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  1. hi there can someone tell me how i can Chat with others? when i write something in the /s Chat nooneis awsnering me. if i try to wisper someone they ignor eme too and there is a blue Chat popping all time witch i cant use. i dont know how to write there. so i only see chinese talking and i cant comunikate with others. but i dont know if my Chat is maybe wrong or if they realy ignor eme :( ^^
  2. hi im sure i saw a thread about the weaphon stats and the Translation from them with some nice screenshots. i tried to find them again but with the new Forum Setting i dont see the Topic anywhere. the only Topic i found was about the gem Translation what is nice too but not what i Need :D. so someone know the link where i can see the Translation? gz kusa
  3. Fehlercode: TENVF (3) when i choose Server and looged in with QQ i got TENVF 3. can someone say me what i can do?
  4. so we see there is a patch or something like this but we cant update cause of the maintance?
  5. hi i have an other question about the start ^^. i sure somewhere in this 100 Posts i can maybe find the awnser but atm i cant find it ^^. can someone tell me the exact time when the beta will start for peaple from german time?
  6. i have a Problem with the Login. o rbette ri dont know. where i Need to Register for the Login. is it the QQ Login or does i Need to Register on any page?
  7. when i have the game later how i log me into the game to create Charakter? do i Need to Register somewhere on BnS page or is the QQ account my Login for the game?
  8. mh i have the exe but when i try to start the download it nearly stays with 0 kb. im i doing something wrong that i dont load the game :(.
  9. hi im downloading the Client from blastery posted. but i Need to go to work now. can someone tell me what i must do later when ist finished and witch Server i shall join? i dont know anything in chinese so i will have Problems with the install and joining i think ^^. thanks kusaijshi
  10. hi i dont played BnS but GW2 for long time and i just can say that GW2 isnt so good as the most are thinking. i dont know why the lvl system or events shall be soooooooo good. its the same lik ein other games just with 11 different. in most games you go to an NPC and get a quest kill me 20 mobs. in GW2 you run near a heart symbol where you must kill 20 mobs or collekt 20 apples. when its done the heart is golden an finish. so its nothing other that a normal quest. the eents are cool, but nothing special. its the same. centauer attacking a city and you must devend it for 7 waves. nothing super special. Lvln. GW2 lvling is like in all other games but the biggest problem is its to easy. my first char got lvl 80 in some days and after 2-3 days he got full equipp too. my 2nd char made lvl 55- 80 with crafting in 2 hours. so WTF. just spend 5 gold ( nothing special) and hours and its done. sPVP the "arena" pvp in GW2 is the worst think i ever saw. i thought wow gw1 was so good in PvP so they will do more to make gw2 a good pvp game bt nothing. just a damned 8vs8 conquest random erena WTF 8vs8 zerging like noobs -.- . then you can enter a 5vs5 teamfight. but mh i had a team with 4 others and we won 99,99999% of games because we played vs random players without teamspeak or good classes. then i tried some random matches and you are loosing 99,9999% because you got bashed from teams. then we did paid tournaments with our team but there are nearly 4-5 teams who were doing this + some random teams. then the maps are realy bad too. conquest is a shit modus for an mmo. just make deathmatch or CtF next time. on the maps are to many PVE. bosses who gives you a buff when you kill then a super hardcore endboss in enemy base witch gives you 150 from 500 points. but the problem was everyone can kill this boss solo in 20 sekends and with a teamrush you need 5 sekends. so if you didnt saw that 5 chars are running there you had 0 change to do anythink so overall when someone want real PvP and no zerging. dont try GW2 pvp therr is sucking ATM WvW PVP. nothink to say that just the team with the biggest zerg will win 99%. you are not able to to som esneaky actions with a small team. you can cap some small points but it will need time and a big zerg get this point back instant. there are not many players who are running solo so you die most times becausee of the 100000 men zerg. so if yo dont wanna sit afk 4h at a catapult or wanna build a wall WvW is nothing for you. overall i startet GW2 cause the damned PvP and at the end i must say its one of the worst pvp games i played. PVE. lvling can be funny but nothing special. Inis are so fucking easy. i done all inis and FOTM to lvl 38 and i must say boring boring boring. at the start the inis were harder and not every group were able to do them.now its just afk running.for some inis a good group 1hour for 3 runs. so 20 minutes for 1 ini. at the end i must say GW2 isnt so good like they said at the start. and there is no endgame whats my biggest problem.pvp is boring and the inis are nothing other that afk bossgrinding. but the bosses are not able to kill the group because they are so damned weak. sry for bad english :D.
  11. how many life do i have at lvl 45 with max gear? because 10000er heal sounds amazing. does i use the legendary in 1vs1 arena too? then the person with this weaphon will have no problems against someone without this weaphon or oO
  12. when the armor is just "style" from where i got them? itemshop or for ingamegold? quests. or can i use all for free
  13. hiho there, i have there a question aboutthe weaphons and armors. 1. every class can just use 1 weaphon like tera right? 2. whats with the classes who can use 2 waphons (KFM) does he need 2 weaphons or is it just 1 item. 3. how many different armors are ther? (chest , legs, arms, hands, shoulder etc.) or is it just 1 item for the whole body. 4. are there other thinks to get stronger? rings necklage 5. can i make the items better? change some stats or make them stronger with +5 +10 etc.?
  14. hi there, is there a page where you can see the stats of the moment? and is the ranking still together? (1vs1 and 3vs3) or can you see the solo rankings and the teamrankings? or does someone know if this is planned? i think its totally useless to see a ranking where 1vs1 and 3vs3 is together.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3glHCtUoSbI