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  1. Applied on the website, looking forward to hearing back.
  2. Now try playing all of them at the same time. Do it.
  3. I pick my nose a lot when no one is looking. :feel_good:
  4. Guru Dan Inosanto, truly an inspiration.

  5. This is a broad topic. When you say "socializing" is difficult, do you mean with the same sex or the opposite sex? In general, I find that trying to socialize with the opposite sex is always just a tad more difficult (especially if they give you that tingly sensation in your pants *ahem*). Not to mention you have to break through the standard issued invisible force fields. Anyways, with every failed attempt to start a conversation or to keep a conversation going, confidence is lost. In the past, I for one shied away from certain social situations out of fear of public humiliation and embarrassment. I still do today but now it's mostly due to laziness and not fear. My sticking point now is this. Don’t argue with yourself or beat yourself up over every little encounter. Don’t create rationalizations for why you failed that one time. Just take a step back and accept the situations for what they are, move on to the next social encounter and try again.
  6. Bingo. Your turn.
  7. There aren't enough hours in the day.

  8. Yup.
  9. Oda Nobuna no Yabou. ...........................
  10. Have fun with it! Oh, and watch out for the quick change/short change scams from douchebag customers.
  11. Dudeee, be more civilized like the rest of us and use a bottle.
  12. Willkommen! ...Phew, I've just exhausted all the German at my disposal.