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  1. did i see that right... ? did the summoner's cat do CPR on you when you died xD?? that looked hilarious xD my eyes are prolly not seeing right.. got glasses for a reason >.<
  2. i like all classes, but most of the time i choose long range classes. cuz im one of those ppl that dies when slapped by a mob. and i like magic / elemental forces :3 forcemaster will definitly be in my top 3 of classes to play im not so sure about the summoner yet. havent tried that one yet. but ive find "pet" classes also nice to play. some ppl love it , some hate it.
  3. welcome to the club, fellow-dutchman ^^ if there is any news about BnS , we're the 1st to know. so its good to hang out here for the latest updates. Hope to see you in-game in (hopefully) a few months p.s. id advice you to play NA , europian game providers are the worst ever.. (my opinion)
  4. didnt korea released in June last year? that is Q2, not Q3.. if im not mistaken... and id would also prefer the orginal voice pack and then with subs. an enlish voice pack would be too fkd up, totally not synchronized with the npc's facial movements. and in order to fit in the english version they probably would have to adjust the text so it would "fit" into the lipsync. i think it would be reasonable to expect that beta's will start in Q1 or early Q2. if NCsoft doesnt mess it with it too much the beta will be close together, hopefully just for a few days with a few weeks of intervals between beta's. Im expecting 2 CBT's and the OBT, with some luck the release will be early summer. *fingers crossed*
  5. Hmmm thats a tough one, depending on the release date (no beta's) , When i find out: 1 - i will abuse my calendar with red pen to mark this heavenly day. 2 - i will mark it in my agenda so i dont accidently make any appointments or something like that 3 - im gonna freak out and be hyper 4 - Save up for a new computer desktop that can handle this magic , instead of my severely abused laptop that has already been tormented to hell since i bought it for school work last year. When that heavenly day has arrived! 4- Making sure my Computer is battle-ready! 5 - considering i live in Europe, NA will at least be 6-9 hours earlier then here so i can sleep in. however i doubt i'll sleep of excitement. Most beta's/releases start in the morning or right at noon. US time 6 - Making sure i have absolutely nothing to disturb me that day! 7 - Going to the supermarket to buy at least a 24 hours supply of drinks and food for an all day marathon. 8 - Making sure my friend also has the day off and rdy to roll so she and i can play and crash together. 9. few hours before launch, Making a "Do not Disturb or Face my Sword" Sign to hang on my bedroom-door. 10.An hour b4 launch , Making sure my pets have been fed and have enough to drink. 11- half hour b4 launch, Making a playlist of my favorite music to listen to all day. 12 15 mintues b4 launch., Locking my door and eagerly messaging with friend and counting down. 13 LAUNCH!! trying to get into character creation ( probably crashing a few million times first cuz of the 5 million ppl that wanna play) i think that would about cover it O.o
  6. I would love to see a Fan Class in BnS , It would be perfect in this game! For kun race only :3
  7. Im gonna buy the digital collector's edition depending on the benefits and extra's. or else just the digital edition. i dont really care if i have a physical copy or just a download file however I tend to lose physical copies alot, its happend a few times i had to re-buy a game cuz it "went up in smoke" I will probably pre-order too, if NCsoft will add the "pre-order acces to Beta" rule. not sure i will play it much b4 release cuz they probably gonna delete the chars in CBT and OBT. I know beta's arent about actually playing the game but i dont really want to recreate the chars i want at least 3x over. We'll see.. lets get those beta, and release dates first xD
  8. no kidding, its pure hell not knowing >.<'' i need a date to mark off on my calendar with stars and all!!!!! Cmon NCsoft give us sad ppl a release date or at least a "we're starting CBT" date!!!
  9. I love it because i if there is one thing i hate its ganking. witht the doboks you can decide if you want to pvp or not. the only reason i would put a pvp dobok on is for friendly fight or for a quest/achievement
  10. Im hoping for the names Saeko/Novredeta BladeMaster Female Jin Calumbrae ForceMaster Kun Siophan Kungfu Master Female Gon Calymnestra Destroyer Female Gon Khaori Assassin Female Jin Sachiael Summoner Female Lyn Novredeta Gunner (eventually) Female Jin i hope
  11. ill be playing all classes probably xD bad habbit of mine, i like diversity. but im quessing Blade master/Kungfu master and Destroyer will top the ranks
  12. yh i also hope for end of june release. would be nice 1 jear after korea. By then ill be done with my exams and i can lock myself up in my room with a 3 months supply of food and drinks and game till i drop O.o I dont see why they cant perfect the game even more while we play and add it in up-coming patch or something. as long as the servers are stable, no major-obvious bugs to be found, ill be happy to rock and roll :D Cheers :3
  13. discoverd it 3 years ago i think when i was just surfing on youtube for games. i believe it was around the time that it started alpha testing in korea. ive been tormenting myself ever since Q.Q trying to cope with playing other games.. getting my mind of it. but im happy to know it will come THIS year in english :D the light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel >.<'