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  1. I'm not sure :( On one hand, the playstyle of the summoner really attracts me (I loved playing spiritmaster in aion - not that they're all that alike but still) BUT I've got 2 major concerns with it: I hate cats .____________________. My ego is too big to pick the "easiest" class to play without feeling guilty. IF LBM comes at launch, I'll definitly play that, even if it'll be the most played class - but if it's released later I'll not be arsed to re-roll (or wait to start playing until it comes..) Maybe I'll do FM... Decisions decisions :/
  2. Hiya, just started playing after more or less giving up on FFXIV (korea BnS combat is way faster & funnier than FFXIV's combat, even when I have 350+ ms in BnS ._.) Would be nice if there's some english speaking guild that's recruiting nublets! (L10 LBM as we speak, zomgz!) Edit: Server: νƒœμ‚°λΆλ‘ Name: Aluria
  3. Anyone know when the open beta will start / when the game will launch? Sorry if the answer is out there in a thousand places already ._.