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  1. this game looks/sounds cool for a wow clone
  2. it has: bewb physics korean lag
  3. I'm not sure if i should post this problem here: But i'm onna Quest to try to get rid off my old/bad "professions/gathering skills" and Change them into new Professions so how to do that now, through UI/menu or??? someone told me it is possible but didnt know how to do it in the 2.0 udpate....
  4. hey know that the new patch changed things. which quests/dungeons do i have to clear in order to enter the pohwaran dungeon area??? i'm not sure if this has been explained somewhere....
  5. guys is there a way to unlearn profession(s) ????
  6. what do i need to do with this "Story Quest 29"??? by clicking it, it points to a temple but nothing there really then i heard that i should do some 4 senior dungeons... but i've done some of them, and there's nothing to indicate that i've done anything....
  7. ~thanks a thrillion sorachan, you sure know alot. ~sorachan: yeah, i know. anyway, i most part(s) some need something. but thanks <3 weird that the scroll icon doesnt show in the actual quest log just in the side-slot...:S
  8. where can i return this/these quest(s) ??? i completed them and try pressing the locate button/help but nothing shows
  9. thanks a million <3
  10. someone know what to do in this?? it's like the last of the flying skill quests or something but i cant understand...
  11. thanks a million <3
  12. i'm using f-secure and whenever i start BnS it closes my internet protection untill i restart really annoying thing
  13. i got a screenshot, what to write here plz??? to make it korean....
  14. too bad skyrim doesnt have the same character styles or mods of them up basic skyrim chars with high rez mods still look like crap, unless with completely re-made skins