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      [Read Before Posting] Blade & Soul General FAQ

      Hello Blade & Soul fans, Welcome to the official Blade & Soul Dojo FAQ! This thread contains commonly asked questions about Blade & Soul's Western versions. Have a question? Check to see if it's posted here or use our forums search feature before creating a new thread. This thread will be updated at all times by any of the Dojo staff members. For additional information on Blade & Soul visit our wiki, or check out the official Blade & Soul West website. Table of Contents <a href="#1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> <a href="#3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> <a href="#4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> <a href="#5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> <a href="#6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> <a href="#7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> <a href="#8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> <a href="#9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> <a href="#10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> <a href="#11">What are the playable races?</a> <a href="#12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> <a href="#13">What are the playable classes?</a> <a href="#14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> <a href="#15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> <a href="#16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> <a href="#17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> <a href="#18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> <a href="#19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> <a href="#20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> <a href="#21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> <a href="#22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> <a name="1">What is Blade & Soul?</a> Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Korean game development studio, Team Bloodlust and is published by NCSOFT. <a name="2">Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?</a> You can find the official Blade & Soul West site here. <a name="3">What is Blade & Soul's release date?</a> The North American and European versions are currently set to be released on January 19th, 2016. Head Start for founder's pack owners will begin at 10:00am PST on January 15th, 2016, and name reservations for Disciple and Master pack owners will begin on January 11th, 2016. The game has already been officially released in the following regions: Korea: June 30, 2012
      China: November 28, 2013
      Japan: May 20, 2014
      Taiwan: November 20, 2014
      <a name="4">Has Beta Testing started?</a> Yes. CBT 1: Oct 29, 10am PDT - Nov 2, 10pm PDT [NA server only]* CBT 2: Nov 13, 10am PDT - Nov 16, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 3: Nov 24, 10am PDT - Nov 30, 10pm PDT [NA/EU]** CBT 4: Dec 11, 10am PDT - Dec 14, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** CBT 5: Dec 18, 10am PDT - Dec 21, 10pm PDT (English/French/German)[NA/EU]** *NA servers will only support English. **EU servers will support English, French, and German; except on CBTs 1, 2, & 3. <a name="5">What type of pay model will Blade & Soul use?</a> Blade & Soul has been announced as a F2P (free-to-play) title for the West and will have no content limitations. They have also stated that the game will not be "pay-to-win". <a name="6">Will the Western clients be censored?</a> No. <a name="7">Where will the Western servers be located?</a> Blade & Soul's Western servers will be housed in the following location: North America: Dallas, Texas US
      Europe: Frankfurt, Germany.
      <a name="8">Will there be Oceanic/SEA servers?</a> There are currently no plans to support Oceanic/SEA servers. However, NCSOFT has stated that if the community shows enough interest they will reconsider. A petition has been created for NCSOFT to reconsider. <a name="9">Will my characters from the other regions be transferable to the Western versions?</a> No. Transferring accounts is not possible, but transferring the physical appearance of your character from other versions is possible through the profile screenshot function in Character Creation. <a name="10">Will the Western version be region blocked?</a> There are currently no plans for region blocking. <a name="11">What are the playable races?</a> Jin, Gon, Yun, Lyn. Click here for more information. <a name="12">Why did they change the name of the Kun race to Yun for the Western release?</a> In North America, the word "Kun" closely resembles a derogatory racial slur. <a name="13">What are the playable classes?</a> There are currently six confirmed playable classes for the Western versions. The "Warlock" class can be found in the KR, CN, JP and TW clients but have yet to be confirmed for the North American and European release.
      Blade Dancer
      Blade Master
      Force Master
      Kung-Fu Master
      <a name="14">Are there race and class restrictions?</a> Yes. The playable races in Blade & Soul are indeed restricted to a select few classes. Below you'll find what you can play each race as. Jin: Assassin, Blade Master and Kung Fu Master
      Gon: Destroyer, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      Lyn: Blade Dancer, Force Master and Summoner
      Yun: Blade Master, Force Master and Kung Fu Master
      <a name="15">What will be the Western versions initial level cap?</a> The initial level cap on release will be 45. <a name="16">Will there be a vigor/fatigue system the the Western versions?</a> No. <a name="17">What systems will this game be released on?</a> Blade & Soul will be released for Windows PC. <a name="18">What are the required PC specs for Blade & Soul?</a> Below are the PC specs taken from Blade & Soul's Korean client. [Minimum Spec] CPU : Intel Dual core/AMD Athlon 64X2 or better RAM : 2G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8600GT/AMD Radeon HD4600 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (32bit / 64bit) DirectX : 9.0c [Recommended] CPU : Intel Quad core/AMD Phenom II X4 or better RAM : 4G or better VGA : nVidia Geforce 8800GTX / AMD Radeon HD4850 or better HDD : 15GB OS : Windows XP (Service pack 2), Vista, Win7 (64bit) DirectX : 9.0c <a name="19">I didn't catch one of Blade & Soul's Livestreams, what did I miss?</a> You can view all past broadcasts here. <a name="20">Will there be founder packs for the Western versions?</a> Yes, you can view their packages here. <a name="21">Will Blade & Soul be on Steam?</a> This has not yet been confirmed. <a name="22">Will Windows 10 be supported?</a> Yes. Updated: December 25th, 2015


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  1. [EU] What server will you join?

    Let's do it like Garfield :big_smile: :big_smile: :big_smile: OT: Don't know which Server (most populated EU or GER-Server) I'll join. Depends on my Clan.
  2. Just wanna say THANK YOU to Imperial, Codex and High FiDelity for doing so much for the PvP Community. And of course thank you to all participants. Looking forward to next week. Keep up the good work guys ^.^

    1. Konijntje


      Agreed. Events are always good:)

  3. PvP Balance 1v1 Arena

    Like you guys already mentioned I also think that the HP-Pool is to low acutally (or the AP to high) in Arena. In my opinion I would push the stats to 50/15 like Orangee mentioned. For release if I understood NCSoft West correctly they are planning to activate the first hongmen Levels already and hopefully the first hongmenskill. If this is the case then I would give all classes (except Forcemaster) an unimportant one. Forcemaster should really get as first Hongmenskill the impact one. Without it FMs are really the poor guys here. It is such a nice class but if it stays like this perhaps nobody wants to play it anymore.
  4. @NC Elusive Although I can somehow understand this, I would prefer an option to choose which underwear your character wears. Or did you implement this decision? If it is really just replaced I feel sorry for the old Art Director Hyung-Tae Kim :( Just my opinion. It sounds like you replaced it for all female characters. I really liked the old ones (especially female Gon). Those ones are so "normal" and no real eyecatchers like the old ones.
  5. Meh, I'm Just Done

    In my opinion what you can really criticize in this tweet are the phrasing in respect of marketing. You shouldn't mention a product of another company without mentioning your own. e.g. Super excited that @BajheeraWoW and his girlfriend are visiting the office today to play the western version of bladeandsoul! I rarely get to see them outside of convention madness! This would have been better phrased in my opinion because you mention your own product then. (Sorry I'm not good with this stuff, but I think this would have been better) Actually omeed's phrasing (this one and the other one in the topic newsletter) are not well done. Somehow it is pretty easy to jump to false conclusions then. Julianne does a much better job in this case: post 1 post 2
  6. Newsletter.

    This is exactly what I meant with my concern of my last post here. With this behavior you (NCSoft) will burn your fingers. You can't satisfy the players that are coming from WOW, because WOW is their Holy Grail. You want to win a fight against blizzard. But this is a fight you can't win right from the start. It's a completely other league. Accept that BnS is more of a niche-game that still can get a high population if you start to present it's powerful arguments (Combatsystem, Speed, Artdesign that is perfect for Anime/Manga fans and asian lore fans). Don't get me wrong Bajheera is ok to get the attention, but don't make changes because of him and his fanbase that are going to destroy the game. Because the chance of Bajheera and his fanbase leaving BnS quickly is much higher than of the true BnS-fanbase that accept the game how it is. EDIT: Forgot one of it's powerful arguments. BnS e-sports potential in NA/EU region!!!
  7. Newsletter.

    I somehow have mixed feelings about the choice of the streamer. Of course I can understand it with regard to marketing strategy. 200k+ follower, there is a big chance that some WOW-players will swap to BnS. But beware NCSoft your fingers might get burned easily. Most of the people that still play WOW see their game as the "Holy Grail" of MMOs. So there is the big risk that you make too much changes to BnS to try to satisfy the WOW-player but it won't change anything. Most of them are not open for something new and want it to be nearly an exact copy of WOW. Even if this would be the case they won't accept it. After a couple of weeks they will come back to WOW anyway and we fans of BnS are left behind with so much changes we never wanted. In the end no faction will win (BnS-Fans, WOW-player and NCSoft West). I don't want to say that something like this will happen but it COULD if NCSoft West makes bad choices after getting the attention of the WOW-players. Just my opinion and my concern
  8. NCsoft West vs BNS Tree skill names

    Get out of my head Yes Summoners already have some cute skillnames like "Nyan" or "Sob Sob" But there is absolutely no need to put in artificial jokes at all cost. That's ridiculous.
  9. Should there be Mounts in Blade and Soul?

    I was just waiting for such a topic to appear after the announcement of BnS West. -.- No for Mounts Why? Pretty simple BnS is based on Asian Fantasy films and Wuxia. The right way would be to extend Qi Gong Moves and make them more important.
  10. Although I'm looking forward to the skillchanges I'm a bit sceptical. Of course actually it is only implemented on the testserver. But I doubt the time will be enough to balance so many changes at once. BnS's balance of the Combatsystem is really sensitive. One little change and a class that was weak becomes too powerfull pretty easy. But time will tell :)
  11. *get's some popcorn and follows the funny discussion here* :big_smile: :big_smile: :big_smile:
  12. What Is The Scope Of Pve Content In B&s?

    Don't know how it was in TW/JP. If I remember correctly regarding CN It was CBT4 TOS lvl 36 Cap OBT lvl45 cap with 4 blue Seniordungeons Release LanLan 4/6/24men But this wasn't my point. It doesn't change the fact when LanLan will be implemented they will offer also 24men version next to 4 and 6 men at the same time. n KR the 24men version was implemented when BSH (only 4/6men) was implemented which would be the better choice. So no need to argue what was in the release version and what not.
  13. All Servers Are Gray

    This time it seems to be a serious maintenance (They need to repair something in arena it seems). Normally it starts around 6:00/8:00 AM and ends in about 4-6hours. Best ist to always check the mainpage bns.qq.com/main.shtml If you see something with x月xx日x:00全区全服停机维护公告 you can be sure that it is a maintenance announcement.
  14. All Servers Are Gray

    It's maintenance from 00:00-12:00 (CN-Timezone) http://bns.qq.com/webplat/info/news_version3/1298/8730/8732/m7108/201505/345470.shtml
  15. I don't know what content TW implemented already but CN and KR have a GvG Area thats active FR/SA/SUN from 20-24o'clock As soon as you enter this area every other guild is flagged red so you can kill them. In this area you need a lot of people to kill the Bosses and have to protect spots against other guilds. Sadly CN community doesn't use the GvG part and the people just concentrate in one guild to kill the bosses, but thats another problem. For this the allied guilds have an extra guild where only members are invited that want to participated at battleisland. But at this area you really need a lot of people (and "meat shields" if EU/NA likes the PvP part in it) and an ally system would make things much easier for preparations. EDIT: This Video explains the system a little bit. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTYyODU4NzQ0.html?from=s1.8-1-1.2 But it focuses on the PvE part. Now imagine another guild enters at the same time this Area and wants to conquer the spots and kill the bosses. It needs a lot of organization, because you need to kill bosses in the desert area on the second continent to gather 100 souls/灵气 before you even can enter this area and you only can stay on battleisland only for 1hour?!? if I remember correctly. Longer isn't possible because as soon as you die after 1 hour you can't be ressurected anymore and you will be thrown out of the area.