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  1. same, with delay that is impossible :( and i hardly can find party for 4 man or 6 man dungeon, so stich with DBSH then :( what about the gold coin wep, should exchange the 15 coin or 5 coin is fine too? since mushin tower hardly drop wep :( and my class wep even more rare :(
  2. and here i thought this will faster :( but i was wrong :( sadly this took so much time, just for max stats bopae and gold to buy indentify charm too. Farm for like 30 runs, only 1 sword drops, 2piece bopae max crit, and farm 8th floor took 5-6 try to success, so sad. do 8th 2 runs and i gave up, just farm till 7th floor what's about the gold coin wep, i see the shop at 7th floor, sell wep for 7 gold , what's the different between this wep and the 5 and 15 gold coin at village
  3. should i farm mushin tower 7 floor instead of DBSH, waiting waste so much time:(
  4. wow thx alot, so max ap on wep from 24 man is 259 ap right, what about the wep drop form the sub-purple boss, the one after kill that old man?
  5. i got mine 12% crit with 2 hex soc, but i'm looking for the 6 chi regen one and 2 hex + 1 pen socket. :( some times the dungeon "died", no one else coming, waste alot of times waiting for last boss. Should just reset after kill that old man. Do you know how long will the last boss respawn? and where to get pohwaran perfume, the price is sky-high, 10 gold ea on my server :(
  6. What i do is install again, keep your setup file. And remember backup your patch file, so you dont need to update again. after launcher finished download, and begin patching ( around 85%) stop the patch, and copy all patch file from $patch$ folder, or else they will auto delete it after patch. Then resume patching when u done.
  7. i can barely hit him, since he got knock back, and i cant rush dps if no one chi-hold the boss for me so i can spam my RB :( if no one hold i can only deall around 45k dmg with pot when he 1st appear, after that no more dps since he knock me back alot. maybe i should try rush him with lightning blade then w8 for chi regen + skill cooldown and do one more time when he stand still, hope this will do :( Oh since i have my new wep, seems like now 100% rate purple box now :D 60 more AP rock
  8. oh i deal enough dps when got destroyer hold him so i can spam my RB skill, got my 1st wep but just 2 hex soc, and no chi regen
  9. i got a purple coin + blue box :( not sure what must i do. my crit rate with buff around 95% and i got 325 AP with all acess + crit dmg, not sure what i should invest in anymore. Try mushin tower to earn better wep or continue DBSH
  10. yeah, he keep moving alot :( knock back also
  11. oh the blue charm :D now i get it, but DBSH last boss only drop blue box, or i'm just out of luck :(
  12. kk thx alot figure it out yesterday :D now i know why i lost my gold coin lol, i thought i sold it haha :D when i tried to equip poh bopae, there is a red buff , what is it? also how can i revive in DBSH, it just tp out of dungeon and require 1 coin to re-enter:(
  13. oh thx alot, just saw a new quest that i must click it on screen lol, :D another question, how could i earn purple key beside doing daily quest :(
  14. Can any1 show me where is it locate ? there just too many and i dont know which one is the 24 man dungeon, also is it need to do quest 1st , since i see many gate with the big red X
  15. add me too :( PartyMePlz