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  1. cpu 80% over cant slow loading dungeon weird :( i playing bns 10-30 fps bad lag CPU: Intel Celeron Cpu G550 2.60GHz (Core: 2 cpu) GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 1 gb GDRR5 RAM: 8GB OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bits
  2. CPU: Intel Celeron Cpu G550 2.60GHz (Core: 2 cpu) GPU: ATI Radeon R7 240 1gb DDR3 RAM: 8GB OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bits I can run play blade & soul how know low or mem? my pc problem intel cpu so core 2 99%, cant play bns hide player and pet doubt core very lag.
  3. i dont have key :( i open banner all key have been chaimed
  4. -What you are looking forward to the most in Blade & Soul That brazil normal 150 ping best very fast better hard mouse -Your most memorable experience in Blade & Soul i experience all quest more level. -Your favorite aspect of Blade & Soul Blade master use Doboks had sexy
  5. think.. my phone cant number This number has reached the daily limit of verification code received. Please try a different number
  6. up
  7. ok i next look screen my internet before 7mb slow 200-500kb/s and error my qq account problem Your id is frozen
  8. my 100kb and client problem? help
  9. Hello how know low ping buy member?
  10. WTF?! look 2558 year change 2015 work blade and soul tw normal Didnt
  11. Very good stream!
  12. Done thank you
  13. I dont understood quest yellow dont know where right and left cant use /chakan here server Taiwan help me look screen
  14. up