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  1. wow this comes out right when my university starts up again, sigh... i even have a character at level 43 i haven't leveled up yet... it would be nice if i could go evil storyline with that character. that was really cute between haemujin and pohwaran though <3
  2. the old 8th stage blue spiral weapon, i always loved the look of it, and its always been a weapon i wanted for both pvp/pve. too bad its impossible to get now.
  3. aw that sucks, what's he doing on BnS CN lol. Anyway guys I posted a thread for some pointers that you should follow to not rub people the wrong way: If you have any questions just reply to that thread.
  4. Hey all, this is Fayde, a long time player of BnS KR. Seeing how conflicts are sure to arise between Chinese and foreign players, here's a few steps you can take to avoid being hated by the Chinese community. A lot of what I'm about to write is common sense, but seeing how there will be much more foreigners playing BnS CN because it is free, please try to spread this information to those who don't seem to have the capability to think that way. 1. Before playing the game, please try to research and understand the basics. There is quite a lot of info on the correct way to play this game so you don't have to be spamming global chat asking questions. First, try to use resources like BnSdojo or any other sites to see if you can find the answer yourself. Even if you HAVE to use global chat, if someone replies to you please use either whisper or the built-in instant messaging system to reply back. If Chinese people constantly see foreigners spamming in global chat of course they will of course be pissed off. 2. You are guests, so please be polite and keep a low profile. Please don't go into BnS CN thinking that you are the main audience. Tencent provided this game for the Chinese community, not us. Not all Chinese people can speak English, so if someone can't understand what you are saying please don't get mad at them. Instead, be patient and find either other foreigners or willing Chinese people to assist you in your needs. Also, if a Chinese person comes up to you and starts being rude to you, do your best just to ignore them. There will invariably be Chinese people who hate that foreigners are on their servers. It's not worth it to be rude back, as it will only lead to more conflicts. This happened between the Koreans and the Chinese people on my BnS KR server. It got to the point where several KR guilds decided to just kill any CN players that are wearing an outfit where they could be killed by other players. 3. Partying with Chinese players. There will come a point where you have to party with Chinese players to complete difficult dungeons (ToS, Bloody Shark Harbor, Pohwaran, Spiral Labyrinth, and others). When you get to this point, what you should NOT do is try to use the dungeon finder service to go with a random Chinese party. Instead, try to find Chinese players who are willing to spend the time to teach you the dungeon until you are proficient and confident enough to do them with other random Chinese players. Also, please make an effort to learn basic Chinese commands such as down/stun or any of the other skills that you may need to use to save your party at certain parts of dungeons. Also, when you are using the dungeon finder, first explain to them that you are a foreigner. 90% of the time, they will be fine with it as long as you know the dungeon. However, if you do not say that to them while also messing up inside the dungeon, they will be very mad that you cannot understand what they are saying. In short, you ruined a party that could've been successful if a Chinese came along instead of you. Finally, research dungeons to see what drops, and take only what you need. If a Chinese player decides to bid on an item, you probably should not try to outbid him because that Chinese person might have been promised the item from the beginning. What I usually do when running a dungeon is to wait until every other player has passed on an item before taking it. In this way, you won't piss off any Chinese people who were deserving of an item. 4. "Open" World PvP. There are a few sites in the BnS world where you wear a faction dobok and complete quests. Most of the time, these quests DO NOT require you to attack people of the opposite faction. In BnS KR, at most of those sites the players of opposite factions will just ignore each other and do the quests. If you are at one of these sites, first try to judge if there are people of opposite factions attacking each other or not. If they are, it is probably okay to join in, but if not, just ignore any other players of the opposite faction unless they decide to attack you. Also, the only way to have a duel/1v1 in this game is to wear clothes of opposite factions that enables a person to attack another. Please do not disrupt duels by putting on a faction outfit and joining in. You can judge if two people are doing a 1v1 if they are wearing faction outfits that are not the main factions(Red/Blue), or if they are wearing their faction outfits at a place that isn't a main PvP site. That's basically it for now, if you have any questions please just say it in this thread and I'll be happy to help. I'm sure anyone who follows these basic steps will make friends with the Chinese players. I was in a Korean PvP guild for close to a year, and I have even met a guildmate who came all the way from Korea to visit me in California. Hope you guys all have fun enjoying BnS CN!
  5. Oh, if Jennix is the same person as the one that played BnS KR, he's known for being quite rude. I know a lot of Koreans had problems with him.
  6. ooh aoko, i play ciel haha. never really got into guilty gear, and ive only played a bit of blazblue. And yea, I should probably wait until it really gets into the modder's hands to make judgements, I kind of based my opinion on the Ef-12 tournament on which wasn't really that great haha.
  7. aww yea lyn twerk dat
  8. its a bit strange how assassins have fallen off so much, i would not have expected that. I don't know if there was some kind of shadow nerf or something, I remember playing one assassin today and it seemed like the same as always, albeit they missed stuns that I thought were guaranteed hits. Summoners at number 1 does not surprise me whatsoever, the class has insane damage as well as great escape skills including the all powerful dandelion. other then that there isnt much else to note, lbm at number 2 is expected because of how easy the class is, kfm's sadly are extremely bad without the invulnerable after block skillbook(which is really rare) as well as nerfs to their q/e/ss.
  9. this abnormally long pvp season is making the 1800s-1900s seem awfully easier than before. atm 1960 after playing and winning 4 games, gotta make it to 2000 to get back to the top 500 x_x edit: my gear is also pretty trashy, still using a full mushin pvp set (rofl)
  10. grindfest so fun or if you have $$$$$$$$$$ its ezpz
  11. i honestly have 0 idea either lol, just gotta get lucky with down c's and have z ready for when you aerial so they cant down you, and try to NEVER hit that stupid dandelion.
  13. puzzle and dragons is the best, i really hope someday they'll implement an arena sort of thing to fight other players, looking forward to see how the rules would be. p.s.: nice outfits
  14. my pvp rating is still 1912, same as its been for almost a week now, what do you mean by reset?
  15. duno what you mean by win rate but what i'm seeing atm is 20 summoners in top 100 for 1v1 and 2949 summoners participating while lbm has 19 in top 100 and 3014 lbm's participating. at the very top is assassins at 21 with 3019 participating. So lbm's are behind both these classes, with summoner having the highest ratio.