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  1. Hai like the name of the topic said im trying to log out my account and log into my Gf's and see if its working for her but not seems to be able to find the log out button so i was wondering how can you log out ? thx P.S this is for B&S china btw just making it clear
  2. This make starting to make sense tho didn't you said you were not going to OC ? i'd suggest somethink like a 3470 instaid especialy if your gonna render some video since Hyperthreading is disabled on the 3570k or like fatal said a 8350 i had bad experiance with sandisk before so i don't feel very safe with em samsung is the best so far
  3. http://feature.mmosite.com/bladeandsoul/system_requirement.shtml everything is there :]
  4. Right now it would be low and nothing else Main problem here is your graphic card to play on medium you need at least something like a 7770 or a 650. As for the rest seems fine to run medium little more ram wouldn't hurt tho something like 8GB. And BTW a GT 610 is below recommended setting its pretty much at min requirement =/
  5. Hmm if you planing to upgrade rather soon or not i wouldn't get a 560ti (nor a 680 either) and unless you own the 560ti already i'd suggest to maybe to wait and save up a bit and get a 670? There about 5% performance difference between a 670 and 680 and a 100$ difference that money could get you a SSD instaid or and a CPU cooler
  6. Okay, so i've made a build Including an HDD since you build did'nt had one(unno if this was normal or not switched a few things here and there diffrence is about 20$ mainly cause by the fact that i added an HDD and a i changed your chip because you did'nt have a cpu cooler and your chip is ment for overclockers so if your not planing to overclock there's really no point at all getting a 3570k or anything above what i picked and use the stock coler. I also changed your GPU this card will run better with your 1080p resolution. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zrYd Now if you are planing to Overclock i highly suggest to add a cpu cooler and change your motherboard preferably to a Z77 board.
  7. it will run max on 1080p but you probly gonna get like 40ish fps and might drop below 30 in crowded area i'd suggest playing on medium for a better gameplay exprience or lower resolution anything below 1920x1080 will be fine
  8. Well i'd say to get a Corsair k90 for keyboard and m90 for for mouse if your an mmo focused player been using it for a while and so far best i've ever used. Well i guess my opinion is kinda biased when it comes to corsair tho they product quality is just outstanding in my opinion ( Corsair fan boy here)
  9. Yup got Gigabyte's 670 and it works fine and completely silent too i totally recommend it
  10. Man.. like i don't understand all of this =/ beside the fact that fatal's sig attract too much attention and i had to find the anime to actualy watch it (random as fk) whats pre ppl and pre build pcs, i guess its ok if he really HAVE TO buy it from best buy for w/e reason but like ... 1000$ for this man this is sad i paid 1100$ for my custon build pc and i have an i5 3570k and a gtx670 and an SSD which is way better than probly any 1500$ pre build pc you'll find. Also you have to think ahead too like ok you can play Blade and soul now .. what happen 2 years later ? gotta upgrade again ? thats alot more money spent in the long run. We're just trying to help you guys get the best possible thing for you money which is naturaly what you'd want =/ I tryed to look for something rather ok from best buy around 600-700 ish but everything would come with a 300w power supply which is kinda bad to put in a decent GPU for blade and soul .. so to recap all of this i really have no idea how you gonna buy a 1000$ pre build pc and max Blade and soul at least from best buy its not possible you'll get at medium with playable gameplay...
  11. Well thats your decison i guess, i'm really not agreeing to you sticking with this pc... but hey its your money i guess =/ i just hope it does'nt give you any issues in the future i had alot of problems with HP laptops before =/
  12. Salut! je te souhaite la bienvenu! :) c'est un tres bon forum tu vera sinon dans quel serveur tu jouais ? J'ai un KFM niveau 33 dans le serveur νƒœμ‚°λΆλ‘ on pourrais jouer ensemble si tu veux ? :)
  13. It would be low settings from now that CPU is fine but that graphic card is what is seriously holding you back, if you have a 500watts ish power supply or more i'd suggest getting something like 7870 or around that for max setting. anything below 400watts would be 7770 and that would get you medium settings.
  14. unless he gonna play @800x600( which i highly doubt) there no waaaaaaay that card running on max hell he'll be lucky if he even playble gameplay on medium settings @1920x1080 minimum spec require for max setting would be a 7870 for medium 7770 and anything below that would be low setting dosen't matter how powerful you CPU is you could have 64Gig of ram THIS WONT CHANGE its just the way it is =/
  15. I see, 1000$ is not as bad as i though but still like fatal said this PC setup is more suited for office type of work not gaming it will be fine for all the creativity you want to do but you won't get to play a high quality game which i belive was the main reason to buy a new comp right ? unless you want to spend an extra 250$ for a graphics card(totaly not worth it ) you're not playing BnS on max. So what i suggest is return the pc ( I know its a pain but its only for your own good gotta get best bang for your buck!! ) get your money back then go to a specilize pc store like microcenter or online ones like Cyberpower and i can assure that anything 500$ and up will play BnS better than what you have right now. If you're not sure about the parts I'm pretty sure we could help you and give you some recommendation and you'd just show up at the pc shop and say you want this and they'll order it and build it for you. In the end its your decision if you want to keep it, fine but you'd have to get a better graphics card and i did'nt check the power supply(most manufactured pc comes with a crappy one) so no idea if it will be to handle it and its cost you at least 250$ more and to me this sound more like a pain in the butt than just return it get something worth your money and be done with it =/