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  1. Although the livestream is already over I will ask my questions. Perhaps you will use those questions in the next livestream or something else. 1.What kind of loot system are you planning to implement? Will you keep the bidding system or are you planning to implement another lootsystem. Sadly a lot of people don't recognize the advantage of the biddingsystem that's actually really common in all versions. Especially people that run dungeons in a random group the bidding system would fit better. For static groups the system doesn't really matter in my opinion 2. Regarding the battleisland GvG Area, are you planning to implement an Ally-System or will guilds that are working together still have to regroup in one guild while battleisland is active? 3. Also regarding the battleisland GvG Area. How are you planning to avoid lootstealing. I recognized a lot of drama in the chinese version because there was no good UI for this area implemented and a lot of S3 Weapons, legendary Ba-Guas etc. were stolen. Don't know if this is still the case because my chinese guild I was able to participate sadly went inactive. So perhaps already changes were made I didn't recognize. Thanks in advance for the answers.
  2. Just a question to the B&S Dojo Staff. For the upcoming EU section, will you also offer the 3 diffrent language sections french, german and english? Are the people allowed then to speak in their native language in those sections?

    1. Revast


      That is the plan! Our forum restructure will indeed include French & German.

      We've run into a few hiccups that we're trying to handle before things get reorganized.

    2. Sheru


      That's nice. Thanks for your answer =^-^=

  3. Everybody has it's own opinion. I think it will have a stabil community with p2p and will fail more with a f2p modell. Especially when it follows the CN path. There is no need to be this unpolite. But I'm an old gamer and I know the new generations of gamers want to be fooled by the companys so I will accept this paymentmodell as long as I can compete with a "monthly fee" of 13$
  4. +1 Especially the Art of the Assassin with two daggers is awfully bad I would be really disappointed if the Assassin would be dualwield in the western version -.-
  5. But sadly f2p I would prefer p2p q.q
  6. Vip

    hmm ok that's strange. Just in case you selected the wrong tab in the F10 menu here a picture of the diffrent sections of the cashshop.
  7. Vip

    I think you just forgot to exchange your QQ-Points in ingamecoupons? you can exchange your QQ-Points here or ingame
  8. Most groups just expect that one person at each orb is bugging it. Just take the bomb from the first dog that appears and simply wait in a corner. The mobs will attack the spot. As soon as the orb hits 0 HP it will explode. While it explodes just throw the bomb and it is bugged. After the explosion start to defend and the orbs hp will be 100% nearly in an instant.
  9. hi, for chapter 32 you don't need the dragon scale anymore. You need 10 of the dailytokens of lvl46-50 area instead. But you will need the dragon scale for chapter 37. 1 Dragonscale for a group of 6 people to start the fight against the blademaster lady.
  10. After this Quest you can accept the daily at Mushintower. Yuran stands at the second floor at entrancearea of Mushintower (NOT inside second floor)
  11. Why do you think there will be a reset? I'm pretty sure China will do it the same way like korea. In Korea I had Hongmenlvl 3 of 4 (4 was max at this time) when the lvl 50 content was implemented. After I reached lvl 50 I was able to go on with the hongmenlvl from 3 to 10.
  12. Hi, my link: my boyfriend's link: we will try to like as much people as possible. Greetings Sheru
  13. Wann kannst du die CN-Serverliste mal aktualisieren? :o

  14. ahm sorry but what do you mean, I just corrected Tsukis post thats all to answer his/her question in opening post. I didn't answer to any of your posts xD Also I didn't even say that it is worth it to buy the bags, me and the others just answered what is possible to buy with those scrolls.
  15. Sorry but you didn't read the post correctly 2000 pvpbeans + 1scroll = 1 Arcanum Crystal bag (1bag contains max. 10 Crystals)