes Bleach "without fillers, Up to aizen saga"
  4. Indeed hop back on the train after they release a date that's all you have to do really.
  5. Apparently people are missing mine so i'll go ahead and say the anime was guyver.
  6. Since I'n new here i'll pick it up with a quite easy one
  7. For me i can't quite remember if it was Fairyland or Ragnarok online.
  8. The lack of new's disturbs the balance of the force young master.

  9. Continue playing KR version until it comes out?
  10. A friend and i are looking for a guild on 이심전심 Server My Character: Yorube - LynBM - Blue - lvl 37 atm There Character: CrayCray - FM - Blue - lvl 37 atm