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  1. Loki, I love your work buddy.

    Simple, effective, inspirational.

    Working IT as well, and I can first appreciate the craftmanship of your English patch.

    Thank you!

  2. This is the second time you reply in such awe to me. I don't quite recall addressing to you directly in any way. Nor wanting or even attempting to insult you. May I ask what is your problem ? Do you really take me for some 15 years old bent on God knows what your imagination can come up with ? Seriously. If nobody told you this up until this point in your life I will: GROW UP!
  3. Okay, perhaps I misunderstood your point. Your rash reply though, was quite uncalled for. - As a former L2 / current Aion player (I like to consider myself a PvPer as well), also from the personal experience of playing BNS, I don't believe the PvP system will be as balanced as one might think or hope. Unfortunately, NC has a tendency of overpowering their mages.