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  1. Pick whichever you like more and play one till the others available
  2. I acutally dont really care if its b2p f2p or p2p because id be playing it no matter what .
  3. Whenever you accept the contact request ill add ^^ and if anyone else has trouble with it not allowing you in automatically just send me request instead #2275723761 And I want B2P just because i feel it would be less money spent over however many years i play also i might run into problems getting the money so ya :P (but to get back on topic) so how bout that chinese bns?
  4. I actually want it to be B2P instead of P2P might edit htis post with the reason later but im to tired to even think ;~;
  5. Where did you hear that ncsoft was giving it to PW ?
  6. Whats your qq number ill add you to contacts then add ya manually~
  7. No i don't think it is. Im not even worrying about it going into obt anytime this month
  8. Ahh sorry @_@ if anyone tried to join yet do it again i set it so it automatically allows in now xD
  9. Hah i ended up making the group anyway Group code is : 323251227 . If your not sure how join just let me know (directed towards anyone willing to go on)
  10. Yep it does ^^ Basically i was just going to me a bns china group on their and post the qq group code so everyone could join but idk if i should make or have a mod from here make it since i really don't want admin on it xD not that anyone would need to get banned most people that decide to download it to get help are people that are actually serious about playing and mishupaf (guy i keep talking about) said when it goes into open beta he will start helping with translating in game quests and all that stuff xD It also allows bulletins to be posted so we wouldn't have to tell people what server we use or the guild name stuff like that (Sorry if thats all jumbled up and hard to read im too lazy for periods n stuff )
  11. If you download qqinternational messanger and goto your profile it shows your email and qq number (only to you) on you page :P
  12. An example of codes the guy on qq makes for people 王回里 110101198805117*** 12**街 12**号 the "*'s" are so nobody tries to steal it o_O im not personally using it but i dont want anyone to get mad at me because they got banned from verifying because they tried to use that (its been used like 3 times already idk if its 3 times per game or not but still)
  13. By the time obt gets here it would be nice to solve everyone's errors with downloading and verifying ^^
  14. So the verification process is the same way to do it for cdnf. I will see if i can get the translator guy to help everyone get verified on here. Life may have just gotten a lot easier lol Hm don't really wanna spam the thread but i think people should download its a messenger system for qq imo its easier to take screenshots on it and everything so by the time open beta or just full release comes it would be easier to help people on that id be willing to make a group for everyone to join if most of us can decide to use it (Trying to help so much but feel like i'm failing lol)
  15. I'm not really sure if the verification process is the same but i play chinese dungeon and fighter since nexon is crap and the person who translates stuff for us set up a qq group and helps people verify and get into the game Basically he just gives everyone random information based on what their username is on qq and it verifies perfectly, just have been a few times where people have gotten immediately banned and had to do the info over again to get unbanned IDK just thought this might be useful