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  1. Obviously not, since you still haven't said anything that means anything, other than to prove you have godawful reading comprehension -- nor did you manage to come up with a single point in favor of the vertical progression you so rabidly defend. Bravo. -golfclap- You're right, it's not about grinding specifically :) It does, however, apply to all games that employ vertical progression because they can only keep adding more and more gear tiers (with higher stats) throughout the game's lifespan if that's the model they're built on. Just how grindy they make getting to that next tier is a separate issue, but related. Even worse I'm reading you apparently need a hefty dose of PvE to get PvP gear (in the Korean version, at least). That's so backwards I don't even know where to begin. Thanks for the insight; I'll keep an eye on what changes they make for the NA/EU release but I'm not too optimistic.
  2. I'd imagine it has a lot to do with the squick factor of sexualizing something that's obviously designed to look juvenile. With that in mind, I'm glad there's no boob slider too, lol.
  3. Is there really this need for hostility over what we prefer in video games? Since you can't be bothered to watch a video, a few highlights are: less emphasis on skill, makes old content obsolete, separates your playerbase unnecessarily -- and it acts as a crutch for people who aren't very good. What are your counterpoints in favor of vertical progression, since you're such a staunch defender? I own Guild Wars 2. I don't care so much for sPvP for the simple fact that conquest objective doesn't interest me much. It gets old quickly for me. I'd play more shooters but unless they offer a third-person perspective I get motion sick very quickly. Alas. I also never said I'm the only one with a job. I simply said I don't want my game experience to be one. If I'm a good player at 10 hours a week, you're darn tootin I want to be able to compete with somebody who might play 80 hours a week but not be as skilled as me, lol. I can't fathom why that seems so unreasonable. You're spewing an awful lot of vitriol with an awful lack of substance to it. How about adding something constructive to the discussion?
  4. I prefer an emphasis on personal skill. When gear gaps become too large, personal skill takes a backseat to what your character is wearing. That's really unappealing to me. I also don't see the merits of making a game into a second job. I already have one of those. This Penny Arcade video explains why power creep (aka vertical progression) is bad pretty succinctly.
  5. Thanks for all the info guys. I guess I'll have to wait and see what changes they make to gear acquisition for the NA version. Speaking of gear, looking at the wiki makes me cranky that Kun can't be kung fu masters (which interests me the most). Prefer what I *think* is their style the best. Confound you Blade and Soul.
  6. Heh, I don't think I'm explaining myself very well. I'm basically asking if there's going to be a large gear grind -- ie, a lot of vertical progression that's very grindy. I hate the, "go do this raid every week and enjoy your infinitesimal chance of getting what you want/need" style. I'm also curious if there is the potential for a huge stat gap between max level characters. It doesn't matter if clothing doesn't have stats if the things that DO have stats are overly tedious to acquire. I realize with the way it kinda mimics fighting games that great stats won't help you if you're godawful, but I also am pretty against systems where the "have nots" don't stand a chance against the "haves" if the haves aren't awful.
  7. I guess I was a bit curious about how acquiring items that give you stats is done. IE, is it going to be, "run this instance a zillion times and hope the RNG gods favor you" or what. As for classes, it's not so much the weapons themselves I'm concerned about as the overall playstyle having some support capacity. Thanks very much for the details, though!
  8. Great, thanks so much for the responses! I can definitely do my research on bo-pae etc. now that I know what I'm looking for. Much appreciated! :)
  9. Couple of quick questions that I didn't find answers to in a quick search. Hope you'll forgive the noobness, I registered a long time ago but haven't really been following the game at all. 1) Appearances. Are different body types available to the females or is it one of those, if you're Gon you're always buxom, if you're Kun you're always flatchested, etc? 2) I usually enjoy a support-ish playstyle in MMOs. What classes offer some of that here? I glanced over some of the skill lists (such as they are) and didn't really see much. For perspective, if anyone's played Guild Wars 2 I loved guardian and dual dagger (ie, melee) elementalists with support aspects there. EDIT: 3) What's the gear situation like? I know clothes are just cosmetic, but is there going to be a stat grind of some kind? Aaaand...I think that's it for now. :)