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  1. You took it down faster than I thought you would ~40 sec faster. Nice video tough. Gj
  2. In matters of music, I just listen to it. When it comes to movies I watch the trailer's review if any and then I go watch the movie anyway. Talking about games now, I sometimes read a review but in most cases I watch some gameplay videos to get an idea.
  3. That's great news. I'll be watching your stream tonight. I'm following you on twitch btw
  4. It's perfectly legal as far as I know. Your friend created his own single account with his own details, KSSN and phone number. Everything is ok to this point. Now he gave you the right to use the account over which he, alone and only, has full right and ownership. It's absolutely legal as long as the account is registered on his own name and with all his details. If it has your name on it and his details it's still ok as long as nobody knows.
  5. Sounds really great. "Ye old computers" is another option. That way you can decorate your shop with some fallout theme (maybe?)
  6. "Cyber Ninja" or "Pixel Ninja"<<I think the last one is a winner.
  7. How does "Cutting edge Ltd." sound to you? Got a great logo in mind to go with it. I also plan on starting a computer business but I want to limit myself to custom computer cases because there's nobody doing it and I know people will love it.
  8. If you're trying to play it at 1920x1080 you're gonna get low fps for sure but I don't think your card supports that resolution. I got a nVIDIA 8400GS, awful for gaming and everything else actually, and I run the game at [email protected]?(I think). Looks horrible on a 16:9 monitor but it has all the settings maxed out. I'm not happy at all with my graphics card but then I remember it's cheaper than a frying pan, literally. Try lowering your resolution, that's about all I have to say.
  9. I revised my list: I just got my hands on some Legend of Zelda games and planning to play the hell out of them Thank you, Famfrit, for starting this topic, I think you can figure out why by yourself
  10. Well, my list includes >older games: Fallout series: 1,2&3 / played NV Elder Scrolls: Arena, Daggerfall first 2 available on Bethesda's website for free & Morrowind / played Oblivion and Skyrim and signed up for ESO Legend of Zelda series Final Fantasy series Saints Row 1&2 / played SR3 and eager to play SR4 >newer games: Guild Wars 2 I can't call myself a gamer until I finish playing all the old games mentioned above.
  11. The OBT ended last summer, in 2012. Better look for news here on BnS dojo from now on. We got people here that actually play the game and if something happens BnS dojo is the second place to check after, of course, the NCSoft Kr site. I hope this answered your question.
  12. Have you tried force shutting it down? Push down the power button until it "dies" then press it again and it should pop up that ye' old black and white menu with start windows normally or in safe mode. To be honest, windows 8 is somehow crappy. I never ever ran into the blue screen of death..until I got windows 8 There are many flaws...but hey, Microsoft never made 2 good OS's one after another.
  13. Awesome.
  14. Can we agree not to post things like this ever again? Thank you