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  1. Those folks for the WoW figurines ask $130,- for a full figurine. And for a Bust $70,- See this website for more details:
  2. The best will be the same as WoW did, that you can choose one of youre own characters. And turn him/her in a figurine :big_smile:
  3. Go to the staring post, and hit edit on the right lower corner of it. The rest speaks to it self :joss_stick:
  4. Ah, thx for the explanation :big_smile: Now al this talking is makig sense to me :ouch:
  5. Ok, I may sound stupid: but what does RNG stand for? :confuse:
  6. Finaly over with the Flu, now this stubburn cold... I'm like a walking boogerfactory XD

  7. Sogeking, open a poll if ppl would like to buy/get these figurines. They look cute and awesome :big_smile:
  8. The Flu caught me, everything hurts >_<

    1. Tashigi


      The icy, cold grip of death embraces you.

      Time to roll a Death Knight in WOW!

    2. Ceciel


      D: Hope you get better very soon!

  9. We all emigrate to Korea, problem solved :big_smile: But ppl are raging about City of Heroes for a long time, so I doubt they keep silent becus of this. But it's already the 1th of match, thats 2 months of radio silence! So when they announce anything about the game, it better be gooooood :canny:
  10. Like to add a like to the official website for this game: This looks intresting indeed.
  11. There is also a second reason they don't (yet) mention things like that. Becuase thats making a promise, and they place a deadline for them self. And if they happend to go past that info, or they appear to have done less then expected. Then ppl will start to have doubts and/or start ranting and already drilling the game in the ground. It's like being arrested: "Anything you will say, can be used against you" So they don't just blur out something, they need to do this carefully.
  12. No offence, but I got 2 words: "get laid" :smooth: Youre not the only 1 thats bored out of his/her mind
  13. change key-bindings? :oops:
  14. Usualy in many MMORPG's one of the F1-F12 keys hold a screenshot function. Tried that? :confuse:
  15. I started digging around on that korean website with google translate. This article hold the announcement for this tournament: