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  1. I've been using offgamers for a long time (NCoin for L2, iTunes cards, battleping codes), and never had a problem. Very fast, very reliable.
  2. Actually now that you say this, this is probably part of why they changed it... so people don't complain they need to buy more coin than what the premium costs because of the way NCoin bundles are priced (ofc it doesn't stop people from complaining about something else, but c'est la vie~ ).
  3. I went into pvp this past weekend to get the zen bean for skill and got about 30% bots. Botters are smart, they make a living out of it. It's not as easy to deal with them because for every one you ban, 10 take their place since it's all automated. They need to look for ways to stop the way they are created (which they are trying to do) not the single one. In BnS it seems they are everywhere because of arena, which makes it 1000 times more obvious. If you go to any other game, there are plenty of botters too (FFXIV for example, as said), you just don't notice them because they are usually farming instances on their own. Even games like Diablo are full of bots, they are just not as obvious to you because the only way you interact with them aside pm spam is the market place (what, you really thought all those high end goods in D3 old AH were honestly gained...? ). So yes, BnS has a problem with bots, like every other game out there. It's not a NCSoft-only problem, it's just the way BnS is, it makes it more obvious.
  4. You have to keep trying. Use their support email directly (it's in one of the other threads, should be easily google-able).
  5. Lol you guys... seriously. They put in legendaries, "omg it's so expensive to level them nobody will ever be able to and like 0.001% chance to get anyway." They take out legendaries until it's easier to update, "omg how boring what do we do now." They take long to update, "omg they expect us to run these 2 dungeons for over a month??!!" They release close updates, "omg I can't keep up why are they releasing all this so fast, it's too much pressure!!!" No game is every going to be perfect. Go play BDO if you want, and when in 2 weeks you begin crying about stuff there, then go back to BnS, and when two weeks later you're crying about something new, then go play BDO again. BnS is fun game to play, it doesn't mean it has to be the only thing you play or the only thing you do the whole day. If you get tired of dailies/dungeons/pvp, then take a break. The world won't end, the game won't close, and you can come back whenever you miss it and feel like playing again.
  6. They can also check if you killed the mini bosses before you killed Ogong.
  7. Like I said in the other thread, NCSoft has a history of banning people for "ease of access" bugs. Unless you did an ungodly amount of times you should be fine. And even if you did it an ungodly, unless you are an obvious bot/farmer, you probably will only get a long temp ban. They will probably focus on solo runs, not F8.
  8. Well then, hopefully they add it again in future events because I totally forgot about it until it was too late ><
  9. A message with a lot of line breaks/spaces so you can't easily click on the name to report spam.
  10. Was your CC info saved in NCsoft site? If so, it might have been someone logging onto your account. Have you contacted NCsoft about it or just your CC company? Also your CC should be able to reverse the charges, wherever you gave the info to NCSoft or not. It's called fraud. Report your CC as stolen, which is what it was.
  11. Like others have said, BnS isn't a game that requires you to have top gear right away. You can clear all content with True Profane and slowly work your way towards the next steps (one of my alts doesn't even have hujikar and I use her for farming SS and the like).
  12. NCWest has been known to ban for "ease of access" exploits like this before in their other games, so do at your own risk.
  13. A person doesn't need any "excuse" to give to decide not to play on certain server. They are not obligued to. For many the "language barrier" is not just about the game interface and quests, but about the sense of community and being unable to understand or communicate with the people around them. Stop saying people are "lazy" to install english patches--it's a choice, not an obligation.
  14. I've been using Offgamers for years for NCoin cards, ITunes cards and battleping codes and never ran into any problems with them.
  15. Considering money is the answer to the company making the game available to us...