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  1. Earlier I tried to create a Phantasy Star Online 2 account. All was going well until I stumbled upon a captcha in hiragana Japanese. I tried doing the captcha a few times, but I couldn't do it. If there's any Japanese readers around, would you mind helping me? The picture of the hiragana is here Edit: Nevermind, a japanese friend of mind helped me with it
  2. From my knowledge, it is not possible to obtain every "upgraded" version of a skill. You have to switch points accordingly depending on your situation. I would assume that most people do not look at their skills while playing. As for that, the best thing I could tell you is to learn to keep your eyes on the fighting and less on the icons of your abilities. You can also bind your abilities to different keys if you do not like the default key-map.
  3. Hi!

    You're either first, or you're last -Ricky Bobby
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    Well, that's not the competitive spirit. supsup
  5. Well, I would have to guess that it would be available through the NCsoft client. I don't really see any reason why they would do anything else, or why it would even be that big of a deal. I will quote a section of Steparu's guide of Blade & Soul regarding bopaes. The whole guide can be found here Hope this helped a bit ~ely
  6. I'm sorry, but I don't really understand what you mean. Perhaps someone that has access to the game can help you. The only thing I know about the game involving purple is that there are purple quests which usually involve the learning of a new ability. Sorry I can't help. I'm sure that if you look around a bit on the forums, you can find the answers you're looking for. There's many FAQ threads around here that could probably help out. ~ely
  7. You're summarizing the ladder that most PvE players climb in most MMOs. It happens in every game, from TERA, to WoW, and so on. You must first run less difficult dungeons to prepare you for the more difficult ones, although more gear might not be needed depending on your skill level, most guild or party leaders don't like to take that chance of trusting someone based on how high they think of themselves. Unfortunately, unless you group with friends, or people who do know how good you really are, this system is always the kind of paradigm that you will encounter in most MMOs. ~ely
  8. Are you talking about Dark Bloody Shark Harbor? From my knowledge, you gain access to it through a quest. The portal to it is in the pig farms from what I've seen. I think you have to pay a guy a coin, and he transports you. Sorry, that's all I know. If I could actually play the game, I'm sure I could help more. Hope I helped a bit. ~ely
  9. No problem. He's one of the founders of the production company Two Steps From Hell.
  10. Hmm. I like it! When I heard it, came to mind for some reason. I'm sure you're familiar with him.
  11. I think it depends on what each class is going up against. If you're simulating a 1v1 between the two, I would think force master, if played well, would be able to beat blade master. I do not, however, think that the game is balanced around 1v1. A destroyer, for example, could theoretically stack health, never die, and win every 1v1 eventually. This is what happened in TERA as well. It was almost meaningless to 1v1 lancers, because they simply did not die. I have never played an MMO that was balanced around 1v1, as it is impossible to balance PvP around 1v1 in games with multiple classes. All in all, play the class because you enjoy it, not because it's good in a certain situation. ~ely
  12. Second monitor and the house to myself for a week while the family drives up to Canada, haha.
  13. Ahh okay, that's what I thought. Thanks for the info
  14. Pretty funny that I came across this. Before winter break, I wrote a paper on what the normal person perceives happiness as. I used this article as one of my main references. You might enjoy the read.
  15. Hi, and thanks for the welcome. I'm under the impression that you cannot play the KR retail version of the game without being in Korea. Is this correct? I would like to think that there's a private server lurking around somewhere, enabling people to play outside of Korea, right?