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      Hello Blade & Soul fans, Welcome to the official Blade & Soul Dojo FAQ! This thread contains commonly asked questions about Blade & Soul's Western versions. Have a question? Check to see if it's posted here or use our forums search feature before creating a new thread. This thread will be updated at all times by any of the Dojo staff members. For additional information on Blade & Soul visit our wiki, or check out the official Blade & Soul West website. Table of Contents <a href="#1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> <a href="#3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> <a href="#4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> <a href="#5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> <a href="#6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> <a href="#7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> <a href="#8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> <a href="#9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> <a href="#10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> <a href="#11">What are the playable races?</a> <a href="#12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> <a href="#13">What are the playable classes?</a> <a href="#14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> <a href="#15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> <a href="#16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> <a href="#17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> <a href="#18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> <a href="#20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> <a href="#21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> <a href="#22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> <a name="1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Korean game development studio, Team Bloodlust and is published by NCSOFT. <a name="2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> You can find the official Blade & Soul West site here. <a name="3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> The North American and European versions are currently set to be released on January 19th, 2016. Head Start for founder's pack owners will begin at 10:00am PST on January 15th, 2016, and name reservations for Disciple and Master pack owners will begin on January 11th, 2016. The game has already been officially released in the following regions: Korea: June 30, 2012
      China: November 28, 2013
      Japan: May 20, 2014
      Taiwan: November 20, 2014
      <a name="4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> Yes. CBT 1: Oct 29, 10am PDT - Nov 2, 10pm PDT [NA server only]* CBT 2: Nov 13, 10am PDT - Nov 16, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 3: Nov 24, 10am PDT - Nov 30, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 4: Dec 11, 10am PDT - Dec 14, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** CBT 5: Dec 18, 10am PDT - Dec 21, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** *NA servers will only support English. **EU servers will support English, French, and German; except on CBTs 1, 2, & 3. <a name="5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> Blade & Soul has been announced as a F2P (free-to-play) title for the West and will have no content limitations. They have also stated that the game will not be "pay-to-win". <a name="6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> No. <a name="7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> Blade & Soul's Western servers will be housed in the following location: North America: Dallas, Texas US
      Europe: Frankfurt, Germany.
      <a name="8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> There are currently no plans to support Oceanic/SEA servers. However, NCSOFT has stated that if the community shows enough interest they will reconsider. A petition has been created for NCSOFT to reconsider. <a name="9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> No. Transferring accounts is not possible, but transferring the physical appearance of your character from other versions is possible through the profile screenshot function in Character Creation. <a name="10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> There are currently no plans for region blocking. <a name="11">What are the playable races?</a> Jin, Gon, Yun, Lyn. Click here for more information. <a name="12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> In North America, the word "Kun" closely resembles a derogatory racial slur. <a name="13">What are the playable classes?</a> There are currently six confirmed playable classes for the Western versions. The "Warlock" class can be found in the KR, CN, JP and TW clients but have yet to be confirmed for the North American and European release.
      Blade Dancer
      Blade Master
      Force Master
      Kung-Fu Master
      <a name="14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> Yes. The playable races in Blade & Soul are indeed restricted to a select few classes. Below you'll find what you can play each race as. Jin: Assassin, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master
      Gon: Destroyer, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      Lyn: Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner
      Yun: Blade Master, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      <a name="15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> The initial level cap on release will be 45. <a name="16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> No. <a name="17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> Blade & Soul will be released for Windows PC. <a name="18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> Below are the PC specs taken from Blade & Soul's Korean client. [Minimum Spec] CPU : Intel Dual core/AMD Athlon 64X2 or better RAM : 2G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8600GT/AMD Radeon HD4600 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (32bit / 64bit) DirectX : 9.0c [Recommended] CPU : Intel Quad core/AMD Phenom II X4 or better RAM : 4G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8800GTX / AMD Radeon HD4850 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (64bit) DirectX : 9.0c <a name="19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> You can view all past broadcasts here. <a name="20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> Yes, you can view their packages here. <a name="21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> This has not yet been confirmed. <a name="22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> Yes. Updated: December 25th, 2015


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  1. the 2 lyn npc that sell food and item, right under the quest NPC
  2. have you tried this?
  3. i alrdy said the one abuse it only Lyn BM, but it is double edge, since u must get CLOSE to your opponent, but with the caster, get close to your opponent is a no no! 6 sec is OP if it's a small group vs zerg, since no one can help you, and even 2 sec you are good as dead, the only way to survive is your gear too imba, or your class imba, that's all. U must know 6 sec choked got their price must be paid, if it's equal in people both side, going in and choking ppl really risky, if they use it in offensive way. If they use it in defensive way, that's the intirator fault coz they dont prepare their skill before ganking And if you want a skill that can keep people stand still so your team mate can hit, destroyer can stun and grap ppl also, but closer range, KFM can knock you back, and sit on you for like 3-4 sec, assasin can swap and launch you, keep you in the air. Choke strong point is longer range, and choke+ des grab you can moving while keep people there. Again if it's 3vs1 or 6 vs 2, you sure dead anyway if they can catch you, if that's 20 vs 20, and they dumb enough to rush in, and you + your team mate dont even bother with it, yes you're dead. Or you chasing your opponent too far and got choke, drag in their base, that's your fault. If your team lost and retreat, you can be dead with just a stun 2 sec, or a 4 sec immobile AOE from summoner pet , and that's pet moving with max speed. That's why the sword protect of lyn increase alot of survive chance, since they immu to all magic in 5 hit and can increase MS + immu while spin.
  4. stun = 2 sec, and in 2 sec you can do whatever you want, deal dps, running. Choking = 6 sec, but you cant really do anything, beside drag the opponent. That's why lyn BM op cause she can deal DPS while choking. The problem here is why you got choked, cause the range of choke is not that far, if the FM go into that range just to choke you, it's risky enough that's she must pay with her life. But lyn BM got the sword protect skill while they choking people, so if fail she can spin away, 1 dash back + 2 spin with sword protect, hardly any one can catch up, but that's still very dangerous. The choke is made for FM to counter any one that try to approach them, and hold people there, that's why it's come with the pushing back skill after choke. And if you not a intitator class, and you still jump in the crowd, aiming the caster, then that's just so much dumb. KFM got their reflect skill, blocking, and the move like yunero on dota they are good to jump in, Destroyer got their sheilding and spinning, which protect them again choke, and they chop as fast as ursa warrior :D. That's why in PVP camp, i hardly see any FM choke ppl, they always keep distance and shoot ice, Only LynBM abuse choke, cost it's like their double edge move, but less risky coz they got the sword protect skill protect them from 5 hit, so they got a chance getting away if choking miss. And lyn can only active their lv 45 skill when opponent in choke mode, so if they want full dps combo they must choke ppl first.
  5. press button 6 sec CC, if got stunned 1st = dead, yes easy mode. First liner just jump in crowd and not prepare any blocking skill, yes retard. If break line no got back up, yes, double retard, if they jump in and got tons of dps, and they got back up from behind, they do their job nicely, attract lot of DPS, and their team can break enemy line, since all dps go to you and your team mate will back stab them. Target under CC, and caster also under CC, that's just fair, a caster cant cast dps skill, and caster's team mate do their job nicely, ask the victim's team mate then, where are they :D
  6. Easy mode?, just jump in THE CROWD and choke people and they sure dead? chi choke is OP cauze Lynbm can use all combo when they choke people, which deal massive of DPS. On mass pvp, choke mean the FM or lyn BM must risk their self, go close to target and choke them, there is very high chance that you will get swaped, or disable while you trying to get closer. The choke only OP when it's zerg vs small group, since the small group just helpless sit there watch their team mate got choked and dragback. In zerg vs zerg, Choke is simple you use your self to disable your enemy, both got disable, and if both got disable, and your dead cause by a group of 5-6 people, that's your fault that you got left behind, or your teammate fault . the OP part is Lyn BM can use their strongest DPS skill, while they choking people, that's OP, since they still can deal dps while choking, the other cant do anything beside kicking at his face, which deal a small amount of dps( same dps with normal attack)
  7. I repeat this skill is "channeling", it can be disrupted, u dont see ??? if you go alone so your team mate cant help u, or they just dump enough, let other player "run" into you and pick you out of the crowd, then yes it so much OP. Moba hero like electrican(HON) and Rhasta (dota) should just be removed lol.
  8. choke range not like 20m or anything, and it can be blocked by block skill, in mass war, if u got choked and drag to enemy team and no team mate help you, that's your fault coz you choose wrong position. If you let a lyn bm or fm sprint to you and you dont use dash back or block skill, blame why you are too slow or your ping. Chi choke is a 6 sec stun but can be disrupted, If you are want to be a initiator , you should prepare your skill before you jump in. and about " just single skill and only if KFM will use in right moment ", chi choke also, single skill if you use in right moment. And in mass war as you hardly can dodge chi choke, you also took full reflect from KFM. The problem that make chichoke OP is that the Lyn Bm can use full combo on chi choke state, so in small group pvp it's really retard.
  9. yes, but they can just freezee you :D, going in and choke ppl has their risk you know. Oh and i do think choke can be block by blocking skill, or sword protect. You do know what completely swept and destroyed mean? they basically kill everything, include the shoping NPC :D i still think destroyer as so much OP, oh and the KFM relfect skill also
  10. coz FM is a ranged class, and they have very sick cold skill which freezee you like meat. They dont really need to drag you in anyway. Chi choke FM go with knock back skill tree, since they want to keep distance and slow + freezee. They not choke for spamming dps skill while keep opponent hanging in the air. And Lyn can use burst dps , using all of their most powerful skill in one row, and opponent cant strike back. If paper and not build for PVP, yes you are done for. But lyn spinning not that really OP since it cost too much chi, and Lyn bm dont have much defensive skill, beside spinning and sword protect. They should nerf the movement speed through, or give lyn Bm block skill like BM. or else they done for. Sword protect can protect lynbm for 5 hit, but got 30 sec cd, and cant protect again bleed and poison. Spinning is the only way since it increase 400% def, which usually let them got 50% dmg reduce( normal from 15->25%). and immu effect, but really cost Chi and with out blocking skill chi really hard to get in PVP, Want chi steal, u must have choke them first. with out 7 chi you cant use full combo. So in mass pvp they usually pick opponent around 13-15k hp, and sprint in, choke, dash back, summon sword, call lightning, and keep u there, let their team mate or NPC hit them for like 6 second :D, chi steal, quick draw, can use lightning blade or aerial combo. I usually see Assasin invisible, swap enemy in for lyn choke, then dash back to their base, and yes no one can help you :D Chi choke got really quick CD, 18 sec and long cast range, but summon sword, protect sword, call lightning took 30 sec cooldown. In mass pvp that mean each 30 sec u can kill 1 people, but in 1v1, u hardly can charge full 7 chi to use combo again. Got slowed, cant dash, the only option is to use tab to move, but that cost you 2 chi alrdy :D, this will burn your chi so fast. Spin can only let you move freely, but do not remove effect. So in mass war or group pvp, yes chi choke combo so much OP, solo not that OP if u got crit res.and use your block when lyn going to choke you. Oh but i think Lyn bm can stun lock you, they do have that skill tree. So in the end OP. But i ALWAYS see KFM and DESTROYER basically jump in and destroyed our base , kill all NPC :D so u guess what?
  11. yes the chi choke combo is sick,way too OP. and i love when destroyer + KFM jump to our base and completely swept it :D
  12. The chi choke combo really retard, but spinning and protect not, since lyn bm do not have any block skill beside spin and Z. X can use to dodge to, but use spinning to block attack need timing, and 2 chi for 0.5 sec block
  13. lol that combo help me alot when doing daily :D chi choke, dash back, summon sword, w8 chi choke run out of time, lightning blade :)) really dirty lol